April 2006

28 April

PokerStars Weekend Events

The end of the month always signals some big events on PokerStars and the end of April is no different. Just a quick scan through the PokerStars game lobby shows a lot of good reasons to log on and play this weekend.PokerStars VIP Club freerollsIt's Freeroll Weekend for the PokerStars...more

25 April

Team PokerStars' Wil Wheaton on poker and acting

Team PokerStars' Wil Wheaton recently played in the World Poker Tour Invitational, a tournament that was stacked with both top poker pros and top actors. I asked him to write a few words about his experience there and any help his acting experience offered in that particular field. Wil said,...more

24 April

PokerStars WSOP Satellites -- Dogger9 Back Again

Here's a statistic for you. Back in 2003, when Team PokerStars' Chris Moneymaker won the World Series of Poker, PokerStars sent 33 people to the main event. At the time, that seemed like a lot. Still, Moneymaker was just one of PokerStars' 33 horses in a race that was more...more

PokerStars $1 Million Guaranteed Results (4/23/06)

It was a marathon $1 Million Guaranteed on Sunday, lasting nearly ten hours. The final table pitted players from all over the world against each other for hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash. With two players remaining, a deal was reached that left $20,000 for first place and gave...more

23 April

PokerStars World Cup of Poker Update

The PokerStars World Cup of Poker, a worldwide competition between national teams of poker players, is in its early stages. Players have been working to qualify for their national teams. In the U.S. and Canada, players were able to play for their state or province. In just the last couple...more

21 April

PokerStars and Greg Raymer take on Dallas

Back in the days before the poker boom, in the days before online poker and huge World Series of Poker fields, the real road gamblers of America made their way around the South, fading the white line and looking for as many games as they could find. The game we...more

20 April

Premier H.O.R.S.E.s around with Mark Cuban

One never knows what to expect when first meeting an online poker prodigy. Having never met the man known as Premier, I didn't know whether to expect a pale, bearded poker hermit, or a brash, blinged-out rock star. All I knew is that Premier had been busting tables right and...more

19 April

PokerStars in Dallas

As a little suprise this week, the PokerStars Blog headed to Dallas, Texas. Since the American Airlines plane touched down on Monday, we've seen quite a bit. As the action is still going on, the full details won't be posted here for a couple of days. However, until then, here...more

17 April

PokerStars $1 Million Guaranteed Results

This week's $1 million guaranteed once again brought out the stars, and the final table was no exception. Some of the players in the final nine are household names around the PokerStars tournament circuit and many of them ended up with the big cash. Here are the final table results.PokerStars...more

12 April

A few words on 55Lucky55

The thing about blogging, and, in particular, tournament poker blogging, is that it's a lot like playing the tournament myself--mundane hour followed by mundane hour followed by the coolest things I've seen in poker in ages. That is, tons of boredom spiked with the fantastic adrenaline that keeps us all...more

10 April

Alex "yahtzem" Jacob wins $655,000 at Foxwoods

The first time I had any discussion of length with Alex Jacob, we were sitting in a hotel lobby in Vienna during a stop on the European Poker Tour. I was working on a blog post while he and his girlfriend decided which movie they were going to see. Despite...more

$1 Million Guaranteed Results

With more than $1 million in the prize pool, there was no doubt big money would be at stake in the Sunday $1 million guaranteed event. Often in such situations, the money gets chopped up with a few players remaining. This Sunday, player never spoke of a deal. In fact,...more

3 April

PokerStars $1 million guaranteed results

Until just a few weeks ago, it was very rare to find anyone who could say they outlasted more than 5000 people in a single poker tournament. Now, it happens nearly every Sunday at PokerStars. This week, more than 5200 players showed up to battle for more than a million...more

1 April

Introducing: Mr5Million

I hesitate to post this on April Fool's Day in fear people might think I'm joking. So, let's make one thing clear as crystal. This is true. If you don't think it is, track this guy down in Vegas and ask him.Here's the deal: Three weeks ago, PokerStars.com announced the...more