PokerStars Holiday News

What a weekend for PokerStars. Heading into the holiday weekend, there are three big pieces of news coming from PokerStars HQ. In case you missed them, here are the big announcements.

Introducing the PokerStars VIP Club

For years, PokerStars has rewarded you for your play with the best Frequent Player Point merchandise and freerolls in the universe. Now, we're upping the ante with our brand new VIP Club. Beginning January 1, your regular play will earn you countless benefits in PokerStars' new FPP Store and help you earn your FPPs even faster. What's more, now you'll be able to enter major tournaments and buy luxury merchandise with your FPPs. Your loyalty to PokerStars has not gone without notice. Now, get ready to cash in. Click here for details.

Double FPPs for the rest of the year

To celebrate the holidays, PokerStars will double your Frequent Player Points for the rest of the year on all the ring games you play. Just keep playing your ring games as you normally would, and we'll give you twice the FPPs you would normally earn. Happy holidays!

$100,000 added to NL Hold'em tournament

It's PokerStars' holiday gift to you. On Sunday, December 25th at 4:30pm ET, PokerStars will add $100,000 to the $500+$30 NL Hold'em tournament. Not only that, but 405 players will finish in the money. Satellites run all week long. Click "Tourney" and "Satellite" in the game lobby to win your seat today.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news