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The second day of Event #3 ($1,500 Pot-Limit Hold'em) is beginning. There's tons of action in the room today, but for now, I'm going to focus on the PokerStars players still battling in Event #3:

Victor Ramdin
Bryan Micon

I'll be posting updates here throughout the day.

2:10pm--Something was very wrong. When it is time to wake up, my cell phone is supposed to scream with a shrill siren. There was noise coming from the phone, but it was no siren It was a half-ring. I shook the cobwebs from my head and looked at the clock. It read 9:30am. My poker-addled brain started doing math and decided to believe I needed to add three hours to the clock.

12:30! I slept until 12:30?!

No, no I didn't. It was 9:30am and I was getting the modern version of a telegram. Someone from Austin (and I think I know who you are...) had scored my personal cell phone number and was informing me that Eric "vogman42" Vogelstein was playing under the radar.

So, now we'll be watching vogman42 as well. Good luck, sir.

2:20pm--A cursory look at the new seating assignments has Rizen and vogman42 sitting right next to each other. A big hand developed and ended badly for -db- (opponent was Rafe Furst). No fear though, as -db- still has chips. Ramdin started the day by knocking a player out.

3:25pm--I've been out collecting photos of our remaining players in Event #3. Pictures coming soon.

3:33pm--How about some photos? Rob Gracie, crack photographer, has been hard at work for us. Thanks, Rob.

Photo copyright Rob Gracie -- IMPDI
Victor Ramdin

Photo copyright Rob Gracie -- IMPDI
Eric "Rizen" Lynch

Photo copyright Rob Gracie -- IMPDI

Photo copyright Rob Gracie -- IMPDI

Photo copyright Rob Gracie -- IMPDI
Eric "vogman42" Vogman

3:50pm--Well, we must bid goodbye to Bryan Micon. I'll let Micon fill everybody in on his own about the details of his departure. Last thing I need is his crew getting on my back about messing up the hands. Suffice it to say...he lost a pot early on with a superior pre-flop hand and a ton of outs on the flop. Then, after stealing blinds as often as he could to stay alive, he finally got blinded down to the point where he had to put his remaining cash in blind. Turned out he had J7 against -db-'s 44 and the big blind's AJ. No seven on board and Micon bounced in 40th place. Not a bad day of work, I'd say. See you next time (tomorrow?), Micon.

3:56pm--I'm also pleased to report that -db- found his PokerStars shirt. It's hidden under a St. Louis Cardinals hoodie, but he's on the right page. He's also down to the final four tables of Event #3, which is a pretty laudable accomplishment as well.

4:20pm--The players have taken a short break. A glance at the chip stacks make it appear as though the following is true.

-db- : Slightly below average stack
Victor Ramdin: Above average stack
Rizen: Average stack
Eric Vogelstein: Average stack

5:05pm--This event has, quite frankly, moved faster than I thought it would. We're nearing the time when the players will consolidate to three tables. However, as we start moving toward the bigger money, play is tightening up a bit. All four of our competitors are still fighting hard.

5:30pm--Down to three tables.

5:55pm--The battles are starting to begin. Victor Ramdin is sitting on a huge stack and is trying to take control of his table. Some people are backing down. Others, like John Juanda are not. This should be a fun evening.

6:00pm--Eric Vogelstein is a little peeved. Or maybe more than a little. I missed the exact genesis of the fight, but it looks like Vogman42 thought he was the big bling and posted. Problem is, Dewey Tomko and the big blind both acted on the action. Vogman42 ended up losing the chips he posted in a decision that was a little more than heated.

6:03pm--Well, here's some bad luck. -db- was in the big blind when one player came in for a raise and another jammed for enough to cover -db-. Our man called with AK, as did the original raiser. The jammer had A7. A seven on the flop and turn sent -db- out in 24th place.

6:09pm--Bah. That's all I have to say. No good luck for Victor Ramdin who has just doubled up one player with JJ vs KQ Then doubled up another player with AK vs 99. Ramdin is still alive, but his once monster chip stack is shrinking.

6:22pm--Eviscerated. That was the word one fellow blogger used to describe what's happening to Victor Ramdin. At one point, Ramdin had control of the event with a monster $210,000 chip stack. Now, he is near the felt after having just doubled up another opponent with AQ vs 99.

In other news, Vogman42 and Rizen are holding on tight.

6:28pm--And by tight (see above), I mean "Well, not so tight anymore."

Vogman42, shortstacked, made what appeared to be a blind steal attempt with a suited face card. He ended up losing his stack against a pair of threes. Nice run, though, bud.

6:44pm--Here in just a bit, all the players are going to be heading to a dinner break. When they return, they are going to fight down to the final nine players. Still in the hunt as of this moment...Victor Ramdin and Rizen. We'll be back with you in a bit.

6:45pm--Um...check that. Once a dominant force in this event, a series of un-won races and shortstacked moves, Victor Ramdin has departed the field. Now, we PokerStars fans pin our hopes on the man from Kanas...Rizen.

Can we eat before Rizen makes his next move?

8:54pm--We, in fact, got to eat (me for the first time in 30 hours). And Rizen is still in action. Down to two tables, Rizen is surrounded by ESPN cameras and fighting to make the final table. Let's do it, man.

Photo copyright Rob Gracie -- IMPDI
Rizen under the cameras

9:26pm--One word: Weeeeeee! (Sorry about that). With 17 player remaining and the blinds looking a bit punitive, Rizen's face gave nothing away. He was in the big blind against Matthew Hilger and another player. On a flop of A96, Rizen fired out after the small blind checked. Hilger folded, but the other opponent came over the top. Rizen put in the rest of his chips. It was brutal. Rizen held pocket nines to his opponent's...pocket sixes. Rizen now has an impressive stack. I'm not counting any chickens here, but the final table isn't far away.

10:45pm--We are now eleven-handed and Rizen has risen to the top. The set over set hand was, as Rizen described it, "probably the biggest hand of the tournament." When we lose two more players, it is TV table time.

11:50pm--With ten players left in the event, the table is as tight as Dan Rather's rusty bolts. Rizen has been relatively inactive, save one mistep against Rafe Furst that ended in Furst doubling up. Still, Rizen has a ton a chips and save some very bad luck, it seems sure he'll make it to tomorrow.

12:10pm--Eric "Rizen" Lynch has just made the final TV table of the WSOP Event #3 with the chip lead (not to mention nearly 1/3 of the chips in play). More to follow.

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