Easy Wind breezes through PokerStars Blogger Championship

How easy do the winds blow at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in the Bahamas? Well, very easy. Now, they're about to blow even easier for the winner of the first PokerStars Blogger Championship.

After battling through nearly 1500 of his fellow bloggers, easy_wind took first place and won a $12,000 prize package to the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.

If you missed out on the event, PokerStars became the first online poker site to offer the bloggers of a world a $25,000 freeroll. The bloggers came out in droves and battled for some great prizes.

Normally at this point I would write up a final table report, but this tournament is all about the writers of the world, and I'm sure they can tell this story better than I can. Here are your final table winners and links to each of their blogs.

1. easy_wind (Cambridge, MA)--2006 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Prize Package
2. simonvlc (Valencia, Spain)--24" Dell Flatscreen LCD monitor
3. Ribs (Warrington, United Kingdom) --24" Dell Flatscreen LCD monitor
4. mattymillne (Edinburgh, United Kingdom) --24" Dell Flatscreen LCD monitor
5. Sunday8pm (Edmunds, United Kingdom) --24" Dell Flatscreen LCD monitor
6. butwin (Cypress, CA) --24" Dell Flatscreen LCD monitor
7. Lucky Poet (Oslo, Norway) --Xbox 360
8. maverick81 (Crowborough, United Kingdom) -- Xbox 360
9. MrAckley (Anchorage, AK) --Xbox 360

Congratulations to everyone and thanks to my fellow bloggers for making this a great success.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news