April 2005

29 April

PokerStars Week In Review

When I started poker blogging a few years ago, it was a challenge to find a couple dozen people who were interested in logging in every day to check out the latest poker news. Apparently, that's all changed.When PokerStars launched the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure blog in January, it floored me...more

28 April

Win a WSOP bracelet with W$

This, quite simply, is neat.The fine folks at PokerStars have decided that PokerStars players will be able to use their W$ to buy into some of the preliminary World Series of Poker events. That means, if you're one of those people with a bunch of unused W$ sitting around, you...more

WPT PokerStars Caribbean Adventure: Behind the Scenes

In a previous life, I spent many years in the TV news industry. Story subjects were often dumbfounded with the amount of time and effort that goes into a two-minute piece. Moreover, they rarely could understand the amount of tape that ended up on the proverbial cutting room floor. That...more

27 April

WSOP identification requirements: A conversation with Lee Jones

I wouldn't subject most people to the conversations I have via IM every day, but an issue has come up that PokerStars players will want to be aware of. If you're one of the thousands of people vying for a World Series of Poker seat, you need to be sure...more

26 April

PokerStars Caribbean Adventure ready for primetime

PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Wednesday April 27, 20059pm ETThe Travel ChannelYou ever realize that epic events always seem to live in a strange dual universe? That is, something huge happens and it was so big, it seems as though it has been a part of lore forever. And yet, it was...more

25 April

Who is brainwash?

You know what's fun to do? Hit somebody with a whole buncha questions right after they've won a whole buncha money. Sunday night, PokerStars player brainwash won one of PokerStars' biggest $500,000 Guarantee prizes ever. For his first place finish, brainwash cashed for a whopping $159,965. Not 12 hours after...more

PokerStars $500,000 guarantee results 4/24/05

To some folks, the possibility of ending their Sunday afternoon of poker with a $150,000 profit may not seem like that big of a deal. I'd like to meet those folks. I could use a new set of tires on my car.For nine PokerStars players, that possibility became a...more

24 April

Welcome to the official PokerStars blog

In the morning, when the coffee is still hot and the day is still new, the paperboy will ride by on his bike, toss out the daily news, and ride on with his duty duly completed. Then, over Wheaties and orange juice, you can sit back and read the news...more