WSOP Main Event Pre-Game Interview: Michael "mman_status" Meredith


by Dr Pauly

I had the opportunity to chat with another PokerStars qualifier at breakfast this morning. Michael "mman_status" Meredith is a recent college graduate from the University of Maryland. He currently lives in Hoboken, NJ.

Pauly: How did you win your seat into the WSOP?

Mike: I played about twenty double-shootouts and invested something like $3,000 to win my seat. I finally got in that way. I won a seat at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure last year. It took me only three attempts. I assumed that winning a seat to the WSOP main event would be a piece of cake. It wasn't. I didn't think I was going to win my seat, but I finally did.

Pauly: How did you do at the PCA?

Mike: I played super tight, which is not my game. I didn't make the money, but I survived about half the field. I had pocket Queens and even flopped a set but I was up against A-K of spades. There were two spades on the flop and he pushed all in. Of course he got there and I was busted. I had a great time and the majority of the field were PokerStars players.

Pauly: Is this your first time in Las Vegas?

Mike: I went to Vegas last year for the first time and didn't play much poker. This trip isn't all about poker for me. I'm taking time out to do other things. I'm here with friends and they aren't really into poker as much as me. I'm the only serious poker player out of all of them.

Pauly: Is this your first WSOP?

Mike: Yes, this is my first WSOP. Aside from the PCA, I haven't played in too many big tournaments.

Pauly: What's your tournament experience like?

Mike: I usually play the $300 MTT at the Taj Mahal. That's where I first started playing at in Atlantic City. My first live tournament was at the Tropicana and I made the final table. In my second ever live tournament, I played at the Taj and won it all. Playing live is OK, but I love PokerStars. I'm always playing tournaments there, especially the Sunday Million Guaranteed.

Pauly: What's your game plan today?

Mike: To see a lot of flops early since we have a big stack. Aside from that I'm just going to play my game and not get scared like I did at the PCA. I played way to tight and I'm not going to clam up today.

Pauly: Do you have a catch phrase or a motto?

Mike: "One Time!!"

Pauly: Any closing thoughts or comments?

Mike: Is the monkey playing today? Has he played yet?

Pauly: No way. They didn't let him play this year. According to Nolan Dalla, they will never allow a monkey in the World Series of Poker.

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