January 2006

31 January

Bigger six-handed action on PokerStars

Word just came around the bend that PokerStars is trying out some bigger six-max tables. Taking a look under the hold'em section in the game lobby, I find new six-max games at $15/$30, $30/$60, and $100/$200. So, if short-handed action is more your style and your bankroll is feeling healthy,...more

30 January

PokerStars $700,000 Guaranteed Results

Don't miss the news at the bottom of this postYou just don't see this kind of thing every day--an online prize pool worth more than $1 million dollars. It appeared out of nowhere on Sunday afternoon when more than 2100 players showed up for the monthly $700,000 Guaranteed tournament.Consider that...more

26 January

The Supernova race continues

Since PokerStars started its VIP Club a few weeks ago, the talk of the online poker world has been the insane speed at which ElkY hit VIP Supernova status. Players watched ElkY as he barnstormed the tables and racked up an unlikely 100,000 VIP Player Points in just a couple...more

23 January

EPT Copenhagen final result

1. Mads Anderson (Denmark) - 2,548,070 Kr2. Edgar Skjervold (Norway) - 1,401,722 Kr3. Philip Hilm (Denmark) - 716,636 Kr 4. Marc Naalden (Holland) - 557,384 Kr5. Markus Gonsalves (USA) - 477,000 Kr (PokerStars qualifier)6. Anina Gundesen (Denmark) - 398,000 Kr (PokerStars qualifier)7. Shek Chi Hung (Denmark) - 318,000 Kr8. Johan...more

Copenhagen EPT final table report

Copenhagen: playground of the richChildren should not play poker. But it would help if the casinos didn't turn their poker rooms into playgrounds. There were more see-saws, yo-yos, slides, swings and roundabouts on the final table of EPT Copenhagen than in all the Toys R Us warehouses around the world....more

22 January

Final table - blow-by-blow

EPT Copenhagen final result:1. Mads Anderson (Denmark) - 2,548,070 Kr2. Edgar Skjervold (Norway) - 1,401,722 Kr3. Philip Hilm (Denmark) - 716,636 Kr 4. Marc Naalden (Holland) - 557,384 Kr5. Markus Gonsalves (USA) - 477,000 Kr (PokerStars qualifier)6. Anina Gundesen (Denmark) - 398,000 Kr (PokerStars qualifier)7. Shek Chi Hung (Denmark) -...more

Introducing the contenders

Markus Gonsalves: from San Diego business school to EPT final tableSeat 1: MARKUS GONSALVES, 21, United States Markus, a 21-year-old from San Diego California, qualified for the London EPT event last year but requested a seat change to this tournament because he wanted to meet up with his Scandinavian buddies,...more

First up...

Before the prize fighters step into the ring later this afternoon, there was a pretty tasty bout on the EPT undercard where Ken Lenaard, Sweden's best-known poker star, took on poker's best-known bracelet in a heads-up match. This time, the World Series of Poker winner's jewelry was the model from...more

Copenhagen, by CS Lewis

Don't tell this to anyone in Las Vegas, but no matter how many dollars you spend trying to disguise this fact, the inside of casinos all have a tendency to look the same. That's why it is sometimes worth exploring that peculiar place known by only a select few, commonly...more

Day two wrap

Let's wrap day two by looking forward to day three. These eight certainly will be: Mads Andersen, Philip Hilm, Shek Chi Hung, Marc Naalden, Anina Gundesen, Edgar Skjervolt, Marcus Gonsalves and Johan Bergquist.Those eight will take their seats tomorrow around the EPT Copenhagen final table, ready to thrash it out...more

Eight for the money

Thomas Kremser prepares the final chip countsIt always has to be someone, and this time that someone was Bad Girl. She moved in with queen-ten and Mads Anderson, whose chips are taller than this hotel, called with ace-king. A glimmer of hope in the form of a queen on the...more

Anina on the move

Anina Gundesen qualified for this EPT tournament, her first major live event, via a $13 re-buy event on PokerStars. Now she has just knocked out a former WPT winner.Christer Johansson was the man who took the fall, unable to beat Anina's ace-queen. Hot on the heels of this, Hans Eskildsen...more

21 January

Late day two update

Thirteen players left, three thousand spectators.Here are the chip counts...Mads Andersen 540KPhilip Hilm 520KMarc Naalden 260KShek Hung Chi 250KEdgar Skervolt 230KXuyen "Bad Girl" Pham 190KJohan Bergquist 120KAdam Nilsson (PokerStars qualifier) 105KAnina Gundersen (PokerStars qualifiers) 140KLennart Nystrom 100KHans Eskildson 100KChrister Johansson 79KMarkus Gonsalves (PokerStars qualifier) 75K... and here are the spectatorsUpdate...more

It's a Mads world

Mads Andersen is running away with this. Here are his chips. Understand now why they're difficult to count?We're down to two tables, with the players remaining as follows:Xuyen "Bad Girl" PhamMads AndersenPhilip HilmEdgar SkjervoldAdam Nilsson (PokerStars qualifier)Johan BergquistLennart NystromAnina Gundersen (PokerStars qualifier)Hans EskildsenChrister JohanssonEdgar SkjevoldPer AndersenMarkus Gonsalves (PokerStars qualifier)Shek Chi...more

In a man's world

If you have ever read PokerStars blog before, perhaps from a previous tournament in any country around the world, you will have heard us talk about "commentator's curse" - a strange phenomenon that seems to ensure a player will be eliminated from a tournament the minute the report on how...more

Stat attack

Twenty-two players now remain as we head into level 15. Three of those are PokerStars qualifiers: Markus Gonsalves, Anina Staunbo Gundesen and Adam Nilson.The chip leader is still Marc Naalden, who has hardly relinquished that position all day, despite close attention from Christer Johansson earlier. Christer has dropped back slightly,...more

Bubble update

Anders Berg goes out on the bubble.Anina Gundesen, Thomas Grundy, Adam Nilson, Marcus Gonsalves, all PokerStars qualifiers, make the money.Luca Pagano, final Team PokerStars member, is out in 26th place when he flops top two pair against Xuyen Pham's top straight.Payout structure (in Danish Kroner, rough euro equivalent in brackets)Final...more

Full to bursting

It's bubble time: 28 players remain, 27 get paid. The next one out has worked for two days for no reward. It's not all fun on the European Poker Tour, although don't tell that to the railbirds who have flocked like vultures to pick the remaining flesh from the imminent...more

Flash: conqueror of the universe

Thomas Grundy: Flash, with or without the shadesThis is Thomas Grundy. Players from the Grosvenor Casino in Wallsall might recognise him from the final table of a recent £300 freezeout, while anyone around the PokerStars rooms might know him as "tollamus". But no matter how familiar he is at either...more

Read all about it

Simon Young tells Natalie Pinkham all about it"I was Noah-ed," explains Simon Young, the Suffolk Punch floored by last year's EPT Copenhagen champion. "I'm trying to think if I made a mistake, but who calls a pre-flop raise with five-two?"Such was the plight of the Sun man. Player in mid-position...more

Afternoon carnage

Even by the brutal standards expected on the EPT, this afternoon's cull of players has been particularly harsh.We're into level 12 and already we have just 46 players remaining. They're posting blinds of 1,000 and 2,000 with a running ante of 200.Our qualifiers have taken a hit - we've lost...more

Day two begins in earnest

It's late in a long, long day and there's a difficult decision to make. Your tired mind is not necessarily to be trusted; it's been making tough decisions for ten hours or more and it's spent. "Sleep on it," are the only words of advice that are usually proffered. But...more

Day two gallery

A picture being worth a thousand words, and all that, here are 12,000 words in pictoral form of some of the PokerStars qualifiers who are playing today.Josef ShechterHans David RognlienDaniel ElkeslassyAdam NilsonThomas GrundyDavid LayaniChristian GrundtvigJustin DrechslerChris HancockOliver VannelliJim HaganMarkus Gonsalves...more

Day 1B wrap and chip counts

Counting out the chips of Marc Naalden, tournament chip leaderEPT Copenhagen is now two days old. The second bunch of 144 have been whittled down to 47, meaning 97 play tomorrow, down to the final eight. Twenty-seven will get paid, meaning 77 won't. What they win and when they win...more

The continuing tale of Doug and Don

Don, left, and Doug, right. Protz A and Protz B"Is that a 'V' for victory or an 'L' for loser?" says Doug Protz, posing for the photograph above with one of the most richly deserved beers in the whole of Copenhagen clenched beside questionable finger-letter.I, being an impartial PokerStars reporter,...more

Edging closer

I'm sure there are more, but here are four PokerStars qualifiers still battling as we near the end of the day:William Fitzpatrick: owner of a never-ending short-stackDoug Protz: clinging on to join brother Don on day twoAnina Staunbo Gundesen: success, on or off the featured tableMichael Lindblad: kissing the photo...more

Sixty minutes from the end of this 48-hour day

We, or, more correctly, the 56 remaining players, have just entered the final level of the day. Within the hour we'll know exactly who will join yesterday's 50 to make the real Day Two line up. Then, and only then, will we really know who is in with a shout...more

20 January

A show of strength

It's another one of those days when patterns are emerging. Something about poker tournaments of this size seems to ensure we see the same things over and over again.In this instance, it's to do with the chip flow. As players are eliminated, it is common practice for the poster of...more

Hachem back in the hunt

World Champions draw the crowds and Joe Hachem, who flew in from the Aussie Millions to take his place on the Team PokerStars teamsheet on the EPT, is a World Champion. For the past two days, he's been performing his tricks amid the media circus; the Scandinavian press is all...more

I just called to say I'm out

When a poker player is seen leaving the gaming room, clutching their mobile phone and dialling a number with their fingers in a blur, there is usually someone somewhere on the other side of the world who is about to hear a bad beat story. Especially if that player had...more

Shek attack

Ten minutes before the dinner break and PokerStars corner on table four has lost its first player. It was one of those where the reporter arrives just in time to see the axe fall - there was a flop of Js-Kh-As-Jh-6d and a bet in front of Brent Wheeler, our...more

Tournament latest

Just to bring you up to speed, we've just entered level 5, where the blinds are 150-300. There are 112 players left from the 144 who began this afternoon.Latest chip counts are scrolling across the top of the page....more

Taking an early lead

Two of the tournament chip leaders, if not the tournament chip leaders, are sitting two seats away from each other on table 14. One of them you have already heard about - he goes by the name Pagano - but two to his left is Shek Chi Hung, slightly more...more

Leave the poker to the poker players

Warning to readers in the United States: shameless European soccer content belowYou might not think it these days, but there was once a time when football wasn't on television. People tucked their rattles under their arms, put their bobble hats on their heads and spent Saturday afternoon watching 22 blokes...more

More quality qualifiers

The qualifiers gallery continues:Jonas Molander, ninth in Dublin earlier this season, qualified again for CopenhagenMorten Junior, left, and Val Lettieri. Val qualified for the PCA in the BahamasEdgardo Bellia. Cracked queens with suited connecters just as I arrivedKonstantin Sobel, from CanadaJames Campbell. Over from the United States and straight to...more

Early introductions

There are another 144 players in Flight 1B today, 29 of them who booked their place on PokerStars. Those seeking EPT immortality today include:William Fitzpatrick, from Erin, Canada. Second time on the EPT, having qualified for Vienna in series one. William is being followed by Jenn, Sam and Ben back...more

Copenhagen day 1B

Take an ancient European capital, add a dusting of overnight snow and - hey presto - we're all living in a Christmas greetings card. Hallmark just might be interested in some of these images from this morning's stroll around the city.University district, CopenhagenWinter wonderlandGoing nowhere fastA bite to eatCherubs and...more

Day 1A count

Before we begin Day 1B, here's a recap of how yesterday's first flight ended:Xuyen Pham 89,625 Roy Von Der Locht 63,750 Thomas Grundy (PokerStars qualifier) 62,025 Dario Alioto 61,825 Christian Grundtvig (PokerStars qualifier) 58,350 David Davidsen 50,400 Jim Hagan (PokerStars qualifier) 44,850 Philip Hilm 43,650 Kim Frederiksen 42,925 Karin Lundgren...more

End of day 1A wrap

Only in the modern poker world does the following sentence make perfect sense. Day one is over; see you tomorrow for day one.That, you see, is a wrap for Thursday, the opening exchanges of the EPT Copenhagen. We started with 144 runners, we are down to 50, but tomorrow another...more

Those who got away

Poker reporting is not rocket science. Visit a few casinos, count a few chips, throw a few words on the page and that's about it. Keep the readers up to date on the movers and the shakers, the leaders and the short-stacks, the stories and the non-events. Easy.Or not. The...more

19 January

Walking the floor

It's 1am in Copenhagen, there are 12 minutes left of level eight. The fifty-nine remaining players are posting blinds of 300-600 with a 75 running ante. It was nothing more than a leisurely stroll around the tables, but these were the sights:Julian Thew's aces holding up against a shorter-stacked kings....more

In the press box tonight

Anyone in any doubt that poker is now big news* should take a peek into the Oslo Room of the Casino Copenhagen. For the duration of the EPT, this is doubling as the press centre and there are more chip-counters in there than there are chips to count.Photographers, reporters, writers...more

Chris and Chris and Doug and Don

You ever hear about Chris from Tennessee? You know, the kid who qualifies on PokerStars and takes the "live" fields to the cleaners. Sure you have. This is the guy, right, hiding beneath that cap?Meet Chris from TennesseeWell, yes and no. It's not Chris Moneymaker, if that's who you thought...more

Dinner break details

The players are taking their dinner break, which gives us the chance to catch up on a few newsworthy tid-bits that have otherwise gone unreported.Xuyen "Bad Girl" Pham is now challenging for the chip lead. She has about 35,000, much of it thanks to what can only be described as...more

Punching above his weight

If you have ever had the fortune to look at a recent picture of "Team PokerStars", you will notice some very familiar faces. The last three world champions for instance - Joe Hachem, Greg Raymer and Chris Moneymaker, for those who have spent the past five years in the jungle...more

The rough and the smooth

A certain day in a certain month in the year of 2003. A certain online player from a certain poker site is sitting in a certain casino in a certain city in Nevada. He is changing the course of poker history. Certainly.Chris Moneymaker won $2.5 million when he took first...more

Like a stake Thew the heart

Who are the good guys in poker? It all depends who you ask.Take Julian Thew, for instance. Ordinarily, you could ask just about anyone in any casino or card room in any country around the world and they wouldn't have a single bad word to say about the softly-spoken Nottingham-based...more

Read all about it

Yesterday evening, as is customary, the EPT kicked off with a media tournament where all the visiting press takes a couple of hours from their hectic schedule of heavy drinking to play some poker. In truth - and I say this as a member of the press pack myself -...more

We've lost one

It took more than an hour - an almost unprecedented amount of time - but we have now lost a player. Not just any player, either. It's Rob Hollink, the reigning EPT Grand Final champion, who has just shuffled out of the Casino Copenhagen, dispatched by Dario Alioto, another player...more

Breakfast betting

At breakfast this morning, the discussion was about chip stacks."How many do we start with?" asked one anxious player, through a mouthful of scrambled eggs."Ten thousand," chimed the rest, variously flavoured by yoghurt, croissant and Danish salami."There'll still be someone out on the first hand," offered Barny Boatman. "How difficult...more

The final moments

It's that time again: the calm before what promises to be a category Scandinavia poker storm. The players have arrived and the draw has been made. That means the lobby to Casino Copenhagen is full of the anxious and their friends, fidgeting from foot to foot, smoking strong coffee and...more

Into the lions' den

Here we are then: Copenhagen. Welcome to the capital of Denmark for the Scandinavian Open, the latest leg of the PokerStars.com European Poker Tour (EPT).In tourists' terms, this is a wonderful city. Canals, statues, parks, fountains and fairytales, all glimpsed through the amber glow of a pint of Carlsberg. By...more

17 January

$500,000 Guaranteed Final Table Replay

Want to see how PokerStars players win the big money? Tuesday and Wednesday, PokerStars will replay the final table of the January 8th $500,000 Guaranteed final table with most of the hole cards face-up! Now you can watch the big money PokerStars tournament just like it's on TV. The January...more

Aussie Millions: Hachem eliminated

by Sarne LightmanIt doesn't matter if you are the world champion or a new player on the scene, you can't win a tournament if luck deserts you.Joe Hachem has fought a battle that any poker pro would be proud to claim. Against bad beats and lost races he always kept...more

Aussie Millions: Day 3 begins

by Sarne LightmanDay 3 starts much like day 2 with the words "all in" reverberating around the poker room. You need danger money to be walking the floor at the moment. The camera crews are charging from end to end, the cameras trailing cables to garrotte you, or booms to...more

Aussie Millions: Day 3 beginning chip counts

Fitt Gerry 331,600Shorr Shannon 311,100Fischman Scott 280,600 James Kenna 280,100Davies Russell 248,500Baca Cruz 240,800Neary Robert 228,300Derei Asher 219,800Nelson Lee 201,400Ivey Phil 194,700 McGregor Andrew 193,900 Italiano Dom 184,700 Bugiera Wes 184,100 Esfandiari Antonio 171,200Matthews Phil 164,300 Medic Nenad 148,400Gracz Michael 140,500Horowitz Jethro 129,600Bloom Tony 129,600Malki Mourad 123,800Fair Nicholas 119,200 Cook...more

16 January

The Genesis of the World Championship of Battleship Poker

Editor's note: The birth of an idea is a funny thing. Unlike traditional births, a paternity test for an an infant idea is hard to come by. Among the PokerStars staff at the 2006 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, one of the longest-running jokes was about the birth of the wildly successful...more

Aussie Millions: Day 2, Part 2

Day 1 CoverageDay 2 Beginsby Sarne LightmanAnother few hours have passed and the atmosphere in the room is starting to change. Although you still here the regular call of "All in," the frenzy of an hour ago has calmed down as many of the short stacks are either out or...more

Aussie Millions: Day 2 begins

Aussie Millions Day 1 Coverageby Sarne LightmanThe action has started again here in sunny Melbourne, and for any player who thought they could ease there way in, they were sorely mistaken.Within two hours another 55 players have been eliminated and the words "All in" reverberate around the playing floor. The...more

15 January

Aussie Millions: Day 1 ends

Aussie Millions BeginsAussie Millions mid-day reportby Sarne LightmanThe sun has long set when the gong sounds telling the players the final hand of the day has been played. It has been almost 10 hours and 156 players can no longer dream of the $1million first prize.Two hundred sixty-two players still...more

Aussie Millions, Day 1, Part 2

Click here to read "Aussie Millions begins"by Sarne LightmanThe dinner break has just been called and 101 of the original entrants are already gone including players such as Australian great Jeff Lissandro and American Mike Sexton.World Champion Joe Hachem has had another tough couple of hours. "Its been like walking...more

Aussie Millions begins

by Sarne LightmanThe Aussie Millions is under way at Crown Casino in the heart of beautifulMelbourne Australia. Four hundred eighteen players have anted up the 10,500aud making a prize pool of over $4 Million.The stars of the poker world have come out in large numbers, everyone vying for a chance...more

13 January

First Supernova lights PokerStars sky

That bright light in the sky is the first PokerStars player to reach the Supernova level of the PokerStars VIP Club. In less than two weeks, one dedicated PokerStars player accumulated 100,000 VIP Player Points and became to the first to achieve the elite status.Who is that player? You may...more

12 January

2006 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Final Table Report

It was ten in the morning, earlier than most real poker players like to see the sun and earlier than they like to hold cards in their hand--unless they've been awake all night and are still in the middle of a great session. TV production crew members bounced back and...more

11 January

Two champions in Atlantis

We have crowned two champions at the Atlantis Resort and Casino today at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.Click here to read about 2006 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Champion Steve Paul-Ambrose.Click here to read about the PokerStars World Championship of Battleship Poker champion, Michael "LuckyLady519" Banducci.We'll have reports on both events in the...more

World Championship of Battleship Poker Champion

Congratulations to Michael "LuckyLady519" Banducci for winning the first ever PokerStars World Championship of Battleship Poker. Banducci climbed through the field of 64 to get heads up with poker pro Gavin "birdguts" Smith. Banducci won more than $22,000 for his win. In the coming days, we'll have more on the...more

PokerStars Caribbean Adventure crowns a champion

Congratulations to Steve Paul-Ambrose for winning the 2006 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. Steve won a $1,363,100.00 plus $25,000 WPT Championship seat for his Herculean effort. A full final table report is forthcoming after we re-charge some batteries. Here are the final table results:1. Steve Paul-Ambrose $1,363,100.00 + $25,000 WPT Championship seat...more

10 January

PCA: Final Table Hand-by-Hand

Click here for a payout structure. If you're only looking for the big hands, look for BIG HAND ALERT on this page. If you're looking for chip counts, look for text in BLUE.BLINDS are $40,000/$80,000/$10,000 WE HAVE A WINNER-------!!!!!!!!!!5:29-- The players see a flop of J92 with two spades. Brook...more

9 January

PCA: World Championship of Battleship Poker Flight 2

With a day off here at the PCA, Flight 2 of the World Championship of Battleship Poker is the main event in the poker room. The final two players in this flight will play in the final four tomorrow night, live in the Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure poker room. You can...more

PCA: Final Table In Place

Day 3 CoveragePCA Winners ListPayout structureHumans are conditioned to deal with a specific amount of input. When the sounds are loud, the food is rich, the lights are bright, the room is over-fragrant, and the air is hot, humans have a limited level of endurance.Poker players are not humans. They...more

8 January

PCA: Day 3 Nitty Gritty

INSTRUCTIONS: Keep refreshing this page and scroll to the bottom for the latest info.PCA Winners ListEnd of Day 2 Chip CountsPayout structureMany thanks to the PokerStars staff, especially Steve Wood, for helping with the action today.If you're looking for the latest pretty stuff, click here.2:55pm--40 players remain. One of the...more

PCA: Day 3 Photo Gallery

Click here for the latest PCA winners list update.What a day at the PCA. Day 3 of the maini event is getting to be quite a battle. And now that the World Championship of Battleship Poker is underway, it's proving to be a great success. Pretty soon, we're going to...more

PCA: Bustout City UPDATED

Just one hour has passed since the beginning of Day 3 and already ten people are down to the felt. Among them are Hoyt Corkins and Marco Traniello. Corkins did not have a big stack coming into to the day, but Traniello, who had been on a tournament-long rush comes...more

PCA: Day 3 begins

The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is back in action. Players in the main event have taken their seats and are resuming the battle to make the final table. We'll have reports here all day and night.Also, the World Championship of Battleship Poker is working to get in the water. Trying to...more

PCA: End of day notes

At the close of Day 2, 66 players remain. Joe Hachem looked to be among them until his pocket aces were cracked by queens. Later, he made a move the big blind with KJ after Adam Friedman raised from late position. Unfortunately for Joe, and fortunately for Friedman, Friedman held...more

PCA: End of Day Two Chip Counts

Here are the chip counts for the end of Day 2. Sixty-six players remain and will return at Noon Sunday. We still have half an hour of Level 12 left to play. Blinds will remain at $1,200/$2,400 and a $400 ante.Steve Paul-Ambrose 275,200Isidor Subotic 274,800Allen Goldstein 257,000David Singer 248,600Will Barr...more

PokerStars World Championship of Battleship Poker

Click here to see the latest list of winners in the 2006 PokerStars Caribbean AdventureFLASH: Chris Moneymaker and Isabelle Mercier to play in the World Championship of Battleship Poker--space limited, so get your seat early! Sunday at 11am, players will square off in a live heads-up, single elimination $1000 tournament....more

PCA: Money Board

Now that we're in the money, the players are falling fast. From here on out, the money list will be updated on this page.PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Winner's List$1,363,100.00 + $25,000 WPT Championship seat1. Steve Paul-Ambrose (PokerStars re-buy satellite qualifier--$102 total investment) $681,500.002. Brook Lyter PokerStars $33 rebuy qualifier$436,200.003. David Singer$327,100.004....more

PCA: Bubble breaks

The tournament board read 132. The rail--a real rail this time, constructed during the dinner break--was thick with railbirds and family members. In the balance hung more than $10,000. The person who placed 130th would make $10,700. The player who finished 131st would get nothing.So, with 132 players remaining, tournament...more

PCA: Bubble time

We're back in action. With 137 players remaining, the players are sweating the bubble. More than $10,000 per player hangs in the balance. We'll be in the poker room until the bubble breaks....more

7 January

PCA: Dinner break

I wonder if food tastes differently if you know that when your repast is over, you could be one of 25 people who win nothing, or one of 130 people who stand to win at least $10,000. That is where we stand right now. We're nearing the money bubble and...more

PCA: Afternoon action

No pictures, no stories, just some quick action. A little less than 170 players remain. About 40 to the money. Big ChipsMarco TranielloJennifer HarmonDanny ShiffBigslick789Empire2000Brian MogelefskyBarry GreensteinRoger KaskaMatt MatrosOther notables still in actionJoe HachemTom McEvoyJay "WhoJedi" NewnumJohnnyBaxSteve StolzmanJim McManusJason StrasserHoyt CorkinsDavid PlastikMonica ReevesAdam FriedmanJennicidePete A. Life-support alert:Isabelle MercierBernard LeeNotable bust-outs:...more

PCA: Adjusting to Day 2

Don't miss the announcement about a brand new live-online heads up event at the end of this postYou can see it in the eyes of the people in poker room right now. After, in some cases, playing against the same players all day on Day 1, now the players are...more

PCA: Day 1 Coverage round-up

End of Day 1 Chip Counts2006 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Payout StructureFlight B Dinner Break MamboAfter Sundown--Flight AFlight A Photo GalleryPre-game coverage round-upDay 1, Flight 1 begins, with audio clips and photosPCA Photo Gallery...more

PCA: Official Day 1 Chip Count

Below are the end of Day 1 chip counts. Today at 1pm, these folks will all meet in the poker room to battle. Further reports will come out this afternoon.Mogelefsky, Brian $98,500 Fletcher , Michael $93,000 Teska , Roger $86,600 Zappia, Guiseppe $78,200 Antonius , Patrik $76,100 Elias , Dafydd...more

PCA: Wheaton, Raymer Eliminated

As the final level of the evening continues, Wil Wheaton and Greg Raymer have been eliminated. Wheaton, facing a raise from a big stack and a re-raise from a small stack, pushed with AK, hoping to isolate the small stack. Unfortunately for Wil, the initial raiser had kings and the...more

6 January

PCA: Dinner break mambo

The day broke with bikinis and sunscreen. A peek outside into paradise promised another fine day of prettiness on the outside and poker on the inside. Little did anyone realize, a storm was fast approaching. As the tournament began, aces got cracked by kings, the entire island's internet connection went...more

PCA: Payout structure

The official numbers on the PCA are in...724 entries$5,452,284 Prize Pool 1 $1,363,100.00 + $25,000 WPT Championship seat2 $681,500.00 3 $436,200.00 4 $327,100.00 5 $239,900.00 6 $177,200.00 7 $144,500.00 8 $117,200.00 9 $95,400.00 10 $80,400.00 11 $65,400.00 12 $54,500.00 13-16 $43,70017-20 $32,00021-25 $23,50026-30 $16,90031-50 $13,50051-80 $12,00081-130 $10,700...more

PCA: A Look Around Flight B

It's taking a little longer than expected to get blog central off the ground since we lost our internet connection this morning. This will be a brief update on the status of events. Players are now in the middle of Level 3 and will be playing one more level after...more

PCA: Day 1 Flight B Begins

Folks, we're under way, but the internet connection is not. We hope to be back up and running soon.Update: Looks like we're back up...give us a little bit to get our feet back underneath us and we'll get the updates rolling...more

PCA: Day 1 Flight A Chip Counts

PCA Coverage So Far:Pre-game coverage round-upDay 1, Flight 1 begins, with audio clips and photosMoneymaker/Mercier UpdateAfter SundownDay 1 Flight A has ended. Below you'll find the official chip count for the remaining 157 Flight A players. Flight B begins Friday at Noon ET.PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Flight A Chip CountMogelefsky, Brian...more

PCA: After sundown

An odd feature of a Bahamas January is the sunlight waning before you expect it. The paradise sun seems to promise to be around forever, convincing you that it will only fall when your body is too tired to enjoy the daylight any more. And yet, as the Bahamas sits...more

PCA: Team PokerStars update

Just back from the dinner break and the news is as great as it is horrible for Team PokerStars. While most of the Team plays tomorrow, Chris Moneymaker and Isabelle Mercier have been in action today.It seems best to get the bad news out of the way first. Chris Moneymaker...more

5 January

PCA: Afternoon Insta Photo Gallery

Did you miss...?Pre-game coverage round-upDay 1, Flight 1 begins, with audio clips and photosIn these early stages of a tournament, the movement of chips is so fast, it's impossible to keep accurate track of who is ahead and who is behind. In fact, it's hard to keep track of who...more

PCA: Day 1 Flight A Begins

Everything in this fine universe is made up of a couple of neat things: matter and energy. Inside the poker room here at Atlantis, we've been witness to the two great universal components in pure poker form. While no physicist has likely ever spent any serious academic time outlining the...more

PCA: Pre-game coverage

Pre-game coverage of the 2006 PokerStars Caribbean AdventureWith the 2006 PCA main event about to officially kick off, this might be the last chance to look at all the fun before the big poker stress begins. Have a look and stay tuned for the main event action. PokerStars Caribbean Adventure...more

PCA: Of buttons and big games

Previous coverage:PokerStars Caribbean Adventure set to beginPCA: Paradise EveThe Arrival of Lee JonesParty TimeButton-maker?Necessity is a funny thing. With it comes importance, stress, and the definitional need for doing or having something. With poker comes the necessity of dealer buttons. Before we go further, you should understand that PokerStars knows...more

PCA: Party Time

It begins with more than a thousand people, a ton of food, and an open bar. While many would believe that anything that begins that well can only go downhill, the fun and poker insanity is just beginning.Tonight, the 2006 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure kicked off with a massive cocktail party...more

4 January

PCA: The Arrival of Lee Jones

Previous coverage:PokerStars Caribbean Adventure set to begin-- A look around the Atlantis Resort and CasinoPCA: Paradise Eve-- How to recognize PokerStars Staff and the PokerStars goody bag assembly lineIt's not like we throw a parade or anything when Lee Jones shows up. Well, actually, the island of Nassau did have...more

3 January

PCA: Paradise Eve

If you missed yesterday's preview, click here for a look at the Atlantis Resort and CasinoNineteenth century European aristocrat Otto Van Bismarck may have had it right when he said "People who enjoy eating sausage and obey the law should not watch either being made." Still, while I'm not one...more

2006 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure set to begin

I was lucky enough to draw a window seat on Delta flight 425 from Atlanta to Nassau. We weary travelers held on through thunderstorms and turbulence that, if not quite apocolyptic, was still a little unsettling. Indeed, the good fortune of a window seat once again graced this poker blogger....more