WSOP Event #3: In the Money


At the 11pm hour passes, the players in the World Series of Poker Event #3 are in the money. Three players competing under the PokerStars banner will be cashing tonight. Victor Ramdin, Eric "Rizen" Lynch, and Micon are among the 90+ players who will be playing for another hour or so.

For more on Rizen, check out the post just below this one. When I first started writing it, Rizen was getting a tad short. Now, he's doubled up (and then some) and has more than 30,000 in chips. Ramdin has more chips than I can count at the moment. His stacks are 40 chips tall and built into columns too deep for me to get an accurate count. Suffice it to say, he's above average. Micon's stack could be a little bigger, but he still has some room to move.

Also, although he's not playing for PokerStars today, special congratulations are in order for Brandon Schaefer. I met Brandon about a year and a half ago when he won the European Poker Tour French Open as a PokerStars FPP qualifier. Tonight, he's cashing in first WSOP event. Nice work, Brandon.

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