ANZPT Season 5 Winners and Prizes

Congratulations to Jonathan Bredin - winner of ANZPT Queenstown Snowfest!

Jonathan Bredin was crowned 2013 ANZPT Queenstown Snowfest Champion, winning close to NZD$100,000 for his efforts after outlasting 125 players. Jonathan "Jono" Bredin, aged 23, has Cerebral Palsy and is wheelchair bound. His limited speech and movement require the assistance of a helper at the table and he won into this tournament through an online satellite at PokerStars. He collected the title, trophy and NZD$93,600 for the win. 

Elsewhere there were wins for Anthony Hachem at the Repechage event in Melbourne, while the stand-out performance came from Dejan Divkovic, who very nearly became the first player in ANZPT history to win back-to-back titles. After winning in Perth, the Bosnian came up just short in Sydney, finishing in second place behind Switzerland’s Dinesh Alt.

 In Auckland the big winner was Geoff Smith who scooped NZD $80,502 after a four-way deal was made at the final table, while the opening event in Melbourne was won by was Paul Hockin, who secured AUD $101,275 for first place.

Take a look at the PokerStars Blog for reports and results from all of the tournaments, including prize pool payouts. You can also go to the ANZPT site to find out more details on how Season 4 played out.

ANZPT Season 5 Results and Winners

ANZPT Melbourne AUD$2,000 + $200 345 AUD$690,000 Paul Hockin
Oct 26-29, 2012 AUD$101,275
ANZPT Auckland NZD$2,000 + $200 207 NZD$414,000 Geoff Smith
Nov 21-25, 2012 NZD$80,502
ANZPT Perth AUD$2,000 + $200 219 AUD$438,000 Dejan Divkovic
Feb 20-24, 2013 AUD$114,000
ANZPT Sydney AUD$2,000 + $200 460 AUD$920,000 Dinesh Alt
Mar 21-24, 2013 AUD$226,320
ANZPT Repechage AUD$1,000 + $100 844 AUD$844,000 Anthony Hachem
May 20-Jun 3, 2013 AUD$181,460
ANZPT Queenstown Snowfest NZD$2,700 + $300 126 NZD$340,200 Jonathan Bredin
July 30-August 4, 2013 NZD$93,600

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