Aussie Millions - Terms & Conditions

  1. All satellites to the Aussie Millions will be No Limit Hold'em.

  2. Entrants must be 18 years of age to participate in the satellites or the Aussie Millions.

  3. By participating in an Aussie Millions satellite on PokerStars or by buying a seat, you grant PokerStars the right to use your name and likeness for promotional purposes without further compensation.

  4. All players who win a seat to the Aussie Millions on PokerStars are required to sign a waiver form. Players who do not sign the form will not be allowed to participate.

  5. During the Aussie Millions, strict rules regarding player behavior will be enforced. These may include penalties, up to and including disqualification, for foul language, abuse of dealers, players or any other person during the Event, or any other behavior that the Aussie Millions organizers, in their sole judgment, believe to be detrimental to its conduct of the Aussie Millions. PokerStars will not provide any refunds if you are penalized or disqualified.

  6. The first prize package you win for an Event, whether through a Satellite or in any other way on the Site, is non-transferable and non-exchangeable and cannot be redeemed for money or money’s worth. If you win, you must play or forfeit the package. If you win additional prize packages, they may not be sold or transferred and your PokerStars account will be credited with both T-Money equal to the value of the entry/accommodation package plus the nominated spending/travel cash for the Event. Notwithstanding, should you win an additional prize package with a higher total value than your first prize package then you must play or forfeit such additional higher total value prize package and the lower value prize package shall be credited to your PokerStars account as per the conditions set out above. The person whose name appears on any PokerStars account which wins an Aussie Millions seat or package will be deemed to be the person who played and won the satellite, and that person must attend and play in the Aussie Millions tournament.

  7. There are two Aussie Millions options available to players; seat only and seat + cash:

    SEAT ONLY: Satellite winners will receive an AUD $10,600 entry to the Aussie Millions Main Event.

    SEAT + CASH: Satellite winners will receive a USD $11,409 package. That package includes the AUD $10,600 buy-in to the Aussie Millions Main Event, and USD $1,000 to use toward travel expenses.

In case of any disputes regarding any terms or conditions of this promotion, the decision of PokerStars management is final. If you have any comments or queries, feel free to contact

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