July 2006

31 July

WSOP Main Event: Calling Table 249 (from the biggest satellite in history)

They took part in a historic event and they all made it through. And now, like veterans of a war (which they pretty much are), the players of Table 249 are hoping for a reunion here at the WSOP. Dwayne "Barron5" Ronson and the guys from T249 all won seats...more

The Post-Modern American Dream: The WSOP

By Dr. PaulySeveral decades ago, author Hunter S. Thompson set out on a "A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream," which ended up being the tagline to his most famous body of work Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. By the end of his psychedelic fueled journey,...more

WSOP Main Event: Day1D: Hachem at feature table updates.

(All updates just below the photo)1:15amThe World Champion has busted out yet another player during Level 5, which saw action at the feature table get a lot livelier. Joe raised under the gun and it was folded around to Seth Entwisle in the big blind. Seth looked down, found AsQs,...more

WSOP Main Event: "Aussie Aussie Aussie!" - Day 1D Begins

by Ali LightmanAll eyes are going to be on Joe Hachem today, and he knows it. Not only those of the other 2000-odd nervous contenders praying for an easy table, with Joe not on it, because it's also their first day of the Main Event.There are some 2 700 who...more

WSOP Main Event: Day 1A, 1B, 1C Combined Chip Counts

WSOP SCOREBOARD (Days 1A, 1B, 1C)Unofficial starting players in WSOP: 8,778Players left in the WSOP: Less than 5000PokerStars qualifiers remaining in the WSOP field: Approximately 1000Average all WSOP players: $26,073Note: These chip counts have been compiled to the best of our ability. We have found several instances in which names...more

WSOP Main Event: Day 1C Wrap-up

Raymer Makes Late Run -- Five Billion Hand Freeroller goes bigFive Billion Hand Freeroller goes bigWhen we met him today, he was a longshot. It's not that we didn't believe. Believing is part of what we do, after all. Still, if we were to put ourselves out as Vegas bookmakers,...more

WSOP Main Event: Five Billion Hand Freeroller Arnold Blenner Riding High

by Craig CunninghamArnold "jwblack100" Blenner started his day in the PokerStars suite, casually eating breakfast from the hot spread provided for PokerStars qualifiers. The story of how he got to the Main Event is incredible, and what he's done once he sat down has been truly amazing. Arnold built 1,000...more

WSOP Main Event: First Purchase if I Cash-- New Shoes

by Craig CunninghamBy night, Table 168 is devoted to the lucrative NLHE cash games that go on at the Rio. It is a big part of the World Series of Poker experience, and spectators can become players for alot less than the $10k buy-in required to enter the Main Event....more

WSOP Main Event: Playing With the Pros

by C.J. HoytFor some people, it's hard enough to play in your first ever World Series of Poker Main Event. In fact, even if you have played in this before, you may still run into something you've never faced before.Television cameras.Playing at the final table is one thing, but playing...more

WSOP Main Event: Meeting bati99, while Fossilman and Pokertrip Build their Stacks

by Wil WheatonI've had a rough day. Between beating myself up over my dismal play in the WSOP, and some questionable food last night, I've felt sick to my stomach for 48 hours, and I was very close to calling it an early night about an hour ago.Just before I...more

WSOP Main Event: An Aussie Family Affair

by Ali Lightman** 12:00 am **Billy Sukkar just went out. It was a clash of the blinds. Billy, in the small blind had 22 and the big blind 10 10. They both flopped a set. Rosa Bennett was down to 9k and feeling frustrated after being moved 3 times in...more

WSOP Main Event: You go your way, I'll go mine

by Howard SwainsApproximately nine of every ten articles written about poker in the mainstream press includes the word "boom". I know, because I am responsible for a number of them myself and am familiar with the tortuous struggle to find sufficiently incendiary word to explain what's gone on in the...more

WSOP Main Event: The PokerStars Seven?

by C.J. HoytIt's impossible to miss Table 163, and it didn't take the players long to notice either. PokerStars just about owns the table. Starting in Seat 1, it's Mike Jaeckels, in Seat 2 it's David Pendleton, then Samy "bebert004" Boulheouchat and Philippe "philledingue" Boucher in Seats 3 and 4,...more

WSOP Main Event: Louie Anderson's F-Bomb Penalty and Other Assorted Moments

by Dr. PaulyComedian Louie Anderson participated in today's flight for PokerStars. Early on, the host of Family Fued found himself in a little hot water after he was issued a ten minute penalty for foul language. Louie Anderson fell victim to the controversial "F-bomb rule," where any player that uses...more

WSOP Main Event: Minneapolis meets Italia in Rio

by Howard SwainsThe organisational secrets of the PokerStars blog team are not especially difficult to comprehend. Each member of our small army is allocated a particular trait to pursue: a European accent, an embroidered "Team PokerStars" shirt, a SuperNova qualification, or a huge stack of chips. We keep an eye...more

WSOP Main Event: The Frogurt is also Cursed

by Wil WheatonIt's really hard to get close to the tables on the tournament floor, so I haven't been able to follow Greg and Tom as closely as I could in earlier events. According to the Intertubes, Tom has 4100 and Greg has 15200. It's been an up and down...more

WSOP Main Event: Niclas Lundqvist

Although he only started playing poker three years ago, Niclas Lundqvist, 34, from Stockholm is already made a pretty good living from it - not so much from winning at cards (although he's no slouch at the tables) but from the poker consultancy he has set up running poker events...more

WSOP Main Event: Day 1C Chip Count Updates

Update as of 2:00am, Level 6(selected chip counts are approximate and not official)John Carlson $106,375John Armbrust $86,000Dmitri "dinodapro" Nobles $82,000Brian Hansen $76,000Jeff Banghart $73,000ElkY $65,000Dario Minieri $62,300Lindell "bulld0g4life" Coker $60,000Dan Heimiller $57,000Manelic Minaya $55,000Lee Thomas $54,000Phillippe "philledingue" Boucher $53,000Iago Gonzalez $52,500Greg Raymer $50,000Larry Levin $46,000Mike "mman_status" Meredith $45,000Andrew Lawlor $43,000Brett...more

WSOP Main Event: Day 1C Index

Just logging on? Check out the links below the picture for all the coverage so far from Day 1C of the World Series of Poker.PokerStars Qualifiers UpdatesMain Event Day 1C BeginsFive Billionth Hand Freeroll winner takes a seat (by Craig Cunningham)A PokerStars Record - Eight Stars at Same Table (by...more

WSOP Main Event: This seat ain't for sale

by Mad HarperBack in 2003, Canadian Michael Mathews was living in Vegas as a Sprint installation contractor. A keen card player - "I play everything", he said - he entered a $1,000 satellite at Binions for a seat in the WSOP. After many hours grinding at the tables, it was...more

WSOP Main Event: Brother of the more famous Joe

by Ali Lightman**9:45pm**Rosa Bennett's table was the happiest I saw on my last lap of the room. Even though she's taking their money she's making them laugh. And she has reason to be cheerful. Australia's Poker Princess went into the break having made a beautiful read on one of her...more

WSOP Main Event: A PokerStars Record

When you stop in the middle of the room and spin around, you'll be amazed at just how many PokerStars qualifiers you'll see. In fact, today we set a new record. Eight of the 10 players at Table 161 are all PokerStars qualifiers. I kinda feel sorry about the other...more

WSOP Main Event Pre-Game Interview: Michael "mman_status" Meredith

by Dr PaulyI had the opportunity to chat with another PokerStars qualifier at breakfast this morning. Michael "mman_status" Meredith is a recent college graduate from the University of Maryland. He currently lives in Hoboken, NJ.Pauly: How did you win your seat into the WSOP?Mike: I played about twenty double-shootouts and...more

30 July

WSOP Main Event: Here on a Song: Nashville Qualifier Bobby Paine

by Craig CunninghamBobby Paine is a songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. Jeannie Hawkinson is a back-up singer with Bobby's band, International Country Underground. They've travelled to Las Vegas after he won a double shootout to win his seat to the Main Event. "I've been learning, watching a little," said Jeannie. She's...more

WSOP Main Event: Barry Greenstein on camera

Every day during the WSOP, selected stars from the world of poker and beyond are making their way down to the corner of Harmon and Polaris, a couple of blocks from the Rio, to take part in PokerStars.com Vegas Daily, a TV show presented by "Shut Up and Deal" author...more

WSOP Main Event: European day at the WSOP

by Howard SwainsFlight 1C. Everything that can be said about the opening moments of the opening days has already been said several times. We are used to it: there are a lot of people, a frenzy of excitement, a buzz of anticipation and a clatter of chips. There are also...more

WSOP Main Event: Forgive me Poker, for I have Sinned.

by Wil WheatonFor a room filled with over two thousand people, it is eerily calm in the tournament area today. The clatter of shuffling chips creates a white noise that reminds me of water washing over rocks, and the roar of media, fans, and hapless tourists clogging the hallways outside...more

WSOP Main Event: Max Shapiro Goes to the Movies

by Max ShapiroWith the year 2006 being all things poker, it's no wonder that so many poker movies are coming out. There are nearly as many of them in the works as there are entrants in this year's main event. A few months ago I watched a preview of a...more

5 Billionth Hand Freeroll Takes a Seat

by Craig CunninghamArnold "jwblack100" Blenner was playing one day on PokerStars.net, engrossed in one of his favorites pursuits: Pot-Limit Holdem. He'd built his 1,000 in play money up to 700,000 virtual chips over the span of several months, and he enjoyed the challenges of pot-limit as a way to wind...more

WSOP Main Event: Day 1C Begins

So, in terms of perception, PokerStars owns Day 1C before it ever begins. The room is a sea of PokerStars jerseys. Supernovas are everywhere. Team PokerStars players are everywhere. What's more, PokerStars Team Blog is everywhere. Caffeine is hypodermically pushing into our brains and the content is on its way....more

WSOP Main Event: Day 1A and 1B Chip Counts

WSOP End of Day 1B ScoreboardPlayers left in the WSOP: 5,786PokerStars qualifiers remaining in the WSOP field: 1,100Average all WSOP players: $26,491Average PokerStars players: $26,078Cory Butler 90250Matthew Maroon 83150Erik Friberg 77675Sean Johnson 73925Akshay Kumar 70125peter falk 67575peder behr 63475Russell Davies 61300Mark Gilbert 58400Erik Gomez 57775Andrew Brokos 57300Paul Harkleroad 55675Mario Rodriguez...more

WSOP Main Event: Day 1B Wrap-Up

PokerStars chip counts for Day 1B will be availble once they are released by the WSOP and compared with PokerStars lists.by Brad "Otis" WillisAfter watching, breathing, eating, and sleeping poker for the past fifteen hours (lo, the past five weeks), even I find it odd that, as I type, I...more

WSOP Main Event: Late Night Chip Counts

Update: 3:23am PT(selected chip counts are approximate and subject to late changes--full chip counts will be available once the WSOP releases the confirmed numbers)Cory Butler $93,000Sean "Biggies05" Johnson $74,000Ashkay "groupco" Kumar $70,000Mark "sideshowgil" Gilbert $60,000Rob "ledstudent" Lederer $60,000Christopher "chizzer" Szuchy $55,000Frank Watkins $55,000Chris "stiff" Ellison $52,000Stephen "Vegassk2005" Koblos $50,000Ray "mickeyriv"...more

WSOP Main Event: Action stations and Akshay Kumar

by Howard SwainsAkshay Kumar goes by the name "groupco" on PokerStars, but at London's Gutshot card club, where he plays the majority of his bricks and mortar poker, he goes by something different.A mild-mannered accountant by day, he can be seen darting into a phone-booth en route to the tables...more

WSOP Main Event: In the steps of Moneymaker

Click here for updateIt's a familiar story - accountant does well at poker and gives up job. Except - unlike Chris Moneymaker - PS qualifier Kyle "phidelt799" Finn has decided to jump ship before winning the World Series, rather than after. With more than $54,000 in chips towards the end...more

WSOP Main Event: Level Five Chip Counts

by C.J. Hoyt and Dr. PaulyUpdated 12:41am PTThe action has been fast and furious since the dinner break and PokerStars players are on the move. Some of them literally. Steph "windough" Klempner finally picked up pocket Aces and scored a nice little pot to climb to 13,000. Right after the...more

WSOP Main Event: Catching up with the Joneses

by Howard SwainsYesterday it was Gary, today it's Steve and Iwan. Jones is a common name on the right* side of the Atlantic - and it's a seemingly sure-fire route to PokerStars qualification."Are you with PokerStars this year?" I asked. I was checking with Iwan, from Cardiff, Wales."Of course. I...more

WSOP Main Event: Day 1B Photo Gallery

Here's a look at some photos from around the room in Day 1B....more

World Series of Poker: Among the Chip Lead-- Chris Ellison

by Craig CunninghamYou surely can't win the WSOP Main Event on Day 1, but you can definitely lose it. Ask Phil Hellmuth that. Chris Ellison, PokerStars qualifier from Detroit, hasn't lost it today, but he has built a sizable stack to put him among the chip lead by 10:00 PM...more

WSOP Main Event: The Featured Table's Best Feature

by C.J. HoytThe ESPN television table was supposed to feature noted poker brat Phil Hellmuth today, but, as usual, he didn't show up for a few hours. And when he finally did, he was gone before the next break. That left sometimes poker pro Randy Jensen as the "feature" of...more

Dinner Break Chipcounts

Players returned from dinner break a few moments ago. They are currently on Level 4. The blinds are $100/$200 with $25 antes. This level will last two hours and action will not stop until the completion of Level 6. Here's an update on chipcounts (as of 9:45pm PCT):Akshay "groupco" Kumar...more

WSOP Main Event: Sitting with Phil Ivey

l to r: Steve Vassillaros, Phil Ivey, Ye XugangSteve Vassillaros made his way to Table 112 6s, looked at the seat cushion, and tried to get comfortable prior to the start of the Main Event. Ye Xugang, like Steve a fellow PokerStars qualifier, snuck into his seat in the 8s,...more

WSOP Main Event: "See You in Vegas!"

by Craig Cunninghaml to r: Ashley Liu (Toronto), Travis Remmert (Iowa), Adrian Pitt (Sydney).If you've ever won a seat and trip from PokerStars, or even if you've railbirded a friend online, the chat box is filled with familiar chatter after the prize bubble is burst. "No ****in way!" "I can't...more

WSOP Main Event: Day 1B Index

WSOP PokerStars Day 1B Photo GalleryPoker Gaming and Lifestyle Expo and Moneymaker Millionaire (Dr. Pauly)PokerStars qualifier updatesThe Breakfast of Future Champions (C.J. Hoyt)The Best of Times the Worst of Times -- Hugh Kirton (Howard Swains)Poker Royalty -- Tom Parker-Bowles (Howard Swains)PokerStars Qualifiers Meet at Chris Ferguson's Table (Craig Cunningham)Catching Up...more

WSOP: Poker Gaming & Lifestyle Expo and the Moneymaker Millionaire

By Dr. PaulyThe WSOP main event tournament room at the Rio convention center is buzzing with the ambient sounds of clattering chips and dealers shouting "Seat open!" after players are eliminated. Down the corridor in another huge area, you will find the Poker Gaming and Lifestyle Expo which features everything...more

WSOP Main Event: FPP qualifier Lee Sullivan

by Mad HarperWhen Lee Sullivan won her seat at the WSOP, she did three things. a) tell her boyfriend Joe (well, he was sitting right next to her). b) ring her parents (she left a message which they didn't understand; they thought she wanted to borrow $10,000 to play poker...more

WSOP Main Event: Poker royalty

by Howard SwainsTournament poker is the most level of playing fields, where one man's chips are as good as another's; once your 10,000 are gone, so are you. Reputation counts for little, social standing means nothing. Royalty around the poker table is measured in bracelets.Among the hundreds seeking one of...more

WSOP Main Event: Max Shapiro Report

With all the action, we're just catching up to Max Shapiro's insights. Enjoy.WSOP: Just Another Typical DayBy Max ShapiroWhat a way to start the day on Thursday. Not much past dawn, the security alert system at the Rio blasted off: WHOOP! WHOOP! WHOOP! "This is a security alert. Something's happening,...more

WSOP Main Event: PokerStars Qualifiers Meet at Ferguson's Table

by Craig CunninghamPokerStars players flew in from around the world to take on Chris "Jesus" Ferguson at Table 88.l to r: Jessica Bian and Richard RedmondJessica Bian (1s) is ready for action. She hails from Toronto, a poker hotbed in the Great White North.Richard Redmond (2s) bought into the Main...more

29 July

Boys from Downunder

***updates below***I'll be getting fit while I work today following eight players from Team PokerStars Australia and New Zealand as they are spread from one end of the vast tournament floor to the other.There are two guys I'll keep a close eye on, as they're feared on the tournament scene...more

WSOP Main Event: Flushed Out

by C.J. HoytMike Conti is no stranger to the World Series of Poker. Although it's been a long time since he found himself in the spotlight. Back in 1982, Mike finished 2nd in the Limit Draw High event to David Sklansky. Today, Mike found himself at the featured table with...more

WSOP Main Event: A Tale from the Midlands (England)

Rob Hewlitt has only played in two live poker tournaments before reaching Vegas but they were both -- in their different ways -- momentous occasions. I'll start in reverse order because ... well, because it's funnier.Tournament No. 1 took place last November and was held at the Shaftesbury Casino in...more

WSOP Main Event: The Zinger

by Craig CunninghamPaul Azinger playing for PokerStarsWhat is the right poker analogy to use when looking at PGA Tour Paul Azinger? You could compare him to Jennifer Harman, as both have come back from signficant illness to return the competition each loves. Harman underwent a kidney transplant, while Azinger was...more

WSOP Main Event: The best of times, the worst of times

by Howard SwainsThe best thing about Day 1 of the main event of the World Series is that it goes on forever. We were playing yesterday, we will be playing today - and tomorrow we will be playing again. And the next day. Yesterday's broken dreams are today's fresh hopes....more

WSOP Main Event Pre-Game Interview: Eric "LavaDrake" Zabek

By Dr. PaulyI headed to the PokerStars breakfast buffet for qualifying players. Over scrambled eggs and bacon, I found myself talking to Eric "LavaDrake" Zabek. Usually players look nervous on the morning of the WSOP main event championship, but not Eric Zabek, who won his seat on PokerStars in the...more

WSOP Main Event: Thang Tran, 1k FPP Qualifier

by Craig CunninghamThang Tran qualified for his second straight WSOP Main Event through PokerStars, but he arrived with a seat in a situation fairly common to many of us but with a twist most of us would never expect.Thang is a dentist in Houston, living in his hometown with his...more

WSOP Main Event: Breakfast of (Future?) Champions

DAY 1B Beginsby C.J. HoytIt's a nervous breakfast. Perhaps eggs and grease aren't the best antidote for butterflies, but that's exactly what the hundreds of PokerStars qualifiers are eating this morning. There's still another hour or so before cards go in the air, but it's clear these players are ready.Colin...more

WSOP 2006 PokerStars Player Profiles

Marcus Bower (by Mad Harper)Irishlust (by Mad Harper)Rob Hewlitt (by Mad Harper)Thang Tran -- 1K FPP qualifier (by Craig Cunningham)Eric "LavaDrake" Zabek (by Dr. Pauly)Lee Sullivan (by Mad Harper)Robert Cohen (by Mad Harper)Michael Matthews (by Mad Harper)Mike "mman status" Meredith (by Dr Pauly)Bobby Paine (by Craig Cunningham)Peter Vu (by Mad...more

WSOP Main Event: Day 1A Wrap-Up

[Note: Chip counts can be found belowby Brad "Otis" WillisFatigue is such a subjective thing. For the poker media, the next four days are an endless cycle of Day 1s. For the Day 1 players, fatigue is a 15-hour day of pure concentration. For the dealers, floor people, and cocktail...more

WSOP Main Event: "Don't Tell Me How Many Chips I Have!"

by Craig CunninghamSam "vegassami" Seegars lives in Las Vegas, but this is her first World Series event. The PokerStars qualifier had her back to the ESPN Feature Table all day and night. She never had a huge or short stack, treading water late into the evening. She was still going...more

WSOP Main Event: Peter "jaxtraw" Falk

by Brad "Otis" WillisHe's not a British politician. He's not a character from a Grateful Dead song. The man who calls himself "jaxtraw" on PokerStars is one thing: one of the Day 1A chip leaders.Funny thing about this stock trader: you can't think about his screen name or his real...more

WSOP Main Event: Feature Table Becomes Must Move

by Craig CunninghamAfter the dinner break, the ESPN Feature Table looked a bit different. The lights were doused, cameras were covered, and staffers were ready to move on to coverage around the poker room. Waiting for the players was a new table, Table 6. It sits between Tables 5 &...more

WSOP Main Event: Day 1A Index

2006 World Series of Poker Day 1A PokerStars CoverageDAY 1A Photo GalleryPokerStars 2006 WSOP Day 1A Wrap-upMeet the bloggers behind PokerStars 2006 WSOP Team BlogPre-gameSilencing the voice of self-doubt (Wil Wheaton)Itching to play (Craig Cunningham)Begin the beginning (Howard Swains)Main Event Day 1A Begins (Brad "Otis" Willis) PokerStars Qualifier UpdatesPokerStars: It's...more

WSOP Main Event: Suited Aces

by C.J. HoytIt's probably a first in the history of the World Series of Poker Main Event. PokerStars Qualifier, and member of the newly named PokerStars Five, Nate "Jimmytogni" Kelley looked down at his hole cards and looked at a most unusual site, suited Aces."It was the first pocket Aces...more

WSOP Main Event: Norm MacDonald Eliminated; Bill Chen Out After Rollercoaster Ride

By Dr. PaulyThe insanity and circus-like atmosphere of the first day of the WSOP settled down after dinner break. Hours earlier it would take you several minutes to walk down the congested hallways. They finally emptied out with spectators and fans. For the first time all day you could actually...more

WSOP Main Event: Quads

by C.J. HoytIf you had to pick one way to get welcomed to a new table, there's not really a better way to do in than doubling up with Quad Queens's. I suppose you could triple up with a Royal Flush, but we don't want to get crazy here.Brian "toocharming"...more

WSOP Main Event: If a butterfly flaps its wings...

The table chat was driving him nuts so Emad dashed to his room at the dinner break and with his iPod attached, feels less like he's playing in a cageful of canaries.Tonight he's concentrating on getting his stack back up where it should be, after reducing it by three-quarters on...more

WSOP Main Event: Er, Mum, I've something I need to tell you

by Mad HarperClick here for updateIt's the phone call every mother dreads. The phone call when you discover that all your hopes for your hard-working, academic, college-attending son have come to nothing. The phone call when said son announces that, he's really really sorry Mom, but he's dropping out of...more

WSOP Main Event: Staying happily out the way

by Howard SwainsAs some of my colleagues may have intimated, the Amazon Room at the Rio is a lot like a convention for PokerStars fashions; anywhere you turn there is the familiar logo, frequently behind a tower of chips. Spotting the generic PokerStars qualifier is less a case of finding...more

WSOP Main Event: Is the Luckbox unlucky?

by C.J. HoytThose that know me from my online persona know my nickname is "The Luckbox." I have a slight tendency to get in behind and suckout. It's kinda my thing. It's what I do, so I've moved past apologizing for it.It seems, however, that an apology is in order....more

WSOP: Team Blog 2006

The PokerStars Blog has assembled a team of the best bloggers and writers around to cover the 2006 WSOP main event. Here are the people bringing you coverage from the 2006 WSOP.Brad "Otis" WillisBrad "Otis" Willis--The man they call Otis has served as PokerStars chief blogger since January 2005. A...more

WSOP Main Event: Feature Table -- Sometimes Survival's Enough

by Craig CunninghamHalona Hughes sat in the bleachers behind ESPN cameras with her mother-in-law, Germaine Littlebear. The two of them had snuck into the stands as her husband, PokerStars qualifier Randy Hughes, sat in the 8s, his back to the bleachers. To say he was focused would be an understatement...more

WSOP Main Event: Four leafed clovers, rabbit's feet and horseshoes

by Mad HarperOnly three people in the world know that "irishlust" is here at the World Series - and if irishlust had had his way, only one person - his wife - would have known. But unfortunately Ann told her mum and dad so now it's practically a crowd rooting...more

WSOP Main Event: Ash Hussain goes for the big one

I first met the lovely Ash Hussain a year ago, right here in Vegas after he qualified with PokerStars for the WSOP 2005. At the time, he was still running the family's cushion-making business in Accrington, Lancashire, England, had only been playing poker a couple of months and was in...more

WSOP Main Event: Why you should always play online - or the story of Peter Vu

For the first 18 years of his life - well, at least since he was old enough to pick up cards - Peter Vu has been playing poker with his family at their home in south London, England. The Vus - Peter, his brother Tony, their four sisters plus Mum...more

WSOP Main Event: Horrible beat sends Australia's 1st WSOP bracelet winner out

by Ali LightmanI've just heard that one of Australia's best known poker players, and one of our own on Team PokerStars, was knocked out today on a horrible beat.I'd been searching the tables for Gary Benson, who has cashed in many a tournament Downunder, and 1996 won Australia's first ever...more

WSOP Main Event: Day 1A Dinner Break Digest

Otis' Note: I'm so pleased with Team Blog, I can barely stand it. The bloggers on this team are kicking out the best coverage I've seen in ages. If you're trying to catch up, here's a list of all the news from the first half of Day 1A. Players are...more

WSOP Main Event: The Hot Glare

by C.J. HoytYou don't have to be at the featured table to find yourself on the other end of an ESPN camera. They're roaming the floor looking for the unusual and the celebrity. And many PokerStars Qualifiers have found themselves right in the middle of it.Table 119Adrien "alh3" Herr had...more

WSOP Main Event: Zen Patience and Barry Greenstein

Don't miss C.J. Hoyt's PokerStars qualifier update belowby Dr. PaulyI spent about twenty minutes watching Barry Greenstein from the rail. There are several things you'll quickly notice if you get to see Greenstein at the tables. A copy of his book Ace on the River always sits underneath his chair...more

WSOP Main Event: Furious Action

by C.J. HoytIt's begun. We've moved past the first-date-find-out-how-she-feels-about-me stage. The players are now looking for a serious relationship with a lot of chips, perhaps even marriage with a shiny bracelet if things go their way. Here's how some of our players are doing:Table 161The good news is that our...more

WSOP Main Event: Emad's crazy bluff

by Ali Lightman**see below**Emad Tahtouh seems less worried about his short stack he has to play this afternoon, than about the razzing he's going to get from Joe Hachem, when the World Champion finds out about the bluff that has decimated his, earlier, very healthy stack."I made a crazy move",...more

WSOP Main Event: Keeping cool with Luca Pagano

by Howard SwainsThere are some poker players who need no introduction. Others deserve none. Some, however, don't really require any formalities, but can quite happily be introduced time and again, such is their enduring appeal. You'll find Luca Pagano in group three.Regular followers of the PokerStars blog, particularly those who...more

WSOP Main Event: Day 1A Photo Gallery

If a picture speaks a thousand words, I'm about to offer you the "War and Peace" of photo galleries. Here's a look around the room at some of PokerStars players in the mix today.Luca PaganoGary JonesJason "strassa2" StrasserNate KelleySigi StockingerAriel SchnellerBrian GassChad DescheneChris LowrieMike EdensEmad TatouhGordon CrossHarinam KhalsaJason HahnJim MorrisMatt...more

WSOP Main Event: Break Time

by C.J. Hoyt"I flopped the straight but... ...I can't believe he played J7 suited under the gun... ...I knew he hit the flush on the river, what a donkey..."When the sounds of chip-shuffling ends, it's replaced by a million and one poker complaints. Few players rush to recount the big...more

28 July

WSOP Main Event: Day 1A afternoon digest

Just logging on? Check out these posts from the day so far...Silencing the voice of self-doubt (Wil Wheaton)Itching to play (Craig Cunningham)Main Event Day 1A Begins (Brad "Otis" Willis)PokerStars: It's Everywhere (C.J. Hoyt)Begin the beginning (Howard Swains)Don't get involved too early (C.J. Hoyt)Emad Tahtouh Update (Ali Lightman)Where's Table 67? Oh,...more

WSOP Main Event: Pre-Game Interview with Wil Wheaton

By Dr. Pauly I had a chance to chat with Wil Wheaton a few minutes before the start of Day 1A in the media room. I frequently play poker with Wil especially in his weekly WWdN tournaments at PokerStars. He's developed into a skilled NL tournament player and has been...more

Robert "Le Dangereux" Cohen

Frenchman Robert "Le dangereux" Cohen is a well-known figure on the European poker circuit. Larger-than-life, great fun and seemingly ubiquitous, the ebullient Parisian can always be found hanging around, laughing loudly and generally having a high ol' time with his close friend, French poker champion Pascal Perrault. Robert turned pro...more

WSOP Main Event: Where's Table 67?

by Craig CunninghamAfter players register, they receive a card that indicates their table and seat assignment. The tables have signage hanging overhead, all tables except for one. Table 67 has scaffolding and lighting above it, and it sits on a raised platform surrounded on two sides by bleachers and all...more

WSOP Main Event: Emad Tahtouh

by Ali LightmanWhile many of the PokerStars players are trying to avoid getting involved too much early on, Emad Tahtouh, who's already got one final table finish under his belt for Team PokerStars Australia (7th in the $5 000 Pot Limit Hold'Em) has already felt the adrenalin rush in just...more

WSOP Main Event: You Don't Want To Get Involved Early

[Otis' note: C.J. Hoyt is a career journalist and longtime poker player. Hoyt works in the broadcast news industry when he's not using his luckbox powers to suck out on the people at the tables]by C.J. HoytThat's the word from Eric "saintclarky" Clarke. And it seems to be a theme...more

WSOP Main Event: Begin the beginning

[Otis' note: Howard Swains, a longtime member of Team Blog, is back with us for the WSOP. Howard will be keeping a keen eye on our European qualifiers as the WSOP progesses.]by Howard SwainsIt is Day 1A of the main event of the World Series of Poker. Genesis. The beginning....more

WSOP Main Event: PokerStars--It's Everywhere

by CJ HoytYou can't walk five feet on the tournament floor without running into a PokerStars qualifier. They say there's about 1600 of them, but if that's true, then it seems like they're all playing today.At Table 158, it's Phillip "2a472" Bass and Ray "Chips7911" Johnston. At Table 147, it's...more

WSOP Main Event: Day 1A begins

by Brad "Otis" WillisThey say Las Vegas is a dry heat. It's a desert where little more than scrub brush grows and old western tumble weeds bounce along on the highway to Barstow. There was a time I believed that. Today, the Rio feels like Mississippi. The Amazon Ballroom is...more

WSOP Main Event: PokerStars qualifiers itching to get started

by Craig CunninghamWhere does the World Series of Poker start for the PokerStars family of players? After your seat is won, you've flown into Vegas, you've schlepped your bags through the taxi stand at McCarron, you check into Treasure Island, PokerStars Central for most players who earned their seat through...more

WSOP Event #39 No-Limit Texas Hold'Em: Silencing the Voice of Self-doubt

I sat down here in my hotel room about four hours ago, and I worked on a story about how anxious and nervous I was about playing tomorrow. I had all these parallels drawn up between the acting world and the tournament poker world, and I talked about how I...more

27 July

WSOP: On the eve of history

The bloodshoot insanity that precedes history is as difficult to predict as the history itself. There is no way to propery prepare for the unknown. Not to get too big-picture on you, but the only way to accept anything in the next two weeks is to open yourself to everything....more

WSOP: The Calm Before the Storm

by Dr. PaulyThis is the second summer that I've spent at the Rio Casino in Las Vegas covering the World Series of Poker and lurking the hallways of the convention center doing my best to avoid hearing another bad beat story. During the main event, I'll be contributing to the...more

WSOP: Hot parties produce steam for main event

by Mad HarperAs I accidentally arrived in Vegas a day early, I haven't started official blogging for PokerStars yet but it's the nature of blogging that all must be reported, so here's a report on how I spent yesterday.The truth is I spent yesterday at parties - and I recommend...more

WSOP Event #37: Jason "strassa2" Strasser makes final table

The dinner break was over and Jason Strasser had not seen me all day. Oh, I'd been watching, like poker's version of a nosy neighbor. Every little while, I'd peer through the throngs on the rail and confirm what I already knew: Jason Strasser had one big ol' stack.For the...more

WSOP Event #38 No-Limit 2-7 Draw: Fossilman Finishes Fifth

by Wil WheatonDammit.A few minutes after the dinner break, I walked into the Amazon room and saw that the final table had resumed. Men The Master ran up to the rail to celebrate winning a hand with some people as I walked in, and it cracked me up that he...more

WSOP Event #38 No-Limit 2-7 Draw: Fossilman Makes Final Five

by Wil WheatonThe final table of this event is a real Murder's Row, and just before he got there, Greg Raymer took some brutal damage to his stack."Allen Cunningham just decimated me when we were down to two tables," he said to me a few minutes ago, moments after Layne...more

WSOP: An Australian Lady in Las Vegas

by Alison LightmanEverything I knew about Las Vegas came from CSI, or beery war stories being swapped by Aussies propping up a bar back home in Sydney or Melbourne. Neither came close to preparing me for the reality. After a week, I'm over the jetlag and brain-fag, and only half-expecting...more

WSOP: The Life of a Journeyman Pro

by Max ShapiroA key moment in the 2006 World Series of Poker came early Wednesday morning when Phil Hellmuth defeated Juha Helppi in a $1,000 no-limit event to take home his 10th bracelet, tying Doyle Brunson and Johnny Chan. (Linking them all together, he'll now have enough for a headband.)...more

WSOP Event #38 No-Limit 2-7 Draw Lowball: Fossilman Makes The Final Table

by Wil WheatonYesterday afternoon, my cell phone rang while I sat in the PokerStars suite and wondered just what the hell I was going to write about. I dug it out of my pocket and read Greg Raymer on the display."Hey, Greg," I said, "what's up?""Hi Wil," he said, "are...more

26 July

WSOP: Packing for the big one

After more than four weeks of cold pizza, intravenous caffeine intake, billions of bad beat stories, and enough blogged words to fill a couple library shelves (duly Duey Decimal System-ized), we here at the blog are about to re-style ourselves. In the next day or so, you will meet a...more

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

by Wil WheatonIn the two weeks that I've been here, I've learned that it's perilously easy to lose your mind if you don't get away from the poker room at least once a day, so I thought you may want to see some behind the scenes snapshots of how Otis...more

WSOP: 2-7 Lowball Day 2

As a journalist (or, at least, one who played one on TV for many years) I'm loathe to create stories. Real stories, the kind you tell around a campfire or family dinner table, are organic and grow up from some previously unforseen seeds. They are not the kinds of things...more

WSOP Event #38 No-Limit 2-7 Lowball: Fossilman Takes a Break

For the last couple of weeks, I haven't had to work too hard to find a story. In fact, I told my wife, "I have to work to not find a story, and when I work on a story in the suite, it's common for several new stories to come...more

WSOP: Evening Catch-Up

Just logging on for the night? Here's a bit of what we've been watching today:Chris Moneymaker, after making a run through his first table yesterday, has busted out of the $1,500 Limit Hold'em Shootout. Moneymaker ended up placing 28th and won more than $7,000.The PokerStars Blog has gotten a sneak...more

WSOP: PokerStars goody bags

Spoiler alert: If you're a PokerStars WSOP qualifier, the type of person who likes surprises and doesn't want to know what kind of cool stuff you'll be getting upon your arrival in Las Vegas, read no further.I'll admit, I own more PokerStars gear than I'll ever be able to wear....more

That Time We Invited John Duthie to Play Pai Gow

by Wil WheatonOtis, Pauly and I made our way out of the tournament area very, very late on Saturday night. In fact, it would be more accurate to say that it was early Sunday morning.As we entered the main casino area, I stopped and said, "Where in the hell did...more

WSOP: Sticking a fork in the preliminary events

If you find yourself with a stack of redbirds here at the Rio, there is a decent chance you'll flip one over and find a depiction of one of the 12 Days of Christmas. Many of the Rio chips have something to keep you entertained while you're posting and folding...more

25 July

Barry Greenstein: Poker Player, Golfer, Father

by Wil WheatonBarry Greenstein looked tired last night. Resting quietly on one of our fine Corinthian leather couches (no actual Corinths were killed in their construction) Barry looked like a guy who just needed a break, so when I sat down near him to work on The Usual Suspects, I...more

WSOP: Day end wrap-up

Not to be repetitive, but it has been a very big day here at the WSOP. If you're just logging on, here's a recap from the day:Team PokerStars' Humberto Brenes came tantalizing close to final-tabling the $1,000 NL Hold'em rebuy event. After a strong showing all day long, Brenes ended...more

WSOP Event #34: Rebuys, Rebuys, Rebuys

Everyone please welcome Max Shapiro to Team Blog. More on his arrival will come in the next couple days as we announce the entirety of the 2006 WSOP Team Blog. For now, enjoy his insight on the $1,000 rebuy event.By Max ShapiroWith records being set every day at the World...more

WSOP: The mad rush to the main event

It's been four weeks of madness. The money, the fatigue, the bad beats, they are all about to be a mere memory (and a gazillion words of poker blogging). That is one way of saying, the preliminary events are on the verge of running directly into the main event. Still,...more

24 July

WSOP: Under Pressure

Don't miss the Emad Tatough final table updatesby Wil WheatonA couple of days ago, Michael Craig brought Annie Duke by to say hello."Hi, Annie," I said. "I'm Wil Wheaton.""Actually," she said, "we've met. We played together at Bellagio and I sucked out on you."I was shocked that she remembered, and...more

WSOP Event #34: Emad Tahtouh sits down at final table

Updates below the cutby Alison LightmanAfter a dreamless nine hours of sleep, Emad Tahtouh is as cool as a cucumber today, entering the biggest poker game of his life with the chip disadvantage."I'm in a good spot," he said before taking his seat at the final table of the $5...more

WSOP Event #32: Poker Karma - Emad Tahtouh makes final table

by Alison LightmanIs there such a thing? Many cling to lucky hats and unwashed clothes and card protectors, and I've even been known to part my hair on the other side hoping to change my luck, but until the other night hadn't seen a collective shout of "that's Karma" at...more

WSOP Event #34 Results

WSOP Event #34 ($1,000 No-Limit Hold'em Rebuys) Results and Coverage(results pending)Swimming with SharksThe Usual Suspects...more

WSOP Event #33 Results

WSOP Event #33 ($1,500 Razz) Results1. James Richburg $139,576 2. Carlos Mortensen $94,908 3. Steven Diano $61,4114. Cliff "Johhny Bax" Josephy $39,080 5. Ron Ritchie $30,7066. Richard Sklar $25,1237. "Miami" John Cernuto $19,540 8. Jamie Brooks $13,957 9. Chad Carpenter$7,258...more

WSOP Event #32 Results

WSOP Event #32 ($5,000 PL Hold'em) Results and Coverage(results pending)Nam Le and Emad Tahtough nearing final tablePoker Karma: Emad Tahtouh makes final table...more

WSOP Event #31 Results

WSOP Event #31 ($2,000 NL Hold'em) Results and Coverage1. Justin Scott $842,2622. Farzad Rouhani $429,0653. Robert Bright $261,1704. Gregory Glass $186,5505. Nathan Templeton $149,2406. Carl Olson $130,5857. Josh Wakeman $111,930 8. Jason Johnson $93,2759. Bryan Micon $74,620WSOP Event #31: Wil Wheaton ReportEvent #31: Day 2 updatesMicon makes final table...more

WSOP Event #34 No-Limit Hold'Em with Rebuys: The Usual Suspects

After the second break in the rebuy event, Barry Greenstein and Victor Ramdin came into the suite in pretty high spirits. I waved to them while I finished editing Swimming with Sharks, and Barry walked over."Hi Wil," he said, "how are you today?""I'm great," I said. "How are you doing...more

WSOP Event #32: Nam Le and Emad Tahtouh nearing final table

Nam Le, the memory of his second place finish from a couple of weeks ago still fresh in his mind, is making a run for his second 2006 WSOP final table. With 15 players remaining, Le, one of the top tournament pros of this year, sits second in chips and...more

23 July

WSOP Event #34 No-Limit Hold'Em with Rebuys: Swimming with Sharks

by Wil WheatonI walked into the PokerStars hospitality suite just after today's $1000 No-Limit Hold'Em with rebuys event went on its first break.The suite was swarming with Team PokerStars players, friends of PokerStars, and a few hapless tourists who got caught up in the storm.Chris Moneymaker was curled up on...more

WSOP Event #31: Micon makes final table

Though it seemed like an unlikely bet at the beginning the the day (due to his low chip stack) Micon, the likable, yet controversial Neverwin poker player, has made the final table of the $2,000 NL Hold'em event. Micon, decked out in his velour Neverwin jumpsuit and huge headphones, will...more

El juego insano

Looking for updates from Event #31 and #33? Look here.by Wil WheatonAs long as I can remember, I've read stories about the pros coming out to Vegas to play in the cash games that get going around the World Series. Back in the old days, it was because it was...more

22 July

WSOP Event #31: Day 2 begins

WSOP: Event #31 and #33 Updates below the cutAs Saturday breaks on the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino, PokerStars still has some people fighting among the 144 people left in in Day 2 of the $2,000 NL Hold'em event going on this weekend. Here's who we will be keeping...more

WSOP: Wrapping up a big day

Updated with Event #31 chip countsToday (and by today, I mean, today, tonight, and this morning) has been a day of more action than just about any so far in the World Series of Poker. Since there's been so much going on, here's a quick wrap-up of everything we've been...more

WSOP Event #31 No-Limit Hold'Em: Caught Beneath the Landslide in a Champagne Supernova

by Wil WheatonYears ago in Los Angeles, there was a talk radio guy who I listened to at night who always admonished cell-phone callers, "Don't drive angry."I suppose the same advice could be extended to bloggers, but if I took it, and didn't blog angry, I wouldn't be able to...more

WSOP Event #29: Premier and Hachem make bracelet run

There are a lot of people who will tell you that poker is an individual sport, that it's a lonely game in which success and failure are measured only in one's personal performance. Those assertions are true to a large extent. After all, it's one player to a hand, sir....more

21 July

WSOP: All-day updates

Wil and I have been endeavoring to keep this blog in narrative style we know you appreciate. However, as Wil is playing today and there are three important events going on at once, we're going to run this blog like a news ticker for at least the better part of...more

WSOP: Crazy day at the Rio

There are a lot of cliches about raining cats and dogs, when it rains it pours, blame it on the rain, etc. I could use them all to talk about the insanity that is just about to begin here at the Rio. There is simply too much going on and...more

WSOP Event #29: Hachem and Premier make final table

Three weeks. Three weeks ago, 2005 WSOP champion Joe Hachem was sitting in a pool of validation. Less than one year after winning the WSOP main event bracelet for $7.5 million, Hachem was back at a WSOP final table. Under the glare of television lights, he nearly grabbed a second...more

FLASH: Joe Hachem and Premier make final table

Tomorrow is going to be a very fun day. 2005 WSOP Champion Joe Hachem and online phenom Maros "Premiere" Lechman have both made the final table of the $2,500 PL Hold'em event.More to follow......more

WSOP Event #29: Hachem eying final table

Two hours ago, 2005 World Series of Poker champion Joe Hachem was frustrated. How did I know? It was pretty simple. Though I couldn't see his eyes behind his glasses, the fog on his lens gave away the steam coming from his eyes. His arms were crossed and he stood...more

WSOP: Being Barry Greenstein

There is a reason Barry Greenstein looks tired in almost every photo you see on the PokerStars Blog. There is a reason his sometimes-smiling face looks dour and drawn toward the felt. There is a reason the man who knows how to go deep has not been showing up in...more

WSOP Event #30 Short-handed No-Limit Hold'Em: Mercier Crippled by Fossilman

(Update on Event #30 below the cut)by Wil WheatonThe room is filled with chairs in anticipation of a capacity crowd for David Sklansky's talk in about ninety minutes. I wrote a post for my own blog, while I waited for David to arrive, and I noticed a beautiful woman was...more

20 July

What a Long, Strange Pokertrip it's Been

by Wil WheatonSometimes the lights are all shining on me, other times I can barely see. --Truckin', The Grateful DeadThough I'm 33, I look remarkably similar to how I looked when I was a teenager. Well, maybe a little fatter, but thanks for not calling attention to that.I haven't been...more

David Sklansky Gives Free Seminar Tonight

David Sklansky is one of the founding fathers of poker theory. His books The Theory of Poker and Tournament Poker for Advanced Players were instrumental in my poker education, as well as some other poker players you may have heard of, like Daniel Negreanu and Greg Raymer. David's publishing company,...more

WSOP Event #29: PokerStars' Stars Make Day 2

As it turns out, the event I was calling Event #28 all day Wednesday is actually Event #29. Go figure. It's an easy mistake, I suppose. I mean, 28 and 29, they could almost be brothers. Regardless, PokerStars once again has players in Day 2 and they are names you...more

WSOP Event #28 Results

WSOP Event #28 ($5,000 Seven-Card Stud) Results1. Benjamin Lin $256,6202. Sean Sheikhan $171,0803/ Cyndy Violette $102,6484. Allen Kessler $76,9865. "Miami" John Cernuto $55,6016. Patrick Bueno $38,4937. Lupe Munquia $29,9398. Mike Caro $21,385...more

WSOP Event #29: Pot-Limit tranquility

It's been an odd day here at the World Series of Poker. Despite the constant throngs of people, the constant action, the dual six of spades in one deck in the seven-card stud tournament, and the realization that the main event is just nine days away, there is a certain...more

WSOP Event #29: Photo Gallery

As players get ready to head out for dinner, I thought now would be a good time to take a look at some of the fun and tension in today's event. Here's a look through the lens at today's $2,500 PL Hold'em event.Vanness Rousso clowning aroundVictor RamdinJoe Hachem and Luca...more

WSOP Event #27: PokerStars players cash in

There is a certain distiction that comes with making Day 2 of these massive fields. When more than 2,100 people start an event, making it into the money, and subsequently making it to the second day of the event means you have sat for more than 13 hours in a...more

Breaking News: WCOOP schedule

One of the great things about having an ear to the ground at PokerStars is knowing things like this before almost anybody else. I'm proud to give you a first look at one of the coolest PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker schedules in recent memory. It looks like PokerStars...more

19 July

WSOP Event #29: $2,500 Pot-Limit Hold'em

I woke up too early. Way too early. My eyes opened at 6:39am. Closing them was futile. I was awake. After a discussion with the room service operator, a lady from North Carolina, about Rio's definition of country ham, I had some ham and eggs and tried to go back...more

2006 World Series of Primer

In 2005, I worked with PokerStars in-house expert Lee Jones to compile a primer for people who have never played at the World Series of Poker. As PokerStars has in the neighborhood of 1,500 players coming in for the main event, I thought it would be good to reprise last...more

WSOP Event #27 Results

WSOP Event #27 ($1,500 NL Hold'em) Results and Coverage(results pending)Event #27 BeginsEvent #27 Photo GalleryLosin' on the GreenEvent #27: End of Day 1Day 2 PokerStars results...more

WSOP Event #27: End of Day 1

Tuesday's reading:Losin' o' the GreenSpiro makes final tableWSOP Event #27 Photo GalleryOh, Mercy Mercy MeNew week at the RioWSOP Event #27 beginsThere was a rumor circulating through the Rio that this monsterous $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em tournamet would only be a two-day event. For those who haven't spent any time around...more

WSOP Event #30 Results

WSOP Event #30 Results and Coverage -- $5,000 NL Hold'em Short-Handed(results pending)Mercier crippled by Fossilman, Rousso making a run...more

WSOP Event #29 Results

WSOP Event #29 ($2,500 PL Hold'em) Results and Coverage1. John Gale $374,8492. Maros "Premier" Lechman $197,7683. Kevin Ho $103,4084. Joe Hachem $90,482 5. Alex Jacob $77,5566. Lee Grove $64,6307. Jeffrey Roberson $51,7048. Lee Markholt $38,7789. Gregory Alston $25,852Event #29 BeginsEvent #29 Photo GalleryPot-Limit TranquilityPokerStars stars make day 2Hachem eyeing final...more

WSOP Event #27: Losin' o' the green

Today's reading:Losin' o' the GreenSpiro makes final tableWSOP Event #27 Photo GalleryOh, Mercy Mercy MeNew week at the RioWSOP Event #27 beginsGreen is a secondary color. There is no denying it. By this time in the night, when more than 2,100 players started in the $1,500 NL Hold'em event and...more

WSOP Event #26: Spiro makes final table

Today's reading:Spiro makes final tableWSOP Event #27 Photo GalleryOh, Mercy Mercy MeNew week at the RioWSOP Event #27 beginsHe has been described as the nicest man in poker. An ever-ready smile, a warm handshake, and a willingness to teach others the game he loves has turned Spiro "55lucky55" Mitrokostas into...more

18 July

WSOP Event #27: Photo Gallery

Today's reading:WSOP Event #27 Photo GalleryOh, Mercy Mercy MeNew week at the RioWSOP Event #27 beginsThe beauty of a big event like this is seeing how many people play at PokerStars so frequently that they can use their W$ and FPP points to buy-in to these huge events. This $1,500...more

Oh, Mercy Mercy Me

by Wil WheatonThere are a million people* in the Amazon room today, as another $1500 no-limit hold'em event gets underway. As Otis wrote earlier, we have a ton of players in the field today who used their W$ or FPPs to buy in, and many of them are certainly hoping...more

WSOP: New week at the Rio

This new week at the WSOP is bringing in tons of stories. Wil and I are on the case and prepared to bring you some good stuff. On tap... Ian Johns, a young internet pro who makes his living at PokerStars, won the $3,000 Limit Hold'em bracelet. Word on the...more

WSOP Event #27: Another big $1,500

Leaving Vegas is usually tough. Getting here is always an adventure. I left a couple days ago to see my family. Getting home was easy and as sweet as I can express. Getting back involved a cramped plane, thunder clouds over Vegas, a diversion to Phoenix, and an overzealous pump...more

WSOP Event #300 Pot-Limit Omaha with Rebuys: A conversation with Barry Greenstein, and Jim McManus, plus the Legendary Pasta Salad

"How are you doing in there?" I asked Barry Greenstein, as he filled a plate with this really outstanding pasta salad we have in the suite today."I had two pair, jacks and tens," he said, "and the flop came ten five three. Greg Raymer goes all-in, Scott Fischman goes all-in,...more

WSOP Event #300 Pot-Limit Omaha with multi-rebuys: Greenstein Triples Up, Raymer Rebuys

Harrah's added a multi-rebuy PLO tournament to today's schedule, and according to Cardplayer, many of the pros are multi-tabling in it and the $1500 PLO event.I think this may not be a bracelet event, but I'm not sure. (Information is maddeningly difficult to come by here, which makes my direct...more

WSOP Event #26 Pot-Limit Omaha: Humberto in the Hunt

Today's $1500 Pot-limit Omaha event is currently on a break, and PokerStars players are streaming into the suite to grab some food, talk about their last few levels of play, and get a change of scenery from the cavernous Amazon room.Humberto Brenes was among their number, and I asked him...more

17 July

Barry Tanenbaum Returns to the PokerStars Hospitality Suite

Last week, Barry Tanenbaum spoke to a completely packed, standing-room-only crowd here in the PokerStars hospitality suite at the Rio. Barry's talk about common no-limit tournament errors was informative and entertaining, and was accessible to beginner and advanced players alike.On Tuesday July 18, (also known as tomorrow) Barry will be...more

PokerStars and Aston Martin win in Utah

The PokerStars-sponsored Aston Martin Racing team claimed a second successive American Le Mans Series (ALMS) GT1 victory in the Utah Grand Prix at Miller Motorsports Park, Salt Lake on Saturday 15 July.The team's brace of DBR9s crossed the finish line first and second after the cars ran without any major...more

WSOP Event #26 Results

WSOP Event #26 $1,500 PL Omaha1. Rafael Perry $207,8172. George Abdallah $109,6443. Brian Kocur $57,330 4. Zhang Luzhe $50,1645. Ray Lynn $42,9986. Spiro Mitrokostas $35,8317. Frank Henderson $28,6658. Jason Newburger $21,4999. Russ Salzer $14,33355Lucky55 makes final table...more

WSOP Event #25 Results

$2,000 NL Hold'em Shootout1. David Pham $240,2222. Charlie Sewell $124,4883. Roland De Wolfe $65,5204. Jerald Williamson $49,1405. Chad Layne $43,6806. Jason Dewitt $38,2207. David Bach $32,7608. Dustin Woolf $27,3009. Adam Kagin $21,840...more

WSOP: PokerStars 150 WSOP Seat Guarantee Results

PokerStars just finished hosting the biggest World Series of Poker main event satellite in history. A whopping 7,377 players fought for for an astounding, record-breaking 234 PokerStars WSOP packages. Here are the players that came away with seats in the main event and trips to Vegas:#1FishGuy10inchKen1oneriverrat22tlb8888aAccendoacemaxeractyperAikinbackalig8orAlyeskaamynerikandurillanguilaantyfreezArthur DentBarron5Bart1969BClapBeaSly79BetPotBiditupBigAl1biggiobigheartedBigpanda88billy6752bjlazblackjack377BMR1203bmxreed36BoilingfishBorisKarloffBOTLBroken_BOBBurgerchampCafeblueCallaway ddscambojincameron9999Cappy 33catfish48check_killschight9ChiimoJJcimocClayListonCoach BDCCoenFancoralcavescottonbudcottontailCRAICcreepscuypersdaaguatodabirdladyDabruckedambuhaladasecretddeleuranDeOhGeedjcoinDMORTDogger9dolfan89doominoDrDavidDrewfus81droodDSGDaleDUBBZZDublin1DumpingKGBdwd_ebo8beddie12eileveirivielcentaureripioexcalibur-74fish22FloppedFlushFooleoneforcemajeureforkpantsForza...more

Terrence Chan Tells a Story

"Experience is the name we give our mistakes." - Oscar Wilde.I walked into the PokerStars hospitality suite about an hour after I confirmed that limit O/8 is really not my strongest game, in a loss to this week's TLB winner, who is now allowed to trade me to Humble Pie...more

WSOP Event #23 Limit Hold'Em: Greenstein Finishes 21st

Barry Greenstein walked in and waved to me."Hi Wil," he said, "I'm out in 21st.""I just saw that you'd doubled up," I said, "and I was going to ask you about the hand. When did all the money go in?"Barry grabbed a sandwich from the board, and walked over to...more

16 July

WSOP Event #23 LHE: Greenstein Doubles Up

I'm working on a story that I think you'll all really enjoy, but I just noticed that Barry Greenstein doubled up in day two of the $3000 limit hold'em event that's happening down the hall here at the Rio. He's sitting on about 26000, near the bottom of the pack...more

PokerStars hosts biggest WSOP satellite in history

PokerStars is hosting the biggest World Series of Poker main event satellite in history. As I type, 7,377 players are fighting for an astounding, record-breaking 234 PokerStars WSOP packages.Just consider this for one moment...nearly 7,400 players. In the Rio Amazon Ballroom, it would take four Day 1 flights to even...more

WSOP Event #24 Results

WSOP Event #24 ($3,000 Omaha 8/b)1. Scott Clements $301,1752. Thor Hansen $155,4433. Brent Carter $77,7724. Dick Corpuz $68,0065. Ronald Matsuura $58,2916. Phil Hellmuth $48,5767. Peter Costa $38,8618. Stephen Ladowsky $29,1469. Alex Limjoco $19,430...more

WSOP Event #23 Results

WSOP Event #23 ($3,000 Limit Hold'em)1. Ian Johns $291,7552. Jerrod Ankeman $150,5863. Javier Torresola $75,2934. Theo Tran $65,8815. Mark Newhouse $56,4706. Tad Jurgens $47,0587. Brendan Taylor $37,6468. Benjamin Robinson $28,2359. Fi Tran $18,823Barry Greenstein doubles upBarry Greenstein out in 21st...more

WSOP Event #22 No Limit Hold'Em: Strassa 2 Finishes 19th

Players who are serious about this game don't play just to stay alive; they play to win, and that means taking some calculated risks.When you open raise from middle position, and a player moves all-in on you from the button or the blinds, it typically means one of two things:...more

WSOP Event #22 No Limit Hold'Em: "Strassa 2" Shoots to Second

Well, today was looking like it would be a nice and slow, easy day where I could recap some of the cool stuff that's happened in the last 24 hours, and maybe grab an interesting bit or two while I was in the suite.Well, it turns out that I was...more

WSOP Event #22 No Limit Hold'Em: Jason "Strassa 2" Strasser in the Money

Things have been pretty slow here today, but there was just a flurry of activity in the PokerStars Hospitality suite as the players in event 22 went on their dinner break.I was on the couch, working hard and talking with Pauly, when a young kid in a PokerStars shirt came...more

Inside the PokerStars Hospitality Suite

While I like to paint pictures with my words, I'd like to take advantage of the 1000:1 ratio offered to me by my digital camera, so here are a few shots of "the office":You'll never forget where you are, thanks to this handy carpet!We're having a raffle in the suite,...more

15 July

WSOP Event #18 Pot-Limit Hold'Em: Tony Hachem Makes it Deep

Since I joined Team PokerStars a year ago, I have felt like I'm part of a family. From the friends I've made in support (the best in the industry, by the way -- you guys rule!) to the friends I've made in our marketing and other departments, to the friends...more

Everything You Need to Know About Joe

A good writer will use as few words or images as possible to tell you everything you need to know about a character. It's more of a challenge than you'd think, because we writers tend to fall in love with our oh-so-clever words, and can't resist using an additional sixty...more

WSOP Event #22 No Limit Hold'Em: Greenstein Eliminated

Well, it seems anticlimactic to report it without actually hearing it straight from the man himself, but to be honest, it would be a little weird if Barry Greenstein walked into my hotel room right now, so you'll all cut me a little slack, right?Yes, it is unfortunately true. Barry...more

Thoughts from a Hospitality Suite

Well, it's been an incredible day here in the PokerStars hospitality suite, but it's nearly closing time, so I'm going to be heading out of here and into the land of "I don't know if I can get on the Internets."It's going to be a crazy night here in the...more

WSOP Event #22 No Limit Hold'Em: Greenstein Loses a Race

As far as I could tell, Team PokerStars' Barry Greenstein's stack didn't move much during the last couple of levels (maybe 1500 or so more), but Barry just stopped into the PokerStars suite, and gave me a recap of a pretty big hand that happened before the break.Check me out,...more

WSOP Event #22 No Limit Hold'Em: Rousso Out, Greenstein Moves to Second

Vanessa Rousso just came back into the suite, with slightly less spring in her step than when she last left"I blew it," she said. "I didn't have to get all my money in, but I just . . . well, I blew it."It turns out that Vanessa had a rather...more

14 July

WSOP Event #22 No Limit Hold'Em: Rousso and Greenstein in, Brenes out

Dressed in a track suit and tennis shoes, with an iPod nano strapped to her arm and her hair pulled back into a ponytail, it would be easy to think that Team PokerStars' Vanessa Rousso was on her way to the gym, rather than back into the Amazon room where...more

Scenes from a Hospitality Suite

Barry Greenstein just came into the PokerStars suite to grab a snack. I waved hello to him, and he came over to talk for a minute. I don't think he's been to sleep since the last time I saw him."Long night," I said."Oh, I've plenty of long nights playing poker,"...more

WSOP Event #20 50K HORSE: Barry Greenstein Finishes 12th

"Who do you think is going to win this?" He said."Well, I hope that it's Paul Phillips," I said, "but I'm also pulling for Greg Raymer and Barry Greenstein. To be honest, I think the players from the big game at Bellagio have the best chance to take this down,...more

WSOP Event #22 Results

$2,000 No-Limit Hold'em1. Jeff Madsen $660,9482. Paul Sheng $330,4853. Julian Gardner $172,4274. Troy Parkins $132,1945. Robert Cohen $112,0776. Robert Bright $94,8357. Michael Chow $83,3408. Billy Duarte Jr. $71,8459. John Shipley $60,349Rousso and Greenstein in, Brenes outRousso Out, Greenstein moves to secondGreenstein loses a raceGreenstein eliminatedStrassa2 in the moneyStrassa2 shoots to...more

WSOP Event #21 Results

$2,500 NL Hold'em Short-handed1. William Chen $442,5112. Nath Pizzolatto $238,2803. Mike Guttman $139,5644. Dan Hicks $107,2265. Alex Bolotin $78,2926. Harry Demetriou $58,7197. Harold Cohen $48,5078. Peter Jetten $43,4019. Gregg Merkow $38,295...more

WSOP Event #19 Results

$1,000 Seniors No-Limit Hold'em1. Clare Miller $247,8142. Mike Nargi $129,2933. Jake Wells Jr. $74,8824. Judith Carlson $53,8725. David Claiborne $43,0986. Ron Rose $37,7107. Doug Schuller $32,3238. Stan Schrier $26,936 9. John Vorhaus $24,242...more

WSOP: Thursday action at the Rio

Updates below the cutAs you have read in a piece from earlier, the event of the week is the HORSE showdown happening in the middle of the Amazon ballroom. (If you missed Wil's look at the game, check it out here.)As the afternoon has progressed, Team PokerStars Victor Ramdin has...more

13 July

WSOP Event #20: $50K HORSE

by Wil Wheaton"We are accepting buy-ins for the next thirty-two minutes for the $50,000 HORSE event, so if you have $50,000 laying around, you still have time to get in." -Random Tournament Director"Hahahahaha" - Everyone in the Amazon room.Though there are fewer than 150 players in today's HORSE event --...more

WSOP Event 18: Jim McManus takes sixth place

Jim McManus, his own tragic hero in a series of poker and health-angst-drive chronicles, is on what poker players like to call a "heater." Other folks might call it a rush. McManus, a wordsmith of a higher order than yours truly, would call it something else. And whatever he called...more

WSOP: Barry Tanenbaum gives out free advice

by Wil WheatonStudying books, analyzing your play with other players, and watching poker on TV will certainly help your game, but eventually you'll reach a plateau where you need some help from a poker expert to help your game grow a level.If you're at the WSOP this year, you can...more

WSOP Event #17: Jon "pokertrip" Friedberg wins WSOP bracelet

W$ WSOP entry turns into half million dollar win and gold WSOP braceletJon Friedberg is a man of ambition. It's set hard in his eyes and sweats out of every pore in his hands as they grasp the back of his head. He has no tells at the table, but...more

WSOP Event #20 Results

$50,000 HORSE1. Chip Reese $1,784,6402. Andy Bloch $1,029,6003. Phil Ivey $617,7604. Jim Bechtel $549,1205. T.J. Cloutier $480,4806. David Singer $411,8407. Dewey Tomko $343,2008. Doyle Brunson $274,5609. Patrik Antonius $205,920$50,000 WSOP HORSE event beginsDay 2 UpdatesGreenstein Eliminated in 12th place...more

WSOP Event #18 Results

1. Eric Kesselman $311,4032. Hyon Kim $164,2913. Christopher Viox $85,904 4. Kevin Ross $75,1665. Jason Sagle $64,4286. Jim McManus $53,6907. Dustin Holmes $42,9528. Christopher Black $32,2149. Harry Thomas $21,476Jim McManus takes sixth place in Event #18Tony Hachem goes deep...more

12 July

WSOP Event #17: Final Table Updates

Final table play in the $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em event is about to get underway. PokerStars' players Huberto Brenes and Jon "pokertrip" Friedberg are both in action. Here's how they stack up as play begins. You'll find updates below the cut.1. Mike Pomeroy 1,325,000 2. John Phan 747,000 3. Tom Hawkingberry...more

WSOP: Wednesday Preview

There is so much going on today, it's best handled in bullet point form. Event #17 ($1,000) No-Limit Hold'em Final Table--Humberto Brenes and pokertrip both made the final table (Click to read about the final table). Team PokerStars Wil Wheaton didn't get as far thoe guys, but he wrote up...more

WSOP Event #17: Wil Wheaton Report

by Wil WheatonWhen I walked into the Amazon room at the Rio yesterday morning, and it didn't feel as cavernous and intimidating as it did last year, I knew that I was going to be okay. I've spent so much time studying my books, analyzing my game, warming up in...more

WSOP Event #17: Brenes and pokertrip make final table

I stood on the rail watching Humberto Brenes' face contort. It slipped from a smile, to a scowl, to something you'd find in Madame Tussaud's closet. I wondered from afar if it was more fun to watch Humberto Brenes or be Humberto Brenes. To be sure, there was one thing...more

11 July

WSOP Event #17: Day 2 Updates

We're back for Day 2 of Event #17, a $1,000 no-limit hold'em event. Fourteen tables remain. PokerStars still has several players in the hunt. Most notably, Humberto Brenes is in the top ten in chips after a strong finish last night. Updates to come throughout the afternoon.*******UPDATES*******1:47am--Jon "pokertrip" Friedberg and...more

Faces of the WSOP: Assani Fisher and dananddan

I continue to spend a lot of time in the PokerStars suite here in Vegas meeting some of the top players on PokerStars during the "Be on the Blog" series. When there's time in the middle of the action here, I'm trying to let you see some of the faces...more

WSOP Event #17: End of Day 1

Watching Event #17, a $1,000 no-limit hold'em tournament in which players started with $1,500 in chips, was a lot like watching an alpine disaster. At noon, the field was enormous, a testament to the still-growing popularity of poker. More than 200 tables sat eleven-handed and 500 alternates paced the hallways,...more

WSOP Event #15 Results

$1,000 No-Limit Hold'em Ladies Event1. Mary Jones $236,0942. Shawnee Barton $123,1783. Beatrice Stranzinger $71,3404. Reka Hallgato $51,3245. Sue Luckenbaugh $41,0596. Julie Allen $35,9277. Devi Ortega $30,7948. Laurie Scott $25,6629. Ellie Ahlgren $23,096...more

WSOP Event #17: Evening Updates

(updates below the cut)After a full afternoon of play, the massive field in Event #17 is starting to look somewhat manageable. For a time today, it looked like the other events might not have tables for the players. When play started in Event #17 at noon, every table in the...more

WSOP Event #17: Photo Gallery

To follow the progress Barry Greenstein and Jim McManus in Event #16, click here.This field got big very, very fast. The $1,000 no-limit hold'em event has drawn people from all over. The affordable price, the chance to be on TV, and the opportunity to play in the WSOP are huge...more

10 July

WSOP Event #16: Barry Greenstein and Jim McManus updates

The $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha event is in its second day and racing toward the final table. Barry Greenstein and Jim McManus both made Day 2. Twenty-one players remain in the event. Check back here for updates on the PokerStars players progress throughout the afternoon and evening.*********UPDATES*********7:00pm--Barry Greenstein, our last horse...more

WSOP Event #16: Barry Greenstein report

Barry Greenstein and I have fallen into a little routine, in which he calls me at some ungodly hour to report on his day. I don't mind, because, like him, I don't sleep much when I'm at the World Series of Poker. So, here's how Barry ended up in the...more

WSOP: New week, huge day

Today we kick off one of the biggest days so far at the World Series of Poker. Here's what we'll be covering today.WSOP Event #14: $2,500 NL Hold'emAlex Jacob has made the final table of the $2,500 No-Limit Hold'em event.WSOP Event #16: $10,000 PL OmahaJim McManus and Barry Greenstein both...more

WSOP Event #16 Results

(results pending)Barry Greenstein and Jim McManus updatesBarry Greenstein report...more

WSOP Event #17 Results

$1,000 NL Hold'em1. Jon "pokertrip" Friedberg $526,1852. John Phan $289,3893. Mike Pomeroy $157,3224. Tom Hawkingberry $122,5965. Kevin O'Donnell $105,2326. Corey Chaston $88,1327. Humberto Brenes $74,7158. Michael Halford $61,5619. Thang Luu $49,722Day 1 Evening UpdatesEvent #17 Photo GalleryDay 2 UpdatesHumberto Brenes and pokertrip make final tableWil Wheaton Event #17 reportFinal Table...more

WSOP Event #14: Alex Jacob makes final table

After a marthon ten-handed game that went into Monday's early morning hours, 21-year-old Alex Jacob made the final table of Event #14. the $1,000 no-limit hold'em re-buy event.Alex JacobJacob is no stranger to playing under the TV lights. Though he only recently became old enough to play in the U.S.,...more

WSOP Event #14 Results

1. Allen Cunningham $625,8302. David Rheem $327,9813. Tom Franklin $185,4314. Steve Wong $162,2525. John Hoang $139,0736. Tim Phan $115,8947. Everett Carlton $92,7158. Andy Bloch $69,5379. Alex Jacob $46,358Event 14 UpdatesAlex Jacob makes final table...more

WSOP: Event #14 Updates

With Terrence Chan now gone from the final table of the $2,500 No-Limit Hold'em event, it is now time to turn our attention to $1,000 re-buy event that kicked off yesterday. Several PokerStars players did very well on Day 1. Among those players was Team PokerStars' newest member, Barry Greenstein....more

9 July

WSOP Event #13: Terrence Chan Final Table Updates

Keep it here for updates on Terrence Chan's performance throughout the afternoon.*****UPDATES*****3:38pm--Terrence did all he could. He jammed with AK pre-flop and Reategui called with pocket fours. A four on the flop all but killed Terrence. He never caught up. Terrence exited in 8th place.3:37pm--Terrence is out.3:26pm--Chan needs to double...more

WSOP Event #13: Terrence Chan makes final table

It's been just a little more than a year since I wrote the following about Terrence Chan:I met Terrence at the 2005 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. There he staged a fantastic short-stacked comeback to finish 20th place. We met again when he represented Team Costa Rica at the PokerStars World Cup...more

WSOP Event #12 Results

$1,500 Limit Hold'em Results1. Bob Chalmers $258,344 2. Tam Ho $135,3963. Warren Wooldridge $76,5494. Thanh Nguyen $66,9815. Doug Saab $57,4126. Jan Sjavik $47,8437. Graham Duke $38,2758. Bob Bartmann $28,7069. David Calla $19,137...more

WSOP Event #13: Terrence Chan Day 2 Updates

It just goes to show, Jimmy V. was right. Never give up. In the first level of play today, Terrence Chan has doubled up and busted a shorter stack. He now has a very playable stack. More than 20 players have busted in the last hour. In interesting news, Chan...more

8 July

WSOP Event #14: Calming down

You hear a lot in poker theory about changing gears. The small or large changes in one's game and style can take place over a few moments or a few years. Here in the $1,000 re-buy event, the gear change has to take place in an instant. After an early...more

WSOP Event #14: Rebuy mania begins

Fasten your safety belts, put your children in the closet, and keep your pets on a leash, because today is all about rebuy mania. Today is the second-cheapest buy-in of the entire World Series. For a mere $1,000, you are allowed to sit among the greats and play cards. Of...more

WSOP Event #13: Results

$2,500 No-Limit Hold'em1. Max Pescatori $682,3892. Anthony Reategui $356,0403. Justin Pechie $206,2074. Michael Scott $148,3505. Corey Cheresnick $118,6806. Tri Ma $103,8457. Mike Matusow $89,0108. Terrence Chan $74,1759. Matt Heintschel $66,758Nearing the moneyWhere's BarryTerrence Chan cashes againTerrence Chan Day 2 UpdatesTerrence Chan makes Event #13 final tableTerrence Chan final table updates...more

WSOP Event # 11 Results

$5,000 Omaha Hi-Lo1. Sam Farha $398,560 2. Phil Ivey $219,208 3. Kirill Gerasimov $112,095 4. Mike Henrich $87,185 5. Mike Wattel $74,730 6. Brian Nadell $62,275 7. Jeffrey King $49,820 8. Jim Ferrel $37,365 9. Ryan Hughes $24,910...more

WSOP Event #13: Terrence Chan cashes again

In further proof that the guy has some game, Terrence Chan has advanced to day two of Event #13 of the World Series of Poker. Chan finished the day with a lower than average stack, but he made the money and has a chance again tomorrow.Eying his stackUnfortunately, our other...more

WSOP Event #13: Where's Barry?

I'd spotted a friend, Scott "doubleas" Gallant, who had just arrived at the Rio. We were catching up when my cell phone buzzed in my pocket. I hadn't seen Scott in a long time, so I almost let the call go to voicemail. Then I looked at the caller ID....more

WSOP Event #13: Nearing the money

As we near the money line in the World Series of Poker Event #13, once again we see PokerStars player Jason "strassa2" Strasser near the top of the leaderboard. There's something about this kid I can't quite put my finger on. He's relaxed at the tables, like he's been sitting...more

WSOP: Faces of the World Series -- djslash

Because it is a little quiet on the PokerStars front this evening, I thought I'd start introducing you to some of the people I'm meeting during the "Be on the Blog" sessions in the PokerStars suite. Here's the first one."I'm nervous," he said.Larry Wagner, known at PokerStars as djslash, was...more

WSOP: A new day

Sometimes, we all need to start fresh. The World Series can be a grind. There is never a break unless you force it on yourself. For the one-timers who come out to take a shot, it is the most exciting thing in the world. For the people who are here...more

7 July

WSOP Event #10 Results

$1,500 Seven-Card Stud1. David Williams $163,1182. John Hoang $110,9203. Jack Duncan $71,7724. Mitchell Ledis $45,673 5. "Miami" John Cernuto $35,8866. Ivan Schertzer $29,361 7. Johnny Chan $22,8368. Matt Hawrilenko $16,31214. Jim McManus19. Humberto Brenes29. Katja Thater40. Luca Pagano...more

WSOP Event #9: Team PokerStars' Isabelle Mercier takes fifth

Why is it? Why is it that when I look down a hallway and see Isabelle Mercier's face, I see near-fury in her eyes? Why is it the air around her is anxious, like a wrong word will snap a giant rubber band that could decapitate the thickest of heads?...more

WSOP Event #10: PokerStars players go deep

While it doesn't get nearly as much attention as the Texas Hold'em craze, seven card stud is still alive and well here at the World Series of Poker. The event played for fourteen hours on Wednesday. The PokerStars team did exceptionally well in the tough field.Luca Pagano (40th place), Katja...more

6 July

WSOP Event #9 Update: Team PokerStars' Isabelle Mercier at final table

(Updates below the cut)This is one of those career moments for Isabelle Mercier. She is about to sit down at one of the most high-profile final tables of the 2006 World Series of Poker. I'll be here all day and night long until Isabelle exits the tournament area. Here's how...more

WSOP Event #9: Isabelle Mercier makes final table

The places you'll find IsabelleIn the morning, if you're looking for Isabelle, you'll have to wait. She meditates when she gets out of bed. It's a quiet, personal time. You'll find her later, though, at Starbucks. Every morning it's a mocha and a banana. It's the breakfast for a champion.It's...more

5 July

WSOP Event 9: Mercier in second day

As the second day of the $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em Event begins, Isabelle Mercier is starting with a relatively short stack. However, she is determined to go much deeper in this event. I'll post updates here throughout the day on how she is doing.****Most recent updates at top****11:50--Isabelle Mercier makes final...more

WSOP: Bluffed by a pro?

This morning, we kicked off the "Be on the Blog" series from the PokerStars hopsitality suite. I've already decided I like this place more than just about anywhere in the Rio. It's cool, but not cold. It's hip, but not pretentious. It's just the right place to meet some folks...more

WSOP Event #8 Results

Event #8: $2,000 Omaha Hi-Lo1. Jack Zwerner $341,4262. Rusty Mandap $176,8133. Jeff Madsen $97,5524. Cuong Do $85,3585. Bob Mangino $73,1646. Robert Collins $60,9707. Daniel Negreanu $48,7768. Russ Salzer $36,5829. Steve Lustig $24,388...more

WSOP Event #9: Isabelle Mercier makes Day 2 and the money

For a lot of folks here at the WSOP, buying into the $1,500 events is akin to buying into a little pool house tournament in their neighborhood. That is, it's not touching much of their bankroll. However, when the buy-in jumps up to $5,000, they can feel it a little...more

WSOP Event #9: PokerStars players still battling

(Updated at bottom)In this, the most expensive event of the 2006 WSOP so far, Team PokerStars is doing pretty well for itself. While the Greg Raymer and Joe Hachem have been eliminated, PokerStars still has a number of players left in the event. Isabelle Mercier is looking strong and has...more

PokerStars has a sweet pad

Sometimes it gets a little crazy here at the Rio. Last night, a thoughtful New Yorker said to me, "It's like everyone who didn't get an invite to the state fair came to Las Vegas."He's right. After just one week at the World Series of Poker, things are starting to...more

4 July

WSOP Event #9

Today is the kind of day that sees fewer participants at the WSOP, but sees a greater kind of competition. Much like the $2,500 short-handed event, Event #9 is an event that is stacked with top pros. Today's event is a $5,000 no-limit hold'em tournament, one of the most expensive...more

WSOP Event 7: Results

Event #7: $1,500 Limit Hold'em1. William Chen $343,6182. Yueqi Zhu $184,4093. Henry Nguyen $91,6324. Karlo Lopez $80,1785. Danny Ciaramella $68,7246. Larry Thomas $57,270 7. Allan Puzantyan $45,816 8. Ernie Scherer III $34,3629. Jeffrey Lisandro $22,908...more

WSOP: Event #9 Results and Coverage

$5000 NL Hold'em results1. Jeff Cabanillas $818,5462. Phil Hellmuth $423,8933. Eugene Todd $233,8724. Marcel Luske $204,6385. Isabelle Mercier $175,4046. Thomas Schreiber $146,1707. Douglas Carli $116,9368. Vinnie Vinh $87,7029. Dan Smith $58,468Event #9 beginsPokerStars players still battlingIsabelle Mercier makes Day 2 and the moneyIsabelle Mercier Day 2 UpdatesIsabelle Mercier makes final...more

WSOP Event #6: Nam Le flirts with first bracelet

RESULTSNam Le knows how to win poker tournaments. It's something he's been doing for the past several years. While not yet the most famous face on the poker tournament circuit, Le has been crushing the card scene recently. He's been winning consistently since 2004, most recently winning the World Poker...more

Barry Greenstein joins Team PokerStars

There are many ways to define a poker champion. You can look at the number of tournaments he has won. You can look at the amount of money he has earned in his career. You can look at the number of World Series of Poker bracelets he has to his...more

3 July

WSOP Event #6: Final table updates

The final table of Event #6 will begin shortly. PokerStars has two players at the final table of this $2,000 No-Limit Hold'em event. Twenty-one year-old Vanessa "suckoutqueen" Selbst and poker pro Nam Lee have the chips to cause some serious damage at this table.1. Kevin Petersen $1,130,0002. Mark Vos $528,0003....more

WSOP Event #6: Two PokerStars players at final table

Don't miss Joe Hachem's fight for a second WSOP braceletIt just seemed to be New Jersey resident Vanessa Selbst's day. While online at PokerStars she calls herself "suckoutqueen," today, she put on a clinic in making it to the final table of a World Series of Poker event. Selbst bought...more

WSOP Event #5: Hachem nearly grabs bracelet

ResultsHis walk was brisk, but still cool. Not cool like chilly. Cool like Joe. It was the kind of cool walk that dripped with confidence, even as Joe Hachem grabbed his wife's neck and pulled her in for a mid-stride kiss.I watched all of this as Team PokerStars' Joe Hachem...more

WSOP Event #6: Suckout Queen going deep

While the entire poker world watched Joe Hachem make a run for a second WSOP bracelet today, a lady from New Jersey has been tearing up WSOP Event #6 ($2,000 No-Limit Hold'em). The woman known on PokerStars as suckoutqueen is among the top chip hoarders in the event. With fewer...more

2 July

WSOP Event #5: Final Table

The final table of Event #5 is scheduled to begin in about half an hour. However, the TV tables rarely start on time. Regardless, when the players get started, so will we.Here's how the 2005 World Series of Poker Champion and his opponents are stacked:1. Russ 'Dutch' Boyd -- $909,0002....more

WSOP: Event #5 Results and Coverage

(Final table results)1. Dutch Boyd $475,7122. Joe Hachem $256,8003. Jeff Knight $153,5114. Michael "anakinso" Goodman $115,6075. Peter Hassett $91,9176. David Solomon $68,227PokerStars Blog WSOP CoverageJoe Hachem Still AliveGetting to the final tableJoe Hachem Makes final tableFinal table updatesJoe Hachem nearly grabs second bracelet...more

WSOP Event #5: Joe Hachem makes final table

People do a lot of babbling about the luck factor in poker tournaments. In the smoke-filled corridors around poker tournaments, people lament their bad luck and how anybody can win a poker tournament. And, indeed, luck exists. And, indeed, it can knock you out of tournaments. In Event #5 of...more

WSOP Event #6: Results and coverage

1. Mark Vos $803,274 2. Nam Le $401,6473. John Reiss Jr. $209,5554. Thomas Hunt III $160,6595. Willard Chang $136,2116. Kevin Peterson $115,2557. Vanessa "suckoutqueen" Selbst $101,2858. David Wells $87,3159. Juan Carlos Mortensen $73,344Event #6 Photo Gallery'Suckoutqueen' going deepTwo PokerStars players at Event #6 final tableFinal table updatesTuan Le flirts with...more

PokerStars and Aston Martin Racing Win Close One

By the slimmest of margins - 0.033 seconds -- PokerStars and Aston Martin Racing claimed a sensational American Le Mans Series (ALMS) GT1 victory Saturday in the New England Grand Prix at Lime Rock Park.In a race that saw five lead changes in GT1, Pedro Lamy took the chequered flag...more

WSOP Event #5: Joe Hachem updates

Joe Hachem continues to fight in what is arguably the toughest field of any WSOP event yet. The $2,500 short-handed no-limit hold'em event is down to fewer than 27 people and Hachem is still alive.Some of the biggest names in poker worked their way through the big short-handed field and...more

1 July

WSOP Event #6: Photo Gallery

Event #6 may not have grown as big as people might have expected, but it's still massive. Players are battling it out with $2000 in chips. The big action will get going later on in the afternoon. For now, how about a photo gallery from around the room.Greg "Fossilman" RaymerVanessa...more

WSOP: Saturday at the Rio

It is another huge day here at the Rio. Team PokerStars' Joe Hachem is preparing to come back into the room and make a run for the final table in Event #5, a short-handed no-limit hold'em affair.What's more, Event #6 kicked off today with more than 70 PokerStars players fighting...more

WSOP Event #4 Results

($1,500 Limit Hold'em)1. Kianoush Abolfathi $335,2892. Eric Buchman $174,9383. Josh Schlein $101,3184. Michele Lewis $72,8915. Vipul Kothavi $58,3136. Hank Sparks $51,0247. Patrick Maloney $43,7358. Lars Hansen $36,4469. Matthew Elsby $32,801...more

WSOP Event #5: Joe Hachem still alive

Don't miss Rizen's final table appearanceFriday was a day for the cream to rise to the top. Event #5 of the World Series of Poker was a $2,500 short-handed No-Limit Hold'em event. The event fell right in the wheelhouse of the top professionals. PokerStars saw many of its players make...more

WSOP Event #3: Rizen takes third place

ResultsBy noon, the Rio Amazon Ballroom and the ESPN media offices were buzzing about Eric "Rizen" Lynch. In a world of poker players--some with questionable backgrounds and attitudes--Lynch was a fresh face. In a world of young up-and-comers with egos to match their new-money bankrolls, Lynch was a successful and...more