The Periodic Table of Poker

Your Guide to an Immersive Experience on the Felt

It’s that funny-shaped chart consisting of dozens of colored squares, each with different symbols; the seemingly complicated table you might vaguely recognize from a distant science class in school. While the academically inclined may have memorized the Periodic Table of Elements at some point, many others find it somewhat overwhelming and downright confusing at times.

So for those of us who aren’t chemists by trade, we have to ask: what is the Periodic Table anyway? And what is it used for?

In the traditional Periodic Table of Elements, chemical elements are grouped together by atomic number, specifically the number of protons they each contain and, thanks to the great Dmitri Mendeleev, their recurrent properties.

The table is useful for scientists to examine and even forecast how different elements work together, and determine what their relationships are.

Similar to the scientific table that you might recognize from your high school chemistry class, the Periodic Table of Poker groups different elements of a poker game into distinct categories so that poker players can easily see how simple vocabulary is used on the felt.

While the vast amount of poker terms can sometimes feel a bit daunting, the Periodic Table of Poker simplifies things considerably by assisting players in learning the most common poker language so that they don’t look like first-timers at the tables – even if they truly are new to the game.

Because each column breaks the popular poker terms into categories, it’s easy to see how the vocabulary is put into practice. And, like the scientific Periodic Table, this poker version categorically illustrates the relationship between the most popular poker phrases, whether you’re discussing terms relating to chips, poker hands, or even player techniques.

Learning the poker strategy such as tight, aggressive and random play is not only useful for those who are looking to exude an experienced image at the poker table, but is also necessary for anyone who wants to be able to follow the action of the game, discuss strategies with other players, increase their chances of winning more pots and enjoy an immersive poker experience.