June 2005

30 June

Neverwin and Virus1975 cash in WSOP $2000 NL Hold'em event

Jarl "Virus1975" Lindholt takes 2nd place in $2000 NL Hold'em Event.Dustin "Neverwin" Woolf takes fourth.(scroll down for a minute-by-minute account and pictures of the whole day)Jarl "Virus1975" LindholtDustin "Neverwin" Woolf 3:37pm--1072 players started this event. We're down to the final nine. Denmark's Virus1975 begins today a the chip-leader with $437K...more

A bracelet for one, a chance for two others

After watching thousands of hands and seeing countless bustouts, I'll admit, it all starts to run together. Tonight has been one of those nights that stands out from the maelstrom of activity.Three PokerStars players have made final tables in the past two days. Just moments ago, PokerStars's player Dan Schmiech...more

Frustrated and short handed at the WSOP

The title makes it sound worse than it actually is. Sure, there is enough frustration and short handedness to go around, but today it is a little more pronounced.As the $5000 Limit Hold'em event winds down on the ESPN TV stage, the outer tables have turned to two games that...more

29 June

Introducing: Team PokerStars

A few days ago, you read here that Wil Wheaton joined Team PokerStars. If you've found yourself asking, "What is Team PokerStars?" here is your answer.Team PokerStars is a group of veteran and up-and-coming poker players who travel the United States and world playing in the biggest poker tournaments they...more

World Cup of Poker meets WSOP

It's only been a few weeks since I sat on the River Thames with some of the world's greatest poker players for a taping of the PokerStars.com World Cup of Poker. Since then, I've slipped into a rhythm here at the World Series of Poker. Somehow, things haven't changed a...more

28 June

PokerStars "Faces of the WSOP" quiz

After a Sunday full of final tables and long hours, Monday is a rebuilding day. It begins with the $5000 Limit Hold'em event. Since limit events are built for long, grinding days, I thought this might be a good time for a couple of reader-based posts.First, if you're headed out...more

27 June

Roasting John Bonetti

"If he was my son, I woulda killed him when he was three."--John Bonetti on his protegeFor all the things the online poker world has given the game, it lacks one simple thing. In the ethereal online realm, there are no real characters like John Bonetti. For that, many a...more

PokerStars $700,000 Guaranteed Reults 6/26/05

As I'm out in Vegas for the World Series of Poker, I'm a bit busy with the record-setting event. Nonetheless, here are your results from this month's $700,000 Guaranteed Sunday tournament. Be sure to check out the rest of this blog for all your PokerStars WSOP news.Note: Lee Jones asked...more

26 June

Terrence Chan $2500 PL Hold'em Updates

The room is inordinately pretty today. The WSOP is hosting its ladies tournament in the back of the tournament room. At the same time, a NL Hold'em final table is being taped for ESPN and $5000 PL Omaha rebuy event is just starting ($5K with rebuys sounds really expensive, no?)....more

Sweating the bubble with Terrence Chan

There's a point at which being card dead just becomes silly. Terrence Chan found that point tonight.Card dead for hours, Chan found himself shortstacked on the bubble. Not being the type of guy to try to "just hold to the money" Chan looked for any opportunity to play.Terrence ChanAnd so,...more

Gale and Chan back in action at the WSOP

The thing about the World Series of Poker is, as crowded as it gets, and friendly as everyone can seem, as much support as you think you have, it is--by definition--an individual effort. When you bust, when your chips disappear in a flurry of cracked aces or set-over-set beats, there...more

25 June

Greg Raymer takes sixth place in WSOP $1500 NLHE event

I suppose we've all had these days. You have a lot of chips, you have a good chance at taking it down, and you go card dead. It can happen to the best of us. And it happened to a world champion today. Fossilman Greg Raymer, aggressive and worthy of...more

24 June

Greg Raymer $1500 NLHE Final Table Live Updates

Live updates at the bottom of this post all day as Greg Fossilman Raymer fights for another bracelet 2:42PM--Seat 1: Minh Nguyen $378KSeat 2: Devilfish $338KSeat 3: Steve Rassi $325KSeat 4: Webber Kang $166KSeat 5: Steve Carter $263KSeat 6: Billy Gazes $181KSeat 7: Peter Lee $461KSeat 8: Fossilman Greg Raymer...more

Greg Raymer makes final table at WSOP $1500 No-Limit Hold'em event

Fossilman makes final TV table After two days of knock-down drag-out poker, 2004 WSOP champion Fossilman Greg Raymer made the final TV table of the $1500 No-Limit Hold'em Event. When the table consolidated to ten, Raymer sat back and showed off his fossil card capper to his tablemates. Devilfish mumbled,...more

Wil Wheaton joins Team PokerStars

I hadn't eaten in almost 48 hours (save a few Pringles and a couple of Nutter Butters) when my cell phone buzzed in my pocket. I was face-first in the Rio's seafood buffet and spooning wasabi into a vat of soy sauce. I flipped my phone open, ignoring the food...more

23 June

John Gale takes second place in heartbreaker

When John Gale stepped into the tournament area today, he was relaxed. He was eighth out of nine in chips and had little to prove. The lower money levels weren't much compared to the hundreds of thousands he already won this year. His eyes--and I'd venture to say his heart--were...more

22 June

John Gale $5K PL Hold'em Final Table Updates

Refresh here for final table updates on PokerStars John Gale at the final table of the WSOP $5K PL Hold'em Event. Latest updates will be at the bottom of this post.John Gale at the final table.2:11pm-- It's crowded at the Rio today. A big $1500 event is going on. So,...more

Two good stories

John Gale makes ESPN Final Table in $5000 Pot-Limit Hold'em Event I was in a hurry. A phonecall to the wife was due, the dinner break was on, and, quite frankly, I'd had quite a bit of Diet Coke and needed to hit the john. But, when John Gale stepped...more

21 June

Terrence Chan and John Gale $5K PL Hold'em Updates

Tuesday (it is Tuesday right?) finds us on an odd day here at the World Series of Poker. There are no final tables being played today. The closest we'll get to a final table is the $5K Pot-Limit Hold'em event. PokerStars still has two one good player with chips in...more

Making Day Two

The $5000 Pot-Limit Hold'em event on Monday was a bigger buy-in with an understandably smaller field. And it was a field to behold. It seemed every table hosted a champion. Making it through to day two of the three-day event would prove to be more than a challenge. With all...more

$5000 Pot-Limit Hold'em Photo Gallery

Be sure to see the post below this one for PokerStars player Eric "erbloore" Bloore's final table appearance here at the WSOPIt's a big buy-in event here at the WSOP. Five thousand bucks gets you a seat among the biggest names in poker. A few players of PokerStars or European...more

20 June

Eric "erbloore" Bloore takes 9th in PL Omaha event

"There's making the money, there's making the final table, and then there's winning the bracelet." --Eric "erbloore" Bloore Eric Bloore said those words just a few minutes ago as he prepared to sit down at the $1500 PL Omaha final table at the WSOP. In short, he knows he's shortstacked,...more

Eric "erbloore" Bloore makes WSOP final table

Sure, he only had four thousand in chips left. Sure, he had to get all in with JT58 doubled suited. Sure, he had to catch his five and eight to beat a guy with aces. And sure, it took a double bust-out on the other table (resulting in a trademark...more

As seen at the WSOP

The good players will tell you that it's all about focus. Hour upon hour of looking at the same damned cards, enduring the muscle tension and constant jabbering of the guy in the one-seat. It can take its toll. And then there are the distractions. They are everywhere.Allow me to...more

Exclusive at final table--Boeken eliminated in ninth place

Updates below Noah "Exclusive" BoekenNoah "Exclusive" Boeken, EPT Scandinavian Open Champion and PokerStars standout, is in the final nine players of the World Series of Poker $2500 Limit Hold'em event.Noah doubled up on the last hand before the dinner break after turning an ace with AK versus his opponent who...more

19 June

Saturday at the WSOP

Be sure to see all the posts below, including PokerStars player Brett Favre's cash in yesterday's eventAt 6pm, the sun still hangs high in the sky over the Nevada mountains. Giant cranes sit dormant, sky-hugging towers under construction left unattended for the weekend. The Gold Coast Casino will have another...more

18 June

Brett Favre sacked

If the felt were the gridiron and William "Brett Favre" Jensen were up against a real defensive line, that line would've been called "The Queens." Jensen, a PokerStars standout and roommate to a WSOP bracelet-holder, came to play in the second round of the $1500 No-Limit Hold'em Shootout. In the...more

PokerStars' Brett Favre advances in $1500 NL Shootout

Something about shootouts gives me an ulcer. Not a bad one. Just the kind that makes my stomach hurt a little and convinces me life isn't fair. At first, there is that sense of "I only have to make it through nine other players to make it into the money."...more

17 June

A Tale of Two Suck-Outs

PokerStars' Steve Zoine just misses $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em braceletPoker journalist and one-time WSOP main event final tabler Jim McManus once wrote about facing T.J. Cloutier for the first time. The man's size, snarl, and growl can set the toughest of souls on their heels. McManus at one point told the...more

PokerStars Blog hits the WSOP

Another PokerStars player hits a final table; One of PokerStars own is in the money; and an introduction from Las VegasThe media credential maven fanned herself as she handed over my hall pass. "It's hot in here today," she mused.I took my credentials that give me inside-the-rail access, looked at...more

15 June

Lee Jones releases third edition of Winning Low-Limit Hold'em

It was a long weekend in Vegas and some friends were sitting in a $2/$4 limit game. I hadn't seen some of these guys in months, so I sat down around 2am. After about 30 minutes, for lack of a better phrase, I remembered what I had forgotten. As a...more

13 June

What good are Frequent Player Points?

This week, PokerStars announced it would award double Frequent Player Points to players who played in cash ring games from 3PM-4PM ET and 10PM-11PM ET. This promotion will last until June 18. If you're one of the few who haven't figured out the benefits of FPPs, now may be the...more

11 June

Corvette dreams courtesy of PokerStars

So, Larry has always been a Corvette guy. Call it a fetish if you like. He likely won't mind. After all, he's owned several Corvettes in his lifetime and most of us are still stuck doing the math and trying to figure out how many big bets it will take...more

10 June

You know there's money in poker when...

...Forbes.com is profiling the game's top players.This blog is about to go full time from the World Series. Until then, check out this link of an interview of PokerStars' own Greg Raymer from the WSOP....more

6 June

World Series of Poker under way

Blog Headquarters is empty this week while we tune up the engines in preparation for some hard core World Series of Poker coverage. I spent the weekend in Vegas as the World Series kicked off. I'll have more on the scene later. I'm re-charging my batteries on the coast for...more

1 June

And so...it begins--2005 World Series of Poker set to kick off

It's good, I suppose, that the Washington Post's Deep Throat decided to come forward this week after decades of hiding in the shadows. Now, the nation's capital is so rightly excited, without some sense of balance, the country just might tip over into the Atlantic.Fortunately for all of those land...more