ANZPT Season 6 Winners and Prizes

Congratulations to all the winners on Season 6 of the ANZPT!

Season 6 of the Australia and New Zealand Poker Tour (ANZPT) saw close to 2,000 players compete across five unforgettable events.

David Lim was first to enter the winners’ circle after victory in Auckland (NZD$426,000), followed swiftly by Patrick Mahoney (AUD$120,000) after his success in Perth at the turn of the year. As the tour gathered pace, Joshua Redhouse was the next name to etch his place in history, after victory in Sydney for AUD$123,500.

In Melbourne the big winner was Edison Nguyen, who scooped AUD$217,500 after battling past 515 others. That left Nguyen Minh Hau to complete the honor role for Season 6 of the ANZPT with victory in Auckland for NZD$111,600.

Take a look at the PokerStars Blog for reports and results from all of the tournaments, including prize pool payouts. You can also go to the ANZPT site to find out more details on how Season 6 played out.

ANZPT Season 6 Results and Winners

ANZPT 6 Auckland NZD$2,500 + $250 225 NZD$506,250 Nguyen Minh Hau
November 19-23 NZD$111,600
ANZPT 6 Melbourne AUD$2,000 + $200 516 AUD$1,032,000 Edison Nguyen
August 29-September 1 AUD$217,500
ANZPT 6 Sydney AUD$2,000 + $200 458 AUD$916,000 Joshua Redhouse
March 20-24, 2014 AUD$123,500
ANZPT 6 Perth AUD$2,000 + $200 256 AUD$512,000 Patrick Mahoney
Feb 26-March 2, 2014 AUD$120,000
NZPT 6 Auckland NZD$2,000 + $200 213 NZD$426,000 David Lim
Nov 16-24, 2013 NZD$110,760

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