How to use PokerStars' new sorting options

PokerStars recently introduced several new options in its game lobby to help you better sort through available games and tournaments. Included here are detailed descriptions and instructions on how to navigate the new system.

Before we start, don't forget that PokerStars has always allowed you to search through individual columns in the header bar. That's not changing. PokerStars is just making it better.

Hiding Full Tables

The first thing you'll notice is a new button at the bottom of the game lobby. Now, when you play in Hold'em ring games, the new button will read "Hide full tables." In the picture below, you'll see what the new button looks like. Click the image to see a full-screen version.

Click image for full-sized version

If you click on that button, the Hold'em ring games that are currently full will disappear and leave you with only the games with open seats.

If you're looking for tournaments, click on the "Tourney" tab. The new button will now read "Show registering/upcoming only". Pressing this button will allow you to filter out the full tournaments or already-active tournaments. Click on the picture below for a picture of the new button on the full-sized screen.

Click image for full-sized version

Buy-in filter

If you're tired of swimming through micro or high buy-in Sit & Gos to find the one you want, now you only have to go to the Sit & Go lobby and you'll find a new list of options with choices for: All/High/Medium/Low/Micro/Rebuy/Turbo buy-ins. Scroll your mouse over each of the tabs and it will show you what dollar amount each level represents. Regular tournament lobbies and Hold'em ring game lobbies will also give you the option of filtering by buy-in. Below you'll see a small version of the new limit tabs. If you click on that bar, you'll see the full-screen version. On that screen, the new tabs are highlighted with a red box. You'll see I have held my mouse over the "Low" button and the screen shows me "Low" indicates buy-ins from $5-$19.

Click image for full-sized version

Customizable Sorting Options

Now, in all of the lobbies, if you right-click on the Header Bar (Game, Limit, ID, etc.), it will open a new window. In that window, you will be able to customize your sorting options. Now you'll be able to sort games in any number of ways you want.

As this option will be the most valuable to you, it requires a little more explantion.

First, you'll need to know where to right-click. You'll be looking for the bar that reads: Table/Stakes/Limit/Plrs/etc.

Now, if you hold your mouse over any of the tabs on that bar and right click, a new window will appear. The new window will look like the picture below.

Click window to see full-screen version

Now that you have this window open, you have the option of searching in just about any way you like. Notice, in the window below, I have searched first by "Stakes," then by "Limit," then by "Avg Pot." Click here to see the results of my search.

This function is available across the PokerStars spectrum. You can use it for ring games, multi-table tournaments, and Sit & Go tournaments.

Here's an example to get you started.

Example: Say you're looking for a tournament with the lowest possible buy-in that begins as soon as possible.

1. Click "Tourney"
2. Right click on the Header Bar that reads ID/Date/Game/etc. A new sorting window will open.
3. In the first sorting box, select "Buy-in" and "Ascending"
4. In the second sorting box, select "Date" and "Ascending"
5. Click "OK"

Clicking "OK" will effortlessly sort all of the available touranaments and give you the cheapest tournaments that start the soonest.

Click here to see what it looks like.

The new sorting options let you take even more control over your poker game and find the ring games and tournaments you want even faster.

Enjoy the changes. If you need further help, feel free to e-mail PokerStars support at

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news