Corvette dreams courtesy of PokerStars

So, Larry has always been a Corvette guy. Call it a fetish if you like. He likely won't mind. After all, he's owned several Corvettes in his lifetime and most of us are still stuck doing the math and trying to figure out how many big bets it will take for us to put gas in the tank of our Nissans.

Or maybe that's just me.

This is Larry.

As Larry grew up, he had to grow out of Corvettes. You know, family has to take priority over things like...well, sportscars.

So, Larry promised his wife he wouldn't even consider buying another Vette until their daughter graduated from college. When his daughter graduated from Northern Arizona University in 2004, Larry set about buying his dream ride. In October 2004, just after the 2005 models came out, Larry put in his order for a new corvertible Vette, on the understanding that the car wouldn't actually be ready for delivery for several months. Then came a Festivus miracle. The car was ready much sooner than planned.

So, Larry went to the bank and arranged for financing, got the car, and put it in storage. See, he lives in Alaska. "You can't really enjoy a corvette in Alaska until summer," he said.

With Corvette-style financing looming over him and a car in storage, Larry kept warm in the Alaskan winter by playing on, qualifying for the Sunday tournaments, and hoping for a gold rush. And then it happened. He scored a third place finish in late February Sunday $500,000 guaranteed tournament and took home $70,472.95.

His wife, ever the understanding lady, put it simply: "You were just meant to have that Corvette."

The next week, Larry went to the bank and made his first and last payment on the car. And then he ordered his vanity plate.

"I felt it was only fitting to give credit where credit is due," he said.

If you can't make it out, it reads, "PKRSTR."

So, if you're out tooling around in Alaska and you see this particular PokerStar gunning down the road, throw him a wave, and drive away if he challenges you to a heads up match.

After all, the 2006 models are coming out soon.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news