PokerStars Staff Invitational

Those of you who dig through the multitude of tournaments at PokerStars might know that the site hosts an Staff Invitational each month for we folks who love PokerStars, but because of our affiliation with the site cannot play for real money. The only prize is bragging rights and the pride that goes along with winning is just about as good as winning cold, hard cash.

We played today and the competition was as good as it gets. From the marketing wizards to the ubiquitous hosts, the battles were fierce. If you have never watched your favorite PokerStars employees play, be sure to keep an eye on the private tournaments for the next one. The trash talk is almost as good as the poker (and in some cases, better).

I'd love to congratulate myself for a big win today, but, as I didn't even get close to the final table, I suppose I should hand out a big congratuations to HostDavid who crushed the competition and emerged as the victor of the month.

Well played, sir.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news