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Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. If you loaded up PokerStars today and things looked a little different, there's a reason for it. The PokerStars software was upgraded this morning with some aesthetic changes and functionality upgrades that should make your PokerStars experience even better.

You'll likely first notice a new look in the PokerStars lobby. The messages you used to see in the corner of the lobby now appear across the top of the screen.

Hiding Full Tables

Aside from giving PokerStars more room to inform you about new things in the poker room, the new look also makes room for new buttons at the bottom of the lobby. Now, when you play in Hold'em ring games, a new button will read "Hide full tables." If you're looking for tournaments, the button will read "Show registering/upcoming only". Pressing this button will allow you to filter out the full tables or already-active tournaments. After you press the button, you should only see ring games with open seats or tournaments that are still registering players. Now, finding an open game or tournament will be even easier.

Buy-in filter

If you're tired of swimming through micro or high buy-in Sit & Gos to find the one you want, now you only have to go to the Sit & Go lobby and you'll find a new list of options with choices for: All/High/Medium/Low/Micro/Rebuy/Turbo buy-ins. Scroll your mouse over each of the tabs and it will show you what dollar amount each level represents. Regular tournament lobbies and Hold'em ring game lobbies will also give you the option of filtering by buy-in.

Customizable Sorting Options

Now, in all of the lobbies, if you right-click on the Header Bar (Game, Limit, ID, etc.), it will open a new window. In that window, you will be able to customize your sorting options. Now you'll be able to sort games in any number of ways you want.

Enjoy the changes!

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news