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I hadn't eaten in almost 48 hours (save a few Pringles and a couple of Nutter Butters) when my cell phone buzzed in my pocket. I was face-first in the Rio's seafood buffet and spooning wasabi into a vat of soy sauce. I flipped my phone open, ignoring the food I was about to spill on another hungry Vegas tourist.

"Hey, it's Wil."

That's the call I'd been waiting for.

Wil Wheaton

You may know Wil Wheaton from the movie "Stand by Me." You may know him from "Star Trek: The Next Generation." You may know him from his rabidly successful blog WilWheaton.net or one of his great books.

What you may not know is this: Wil Wheaton has game.

Wil has been writing about poker on his blog for a while and the PokerStars crew couldn't help but fall for Wil's tales from the felt. So, when Wil appeared at the World Poker Tour Championship this year, PokerStars was watching.

Wil at the WPT championship (photo courtesy of LasVegasVegas.com)

Wil made it into deep into the field, playing a solid game that drew a lot of attention. The odds said he would make the money, but in the span of three hands, his kings were cracked twice. That part of the story was over save the telling and re-telling of the bad beat story around the Bellagio. It was one story Wil didn't have to tell for himself. Everybody was talking about it.

Wil at the WPT championship (photo courtesy of LasVegasVegas.com)

The poise and talent Wil showed demanded a command decision. It demanded he get back in the game quickly. It demanded he play in the World Series of Poker. And PokerStars wanted Wil playing on its team.

So, when my phone rang today, I knew I was about to get to make the announcement I've been waiting for. It was official.

Wil Wheaton has joined Team PokerStars.

Ever the humble one, Wil said, "I'm just incredibly grateful, and I hope to play well enough to give PokerStars +EV on their investment in me. I hope to make the poker bloggers and everyone at PokerStars proud."

Wil be making his way out to Vegas on July 6 to play in the WSOP main event. Look for him as the tournament progresses. But, if you find yourself at his table, I'd suggest you stay out of his way.

Welcome to the team, Wil.

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