PokerStars news from Europe

Back in the old days, old school reporters would sit chain-smoking next to the newsroom wire teletype, waiting for news from far away lands. My, but we've come a long way.

  • Tonight, PokerStars players Greg Raymer and Andreas Harnemo will be playing at the final table of the British Poker Open. Keep an eye on this space for how they turned out.

  • Wednesday night, Raymer will be taking on Swedish pro Ken Lennaard heads up in the middle at the fashionable Swedish club Hotellet in Stockholm. The event has limited seating but is free to the public. It begins Wednesday, May 11 at 19:00.

    While Raymer, the 2004 WSOP champ, needs little introduction, you may not be as familiar with Lennaard.

    The 34-year-old is a long-time chess, backgammon and poker player is a Swedish entrepreneur and expert commentator on the Swedish program, "Poker." A man with eclectic interests, Lennaard is avid practician of Thai boxing and Yoga. As one of Sweden's most decorated poker players, Lennaard has won tournaments in eleven different countries.

    Swedish pro, Ken Lennaard

  • London is calling. Shortly, we'll be pulling up stakes here at PokerStars Blog headquarters and heading for the United Kingdom. Stay tuned for more on that.

    Brad Willis
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