Hump day news and notes from PokerStars--UPDATED

Note: We've had a couple new news bits come in at day's end. So, if you were here earlier, be sure to check out the first two items below.

With less than two months to go before the World Series of Poker main event (and less than a month until the first WSOP preliminary event), I was sort of hoping for a sort of "calm before the storm." Instead, lightning seems to flash when I'm least expecting it. That's why I stopped blogging under tall trees and power poles. So, as you labor to overcome your middle-of-the-week blues, here's a little news to get you through the day.

Want to play bigger all day long? Now you can

If you're in Europe and looking for bigger tournaments at night or on American time and want bigger tournaments during the day, you're in luck.

PokerStars has just added four new tournaments to its schedule.

No Limit Hold'em $100 + $9 rebuy 7:15pm GMT 2:15pm ET
No Limit Hold'em $50 + $5 rebuy 8:15pm GMT 3:15pm ET
Pot Limit Hold'em $100 + $9 9:15pm GMT 4:15pm ET
Pot Limit Omaha $100 + $9 10:15pm GMT 5:15pm ET

Deadline set for using W$ for WSOP preliminary events

To satisfy the pre-registration requirements of the WSOP, PokerStars has set a deadline for using your W$ to buy into the earlier contests. If you intend to take advantage of this offer, you must register through PokerStars at least ten days prior to the event.

Please note, only W$ can be used to buy into the preliminary events. You cannot use your T$ or cash to supplement your W$ account.

Also, please be sure you can play in the event before using your W$ to buy into a preliminary event. Once PokerStars registers you with the WSOP, it is final. You cannot unregister and if you can't play, you will lose your W$.

Final tabling in Tahoe

Poker pros know Jeffrey Lisandro. The 39-year-old real estate investor and poker pro plays all over the world. He's the type of guy who is born in Austalia and now has homes in Italy and California. Anyone who has been killing time until this year's WSOP watching re-runs on ESPN has probably seen Lisandro at the 2004 WSOP 7-stud match with Joe Awada and Marcel Luske.

Well, now, Lisandro (a noted PokerStars player, if you didn't already know) has made the final table in the $10,000 WSOP Circuit event in Lake Tahoe. Going into the final table today, Lisandro is the chip-leader and is facing some tough opponents, including Phil Ivey, David Pham, and, yes, another final table meeting with Joe Awada (who went on to win the 2004 WSOP 7-Stud contest).

Nolan Dalla tells me Lisandro is looking for a win tonight, just to show his mother back home he can win something.

"I'd love to win one just for her," Lisandro said.

And speaking of the WSOP...

PokerStars has updated its web page for its WSOP qualifiers. If you've won a seat, nothing is more important than making sure your registration is ensured. The last thing you want is to get all the way to Vegas and find you can't play in the main event. There's not enough buffet food in all of Vegas to soothe that kind of pain.

So, click here to head over to PokerStars winners page to make sure you're official.

Wanna work for a living?

PokerStars has a job opening for a Marketing Assistant. Please note: This is a work from home position.


That should do it for the day. I happen to know the rest of this month is going to get quite interesting, so keep your eyes here and check back often. I can't divulge everything yet, but I will in due time, friends...

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news