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Welcome to the official PokerStars blog

In the morning, when the coffee is still hot and the day is still new, the paperboy will ride by on his bike, toss out the daily news, and ride on with his duty duly completed. Then, over Wheaties and orange juice, you can sit back and read the news of the day, the stories of your local heroes and villains, and the scores of all the games from the night before.

Well, at least, that's how it used to be.

Nowadays, the paperboy is more likely a tired father working a second job and driving an old Honda. The breakfast is probably a hastily scarfed Pop Tart. And most of the news comes across a laptop's screen.

Indeed, times have changed.

The same is true for the poker world. Within the reach of most of our memories are the days when news in the poker world traveled via word of mouth or in pulp magazines left sitting in card rooms. It has not been so long that the poker community was a tight-knit group of individuals based in just a few cities.

Now, since the explosion of online poker, the Internet has exploded with poker blogs. The poker community can only be defined with one location: Earth.

But, when I joined PokerStars, I couldn't help but notice that the site had almost organically grown its own community. That is, the players who compete at PokerStars know each other. They have their own heroes and villains. It is a worldwide community that comes together in the best virtual cardroom around.

Only one thing was missing: the paperboy.

Sure, we at PokerStars have ways of talking to our players. We post the news in the virtual card room lobby. We send out occasional e-mails. The thing is, the PokerStars world is so dynamic, so constantly changing, so full of fantastic stories, there remained the necessity for a sort of PokerStars newspaper.

And so this little space on the 'Net was born. And me? I'm your paperboy.

Only time will tell what this effort will become. For now, I expect you'll find regular updates with player profiles, exclusive news from the PokerStars front, and results from big tournaments.

So, welcome. Sit back with your Wheaties and orange juice and read your daily news whenever you like.

And if you feel like bringing the paperboy a cup of coffee, I know it will be appreciated.

I take mine black.

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