$50 Hurricane Relief Tourament Results

$29,505.24 + $22,075.76 + $21,295.74=


Another night, another twenty grand to the American Red Cross. On Thursday night, PokerStars and Team PokerStars member Wil Wheaton put on the third of four Hurricane Katrina Relief Tournaments and, with PokerStars 100% matching funds, raised another $21,296.74. The total going to the American Red Cross now stands at $72,876.74 with one tournament to go. Here are the final table results from Thursday night's event.

$50 PokerStars Hurricane Katrina Relief Tournament Final Table

1. Flesnessman (Grand Rapids, MI)
2. Ms.SFH (Placerville, CA)
3. CW21 (Georgetown, TX)
4. frunken dish (Coppell, TX)
5. shogusumi (Portland, OR)
6. peacecorn (FL)
7. EricC007 (Hopedale, MA)
8. Aloeman (McAllen, TX)
9. Hearts&Roses (Longwood, FL)

There is one more hurriance relief tournament Friday night at 9:30pm. If you want to donate, please click on "Tourney" and "Special" in your PokerStars lobby to register.
Brad Willis
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