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I suppose it's now time to put the World Series of Poker to bed. Although it was quite a ride and a fantastic time, there are several things on the horizon that will be filling this space. Keep your eyes here for breaking news on the World Championship of Online Poker and the second season of the European Poker Tour.

All of that said, I thought it would be good to put all of Bernard "Dogger9" Lee's stories in one place. If ever there were a man deserving of an archive to go along with his $400,000 cash at the WSOP, Lee is the man.

The Big Dance with Dogger9 (Parts 1-9)

Part 1--Before the Storm
Part 2--Goal Keeping
Part 3--Shuffle Up and Deal
Part 4--A picture is worth 105,800 chips
Part 5--In the money
Part 6--The biggest laydowns
Part 7--Making it to Binion's
Part 8--Stepping into history (first half)
Part 8--Stepping into history (second half half)
Part 9--You can go home again

Video blogs and interviews from the 2009 PCA

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