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WSOP Frequently Asked Questions

  • I would like to attend this year’s WSOP. Can I play on PokerStars while I am in Las Vegas?
  • Access to all real money services and real money play on PokerStars is not allowed while you are physically located within the United States of America under any circumstances. Players who attempt to play for real money or use real money services including but not limited to real money transfers while they are physically located in the USA will lose their playing privileges and/or funds in their account. Further information is available online at
  • I understand that if I choose a WSOP* package that you will not buy me into the event, but will simply deposit the $10,000 (plus $3,000 for travel expenses) into my PokerStars account. Is this correct?
  • Yes. Your entry fee and $3,000 for travel expenses will be deposited. You will be responsible for making all flight and hotel arrangements.
  • So does that mean that I have to buy into the Main Event myself, even having won a satellite on PokerStars?
  • Yes. We will put the money into your account within 5 business days of you emailing registrations@pslive, and then you will have to buy-in directly with Caesar’s. For more information please visit the World Series of Poker* website

    We do recommend a third party agent that can coordinate your travel, accommodation and even buy-in with Caesar’s. This will make your trip to Las Vegas that much easier. Once you email us to say that you want to attend the WSOP we will email you this information.
  • Can I just leave the money on PokerStars and use it to play in games and tournaments?
  • Absolutely - you're welcome to leave the money on PokerStars.
  • Can I sell (or otherwise transfer) the first package I win for the event?
  • Since we are depositing the money directly into your PokerStars account, there is no seat to sell or transfer. Again, you will be responsible for buying yourself into the Main Event.
  • Can I win a second package and sell (or otherwise transfer) it?
  • The WSOP* package is one of the packages being offered through the Main Event Passport promotion. The Terms and Conditions of this promotion prevail with regards to subsequent packages that you win. Please check the Main Event Passport T&Cs to check what is and isn’t allowed.
  • What happens if I have won a satellite on another online poker site and then win a satellite on PokerStars?
  • That's not a problem at all because we will be giving you cash for the seat that you win on PokerStars. You may leave the money on PokerStars to play on our site, or cash it out and use it for whatever you wish, including, of course, buying into the Main Event.
  • What happens if I win a seat on PokerStars and then play in a cash satellite at the Rio? Will they give me cash/lammers (tournament entry chips)?
  • Because you are receiving cash for the seat that you win on PokerStars, and PokerStars is not registering you into the Main Event, then the Rio will probably treat you as a first time seat winner. You may be required to play that seat, but that will be up to the staff at the Rio.
  • How old do I have to be to play in these events?
  • The minimum age to play on PokerStars is 18, but the minimum age to play in the World Series of Poker* is 21. If you are not 21 on the date the event is scheduled to begin, you will not be allowed to play in the Main Event. However, if you win a satellite on PokerStars, you will receive the $10,000 + $3,000 cash in your PokerStars account, as would any player.
  • If I won a seat in a previous year but, because of my age, was rolled over to 2013 or later, can I get my cash now?
  • Yes. You have the same options as an under-21 player who wins a seat this year. Please email and they will assist you.
  • Can I use my T$ to enter PokerStars online cash satellites to the Main Event?
  • Absolutely.

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  • Can I buy a Main Event package with T$ or FPP credits?
  • Regrettably this option is not available this year.
  • Can we make deals during the satellites?
  • PokerStars will not enforce any deals in satellites which award WSOP* seats. The seat must be awarded.
  • How do you distribute leftover prize money in the Main Event final qualifying satellites?
  • Rather than give away a single lump sum of cash, we're returning as many buy-ins as we can.
  • Do I have to sign a television waiver to play in the Main Event?
  • Caesar’s are likely to enforce the signing of a TV Waiver for the Main Event. If you choose not to sign a Main Event waiver, you will be disqualified from the event and your buy-in will NOT be refunded. PokerStars assumes no responsibility for entries forfeited in this way.
  • Now that you can’t buy players in, how exactly do I go about buying myself into the Main Event?
  • For details on how to buy yourself to the Main Event please contact Caesar’s directly, either through their website, or call them at +1-800-752-9746.
  • If I win a seat in the World Series Main Event, what are my obligations to PokerStars?
  • By participating in a satellite of any kind on PokerStars, or playing in the event, you grant PokerStars the right to use your name and likeness for promotional purposes without further compensation.
  • Are you offering a final table bonus?
  • No. We are not offering a final table bonus.
  • How much is the package worth?
  • The PokerStars package for the 2013 WSOP* Main Event is worth $13,000. This is $10,000 for the buy-in and $3,000 for travel and expenses. The $13,000 will be deposited into the player’s PokerStars account.
  • What incentives are you offering this year?
  • PokerStars is not offering any incentives this year. Players that qualify for the WSOP Main Event will only get a package worth $13,000.
  • What about the PokerStars party and the Player Bag? Will you still be offering this?
  • Regrettably no. This year there will be no PokerStars party and our qualifiers will not get a Player Bag.
  • If I have any problems whilst in Las Vegas; will there be a PokerStars representative that I can contact?
  • Regrettably no. There will be no PokerStars representatives on the ground.

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  • What options do I have for buying into the Main Event?
  • This year it is not possible to buy into the WSOP* Main Event via PokerStars.
  • Are you running satellites to any of the preliminary events at the World Series?
  • No.
  • Can I buy into the televised World Series preliminary events with my T$?
  • No.
  • Can I buy into those same events with FPPs?
  • No. This year PokerStars will not be offering this service.

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  • Can I get money out of my PokerStars account in Las Vegas, the way you do at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in the Bahamas?
  • Regrettably, no.

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* World Series of Poker and WSOP are trademarks of Caesars Interactive Entertainment, Inc. or its affiliates (collectively Caesars). CIE does not sponsor or endorse, and is not associated or affiliated with, PokerStars or its products, services, promotions or tournaments. Any promotion or tournament on this site will not guarantee your seat or ability to register for any WSOP event or any WSOP affiliated event which is at the sole discretion of Caesars.

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