August 2006

28 August

PokerStars Sunday Million Results (8-27-06)

It's hard to find a place where you can earn nearly a quarter of a million bucks for ten hours work. The PokerStars Sunday Million has gotten that big. After fighting through a field of nearly 2,500 players, ocrowe won this week's Sunday Million outright, taking home $218,250! Don't miss...more

25 August

PokerStars Weekend Events (8/26-8/27)

Ready for a full weekend at PokerStars? Check out some of the events going on in the next few days.August 26th13:30 -- GoldStar VIP Freeroll $5,000 prize pool14:00 -- PlatinumStar VIP Freeroll $7,500 prize pool14:00 -- EPT Online Monte Carlo Grand Final (One package added!)14:30 -- Supernova VIP Freeroll $20,000...more

21 August

PokerStars and Aston Martin at Road America

Aston Martin Racing finished third and fourth in GT1 in the Generac 500 American Le Mans Series race at Road America, Sunday, August 20. The end result is a disappointment for the team who looked like they were in contention for their third win of the season.The team made a...more

PokerStars Sunday Million Results (8/20/2006)

It was a record-breaking day for the PokerStars Sunday Million. Nearly 6,000 people showed up to play in poker's biggest weekly tournament. With nearly $1.2 million in the prize pool, the competition was fierce. By the time players reached the final table, they were all guaranteed a five-figure payday. A...more

18 August

PokerStars Weekend Events -- 8/19-8/20

Ready for a full weekend at PokerStars? Check out some of the events going on in the next few days.August 19th13:30 -- GoldStar VIP Freeroll $5,000 prize pool14:00 -- PlatinumStar VIP Freeroll $7,500 prize pool14:00 -- EPT Online Barcelona Open (One package added!)14:30 -- Supernova VIP Freeroll $18,000 prize pool...more

17 August

EPT Online: Seven free EPT packages

With all the talk about the World Series of Poker, an upcoming online poker festival has sneaked under the radar. Fortunately, the crack research staff at Team Blog managed to sniff this one out before it was too late.PokerStars is giving away seven packages to the European Poker Tour. Yep,...more

14 August

PokerStars Sunday Million Results -- 8/13/06

With the WSOP now just a fading memory, PokerStars players once again flocked to the biggest weekly tournament in all of poker. Nearly 5,900 people played in the PokerStars Sunday Million and built a huge prize pool. When it was over, five people had raked in more than $70,000 a...more

11 August

WSOP Main Event: PokerStars at Final Table Wrap-Up

PokerStars qualifiers rake in $6 million at WSOP final tableby the members of Team BlogWhen the PokerStars qualifiers rolled into Las Vegas, a little basic math could've predicted the presence of one or two qualifiers at the final table. After all, PokerStars sent more than 1,600 people to the biggest...more

10 August

WSOP Main Event: Final Table Updates

8:16pm--Doug Kim: PostscriptTeam Blog's Craig Cunningham has been covering Doug Kim since Day 1 of the WSOP. He offer this post-script of Kim's stellar WSOP performanceDoug Kim desparately wanted to play in the World Series Main Event, spening over $3,000 in a variety of qualifiers on PokerStars for the chance...more

WSOP Main Event: The Transformation of the Amazon Room

For the last month, the Amazon room has been the largest tournament poker room in the world, and today, it's been transformed into the most important television studio in poker.With a few platforms, some bleachers, lots of indirect lighting and creative use of their signature black drapes, ESPN has built...more

Doug Kim Heads to the Final Table

by Craig CunninghamUPDATE: 3:00PMDoug has had a bit of a roller coaster of a ride to start the day, raising the first two hands only to fold to reraises by Jamie Gold and Richard Lee. Gold then called a raise by Dan Nassif, flopped a set of deuces, and knocked...more

9 August

WSOP Main Event: Three PokerStars qualifiers make final table

by the staff of Team BlogNothing compares.No matter what sporting event you attend, no matter what game you play, no matter what kind of money you want to win, nothing compares to what we're about to see.The final table area for the WSOPThree PokerStars players have made the final table...more

8 August

WSOP Main Event: Day 7 Updates

2:19am--ESPN final table setFred Goldberg has been eliminated in tenth place. Goldberg jammed from the cutoff with Q3. Richard Lee woke up with kings and that was it. A full wrap-up is on its way.2:13am--Back from break, blinds upBlinds are up to 80K/160K/20K1:50am--Updated chip countsGuaranteed prize: $1.1 millionErik Friberg ($160...more

WSOP Main Event: Exit Interview with Eric "Rizen" Lynch

By Dr. PaulyEric "Rizen" Lynch qualified for the WSOP main event after winning a $160 shootout on PokerStars. He turned that small investment into $494,797 after he came in 24th place. I had a chance to catch up with him after his elimination. He was surrounded by his family, which...more

WSOP Main Event: A Conversation with Rob "Boilingfish" Berryman

by Wil WheatonHi,I just wanted to thank you for your reporting of Rob Berryman throughout the WSOP . . . After reading your reports Rob became my sentimental favourite to win and I was gutted when I found out he'd been eliminated. He seems like a nice guy and I'm...more

WSOP Main Event: Day 6 Wrap-up

by Brad "Otis" WillisWhen you turn over an hourglass, the top-level sand looks as if it may never move. Time is passing. You can see it falling into the bottom glass. At the top, the part we watch in real life, everything moves slow enough that you're sure it will...more

WSOP Main Event: Rob "Boilingfish" Berryman Finishes 33rd

by Wil WheatonOne of the chief tasks of the writer is to share his emotions with the reader, so that the reader may be in the same place, emotionally as well as physically, as the writer.If you'd like to be where I am right now, please stand up, and punch...more

WSOP Main Event: Friberg brings Swedish aggression to WSOP

Note: PokerStars qualifier Erik Friberg, who won his seat to the WSOP in a PokerStars double shootout, now sits in second place in chips with 27 players remaining. The reticent Swede shared a few thoughts with our European chief, Howard Swainsby Howard SwainsYou take a risk approaching poker players during...more

7 August

WSOP Main Event: Day 6 Updates

5:01pm--Cuong Do out--Play ends for the dayCuong Do, the mild-mannered 24-year-old from Toronto, Canada, has been eliminated in 30th place. Cuong, the big blind, was dealt Js8d. There was only one caller before the flop came down 5s7s8s, giving Cuong top pair and a flush draw. He bet $175,000, was...more

WSOP Main Event: Day 5 Wrap-Up

With Day 5 now behind us, only 45 players remain in the 2006 World Series of Poker. Among the field sit nine PokerStars players who are all fighting for their first WSOP bracelet. So far, dozens and dozens of PokerStars players have cashed in the main event. You can see...more

WSOP Main Event: Day 5 Index

Workd Series of Poker Day 5 IndexPokerStars WSOP WinnersWSOP Day 5 UpdatesThe Best of the Best (by Dr. Pauly and Mad Harper)Cuong Do (by Mad Harper)Rob Berryman (by Wil Wheaton)Carlos and Iago Lopez (by Mad Harper)Brian Nadell (by Wil Wheaton)Brian Nadell eliminated (by Mad Harper)Return to Deep Stack Poker (by...more

WSOP Main Event: Cuong Do - on $1.1m

by Mad HarperI love the World Series. It just continually throws up the most extraordinary scenarios. Take Cuong Do, a quiet and sensitive Canadian lad who the PokerStars blog team hadn't even spotted until just before the end of Day 4. Cuong is quiet as a mouse and serene as...more

6 August

WSOP Main Event: Day 5 Updates

11:32pm--Play ends for the nightPlayers are bagging thier chips. Nine PokerStars players remain in the field of 45. With blinds at 15000/30000/5000, the players have approximately"Eric "Rizen" Lynch 1,950,000Mark "MGCAPRI" Garner 1,800,000Doug "technologic" Kim 1,335,000Brian "LXIXME17" Hansen 1,350,000Rob "boilingfish" Berryman 1,250,000Cuong "StackChipz71" Do 1,100,000Dan Nassif 1,035,000Kyle "kwob20" Bowker 885,000Humberto Brenes...more

WSOP Main Event: Rob "Boilingfish" Berryman Doubles Up

by Wil WheatonRob Berryman's dad told me, "He's been playing well. The advice from Jeffrey Lisandro has really been helping him."I looked at Rob's table, and saw that one of the chip leaders, William Thorsson was there, as well as a few large stacks. I forgot to record all the...more

Carlos and Iago pair up right to the end

Carlos Lopez and Iago Lopez are best friends and have known each other for 15 years. They live only six miles apart - near Lugo in Galicia, Spain. They took up playing poker together and both qualified for this year's WSOP on PokerStars, flying over together on the same flight....more

WSOP Main Event: Doug Kim--Duke Home Game Veteran

by Craig CunninghamUpdate: 3:05PMDoug's table has been fairly tight, most pots taken down pre-flop with raises. The 9s, Lee Kort, has caught some big hands that Doug was out of, taking the overall lead at $3.3M. "I got down to $700k but have chipped up to $790k or so," said...more

WSOP Main Event: Brian "Art of Aces" Nadell Feels the Rush

Brian "Art of Aces" Nadell stood less and a foot from me, looked into my eyes, and said, "I have to call."He clearly did not want to call.He was in the big blind, and Sam Khoueis pushed in his last 148K(ish) from the small blind.Brian jumped out of his chair...more

WSOP Main Event: The pain of Brian Nadell

Over the last few days, I have watched dozens and dozens of people see their hopes and dreams shattered as they got knocked out of the main event. But never have I seen anyone as devastated, as grief-stricken, as absolutely crushed as Brian Nadell.Brian fell to his knees and visibly...more

WSOP Main Event: The Return to Deep Stack Poker

by Wil WheatonAll the players who made it to the end of day four yesterday were guaranteed at least 49,000. They also managed to do what many people would consider the impossible: finish day five, as well.The official WSOP schedule called for play to finish up when there were 700...more

WSOP Main Event: Alan Resh "moves up the food chain"

by Mad HarperClick here for updateThis is Alan Resh's second WSOP and it's going considerably better than his first. In 2005, he was out only four hours into Day 2. This year he's on Day 5 with over a million in chips. He said: "Yup, I'm gradually moving up the...more

WSOP Main Event: Old King Coles

By Howard SwainsUpdate: Just managed to catch up with Paul Coles, who now has $530,000 after doubling up with 8-8 against A-Q earlier in the level. "I thought I was a goner there," he admitted. But the best hand and best player doesn't always get busted - as Paul's ride...more

WSOP Main Event: The Best of the Best

By Dr. Pauly and Mad Harper With 135 players left, PokerStars has 27 representatives still in the mix. The biggest named pro still lurking is the Costa Rican shark, Humberto Brenes. And the biggest online pro still around is Eric "Rizen" Lynch. Let's take a peek at some of the...more

WSOP Main Event: "Eu sou Brasileiro!!!"

It's a chant more normally heard at soccer matches where Brazil are, typically, crushing the opposition: "Eu sou brasileiro, com muito orgulho, com muito amor" ("I am Brazilian, with a lot of pride, with a lot of love".) But Brazilians are fiercely patriotic, whatever the sport involved, and the World...more

WSOP Main Event: Day 4 Wrap-Up

27 PokerStars Players Fighting For BraceletSaturday was simultaneously a day of soul-crushing disappointment and great hope. 2005 WSOP Champion Joe Hachem was eliminated after having his aces cracked. Still, with 135 players remaining in the World Series of Poker, PokerStars players are running strong and make up 20% of the...more

WSOP Main Event: Day 4 Index

PokerStars World Series of Poker Main Event Day 4 Coverage2006 WSOP PokerStars Winners ListDay 4 Selected Chip CountsPokerStars Qualifier CoveragePokerStars qualifiers raking it in (Igor Trafane) (by Mad Harper)Dmitri Nobles at Featured Table Updates (by C.J. Hoyt)Eric "Rizen" Lynch (by Brad "Otis" Willis)Rick Mombourquette(by Mad Harper)Kyle Bowker (by Craig Cunningham)Debra...more

WSOP Main Event: Tom McEvoy - Exit Interview with a Champion Part II

Dr. PaulyMake sure you take a peek at Wil's piece called WSOP Main Event: Tom McEvoy - Exit Interview with a Champion.Wil and I met up with Tom McEvoy about an hour he busted out. We spoke for almost an hour in the PokerStars suite and even had Bill Chen...more

WSOP Main Event: Getting to know Joe

by Ali LightmanYou know that gut-wrenching heart-sinking disbelief that washes over you after a bad beat?That's what I felt standing ten feet away from Joe Hachem this evening when the reigning World Champion was eliminated from the Main Event.His Aces got cracked. It's happened to us all. It hurts. His...more

WSOP Main Event: Day 4 European wrap

by Howard SwainsWe started with three, we found two more, and we're left with just those two.As we return from an extended dinner break to find just 189 players remaining in the main event (a mark we were not scheduled to reach until about midway through Sunday), our European PokerStars...more

WSOP Main Event: Weathering the Storm--Jason "strassa2" Strasser

Not too long after this report was filed, Strasser was eliminated from the Craig CunninghamJason Strasser came into today with $483k in chips and brimming with confidence. He's played just great poker, focused, patient, slowing things down as he's been working to do. He moved close to $700k, and...more

WSOP Main Event: Checking up on Some Sentimental Favorites

by Wil WheatonI have become emotionally invested in three players in the Main Event of the 2006 World Series of Poker. I'm not supposed to, of course, but after getting to know a little bit about these guys, meeting their families and telling you their stories, I can't help but...more

WSOP Main Event: Joe Hachem Eliminated

"In what kind of world does Rick Solomon outlast Joe Hachem?"A member of Team Blog asked his question two seconds ago as 2005 WSOP Champion Joe Hachem was eliminated from the 2006 WSOP Main Event.Joe was all in with aces versus pocket jacks and AQ. A jack came on the...more

WSOP Main Event: RIP Blue Rabbit

It's a bit "Inside Basbeball," for the PokerStars field, but for those who know him, we wish to congratulate the blue rabbit on a terrific run through the 2006 WSOP field. He's now off to munch on carrots and chips in other tournaments....more

WSOP Main Event: Dave Murray -- A glinting jewel from the Emerald Isle

by Howard SwainsDave Murray is the man we have been looking for. At every event, there is at least one player who manages to plough his way through the field, dominate his table, win huge pots, boss the meek and undermine the powerful. This player is supremely talented, classy and...more

WSOP Main Event: Dan Nassif on $550k

by Mad HarperDan Nassif wasn't really expecting to be in Vegas today. The 33-year-old advertising sales executive is taking vacation to play in the World Series - and last year he got knocked out on the first day when his tens ran into AK and the flop brought another King....more

WSOP Main Event: What a Nice Engagment for Rob Lederer

by Craig CunninghamPokerStars Qualifier Rob Lederer and Michelle Ye grew up together in New York. "We've been best friends since we were 12," said Michelle as she railbirded Rob. "I went to NYU, and Rob went to Brown." Michelle graduated in 2004 and headed to a PR firm in New...more

WSOP Main Event: Eric "Rizen" Lynch

by Brad "Otis" WillisI'm one to make bold statements. It's my nature. I'm rarely right (like that time I said, "New Coke is the best marketing idea EVER!"). That's what makes moments like today so much better.Eric "Rizen" Lynch is still alive and has an above average stack in the...more

WSOP Main Event: Rick Mombourquette on $790k

by Mad HarperRick Mombourquette, a 48-year-old construction consultant, from Alberta Canada, came to watch the World Series last year and had a great time. This year, thanks to a $16 rebuy on PokerStars which took him into the a $650 satellite, he's here to play. And it's not going badly.His...more

5 August

WSOP Main Event: The New Chipleader--Kyle Bowker, Takes a Massive Pot

by Craig CunninghamUpdate: 6:30PMKyle has held strong at $1,150,000, but he's witnessed some sick hands. "The 6s had AA vs. K-Q, and they got it all in on the flop after a queen hit. Then the same guy moved in against the 6s again. That guy had aces again, this...more

WSOP Main Event: Vultures and carcasses

by Howard SwainsIt's reached that time of a major poker tournament when all dealers, spectators, reporters and the vast majority of the players begin to feel a little queasy. "All in, called, on table 158!" bellow the unfortunate casino employees, choking on their own betrayal as they issue a death...more

World Series of Poker Main Event: PokerStars Winners

compiled by Dr. Pauly7 Doug Kim $2,391,5208 Erik Friberg $1,979,1899 Dan Nassif $1,566,85824 Eric Lynch $494,79725 Mark Garner $494,79730 Cuong Do $329,86533 Rob Berryman $329,86536 Humberto Brenes $329,86537 Kyle Bowker $247,39942 Brian Hansen $247,39946 Sean Johnson $164,93247 Raphael Doromal $164,93248 Dave Murray $164,93249 Cheng Yu $164,93255 John Ma $123,69965 Rueben...more

WSOP Main Event: Aaron Clark makes a move on Vegas

by Mad HarperWhen Aaron Clark told me he had given up college just ten hours short of graduating, I was a little bit disappointed. Chasing one's dream is great, but not when you're so very close to getting your degree. And I was even more alarmed when Aaron told me...more

WSOP Main Event: Selected Day 4 Chip Counts

Selected Day 4 Chip Counts from the WSOP(subject to time of recording)1:00amKyle Bowker 2,272,000Dmitri "DinoDaPro" Nobles 1,270,000John Ma 1,250,000Brian "LXIXME17" Hansen 1,200,000Eric "Rizen" Lynch 1,085,000Mark Garner 1,040,000Cuong Do 1,000,000Dave "RoundTower" Murray 991,000Doug Kim 941,000Rick Mombourquette 911,000Cheng Yu 876,000Humberto Brenes 835,000Dan Nassif 702,000Debra Lalor 700,000Iago Lopez 600,000Steven Goodemote 569,000Raphael Doromal 536,000Brian...more

WSOP Main Event: PokerStars qualifiers raking it in

by Mad HarperEverywhere you look in the Amazon Room today, PokerStars qualifiers are raking it in. Darry "nutboy1" Dare is up $120k since he took his seat on Day 4. Igor Trefane from Brazil doubled up and is now on $400,000. I caught him in the break with his Brazilian...more

WSOP Main Event: Starting Day 4 Chip Counts

WSOP SCOREBOARD (Day 3)Starting players in WSOP: 8773Players left in the WSOP: Approximately 481PokerStars qualifiers remaining in the WSOP field: Approximately 105Average all WSOP players: 76,008Jon Lane 654,000 Dmitri Nobles 650,000 Debra Lalor 555,000 Eric Lynch 541,000 Mark Garner 521,500 Dan Nassif 514,000 Jason Strasser 483,000 Rick Mombourcovette 467,500 Kyle...more

WSOP Main Event: Dmitri Nobles at the Featured Table

Update: 1:42pmNow that's a final table.The table changed yet again and this time, Dmitri had some rather interest company. World class pro David Chiu started the day with more than 600,000 chips, but by the time he got to Dmitri's table, he was short stacked and didn't last long. The...more

PokerStars Qualifer Debra Lalor: Top Lady in the Field

Debra Lalor was shivering as she sat in the Amazon Room Friday, sick as a dog. "I've been getting sick at breaks Day 2 and today, and I was in bed all day while we were off." Her remedy for this illness is a bit unique: taking Alleve then chasing...more

WSOP Main Event Day 4: Joe Hachem updates

by Ali Lightman**18:20**Defending WSOP champion Joe Hachem has been knocked out of the Main Event. He re-raised all in with pocket Aces, and was called in two places. Joe only had $120 000 in front of him, having lost a huge pot earlier when his QQ didn't stand up against...more

WSOP Main Event: Humberto Brenes --The Shark Smells Blood

By Dr. Pauly It's not a surprise to me that Humberto Brenes is still alive at the WSOP. With 483 players remaining, Brenes is one of a handful of notable pros who are still in the hunt for the $12 million first place prize. In a sea of internet qualifiers...more

WSOP Main Event: Day 3 Wrap-Up

PokerStars qualifier Dmitri Nobles continues to lead 2006 WSOP--PokerStars players cash in Day 3by Brad "Otis" WillisAs a poker writer, I would give up every moment of action I ever see in tournaments to experience a continuous loop of what happened today. There is no greater poker tension than the...more

WSOP Main Event: The Brazilian survivor

by Mad HarperIgor "igorfederal" Trefane arrived in Vegas with a 16-strong gang of poker-playing compatriots. Five qualified on PokerStars to play in the main event, one in a WSOP satellite. Now only Igor remains. Igor "IgorFederal" TrafaneThe 33-year-old from Campinas, near Sao Paolo, has been playing poker online for three...more

WSOP Main Event: Day 3 Photo Gallery

Adam StormwindAkshay KumarAlex ToddAndrew BrokosCarlos LopezCheng YuCory ButlerTeam Blog's Craig Cunningham with Jason StrasserDan HeimillerDan PelletierDario MinieriDarryl "nutboy1" DareDmitri NoblesDmitri Nobles waits for a flopA PokerStars qualifier gets creative with the online gaming restriction stickersJoe HachemHumberto BrenesIago LopezJason StrasserJim ShererHachem, later in the dayLee ThomasMark GarnerMichael HogbomPeter FalkTeam Blog's crack...more

WSOP Main Event: A Pause in the Action

by Wil WheatonNow that the bubble has burst, there are money jumps pretty frequently, and each time that happens, they have to pause the tournament to make sure players are paid correctly, and tables can be balanced.I walked into the Amazon room during one of these pauses, and found an...more

WSOP Main Event: Beyond the Bubble

by Wil WheatonJust before the money bubble burst, almost all of the spectators and media were sent off to the island of misfit toys, where we sang claymation songs and watched bumbles bounce.As soon as we were let back into the tournament area, CJ and I headed down the hallway...more

2006 WSOP Main Event: Day 3 Money Winners

by Dr. PaulyThe money bubble broke several hours ago. Here are a list of PokerStars qualifiers who made the money in the 2006 WSOP Main Event:397 Thomas Koo $30,512402 John Coito $30,512403 Jason Richards $30,512412 David Daneshgar $30,512444 Lawrence Frye $26,389446 Alex Todd $26,389455 Adam Stormwind $26,389469 Andy Martinez $26,389474...more

WSOP Main Event: Day 3 Index

PokerStars Blog Coverage from Day 3 of the WSOPGeneral CoverageSelected Day 3 Chip CountsPokerStars WSOP Winners (Day 3) (compiled by Dr. Pauly)WSOP Day 3 Photo Gallery Bubble Time (by Dr. Pauly)Beyond the Bubble (by Wil Wheaton)A Pause in the Action (by Wil Wheaton)PokerStars qualifier coverageLooking at the extremes (by Craig...more

WSOP Main Event: Jason Strasser Showers and Takes Off

by Craig CunninghamTeam Blog's Craig Cunningham checks out Strasser's chip stackJason's at $450,000 and had a bit of downtime as Allen Cunningham sprinted by him from a nearby table, making a run to the restroom. Play has slowed as so many players bustout, creating a long line at the payout...more

WSOP Main Event: Daniel Pelletier on a Rush

by C.J. HoytWhen Day 2 started, Daniel Pelletier was among the chip leaders with about $100,000. Vegas is a long way from his home in Quebec, north of the border, but he obviously brought his poker game with him. For Day 2, he had a plan and it was to...more

WSOP Main Event: Decision Time on the Bubble for Johan Beckfjard

by Craig CunninghamJohan Backfjard started the day strong at $137,700, but by the time play went round by round, he was sitting on around $12,500. With blinds at $1k/2k with $300 antes, any pot would help him revive his fortunes and give him a chance to climb back into contention....more

WSOP Main Event: Super Dario

by Howard SwainsFor further updates on Dario Minieri, click here.When I first caught up with Dario Minieri, back on Day 1, there was one thing on his mind."You work for PokerStars?" he asked. "I don't have my SuperNova T-shirt yet," he said.Dario Mineri before finding his specialized Supernova gearEssential as...more

WSOP Main Event: Will the real Chris Martin please stand up

by Mad HarperClick here for updateI got quite excited when I saw the name Chris Martin on the PS qualifiers' list. "Ooh, Coldplay!" I thought. Obviously however, it's not Gwyneth Paltrow's pop-singing hubby on Table 56 - it's the other Chris Martin, the 23-year-old real estate agent from Bourbonnais, Illinois...more

WSOP Main Event: Day 3 Selected Chip Counts

Chip counts are subject to time of recording1:04am# indicates spot on leaderboard (standings are subject to change upon final chip count)Dmitri Nobles 650,000 (1)Kyle Bowker 600,000 (5)Jon Lane 580,000 (6)Debra Lalor 550,000 (8)Eric "Rizen" Lynch 541,000 (9)Mark Garner 525,000 (10)Rick Mombourouette 500,000Jason Strasser 485,000Daniel Pelletier 400,000Darryl 'nutboy1' Dare 390,000Chris Budak...more

2006 WSOP Main Event: Bubble Time

Dr. Pauly No one wants to be the Bubble Boy. Or Bubble Girl or Bubble Monkey for that matter. Busting out on the bubble is one of the most demoralizing moments in tournament poker. At some point, every player has experience busting out on or near the bubble. But having...more

WSOP Main Event: Looking at the Extremes

Today is cut day, similar to a Friday at a PGA event. 286 players won't cash, and the table you draw has a significant impact on how your day will go.Jason "strassa22" Strasser sits on the high extreme, his table holding $1,223,000 in chips. He starts the day comfortably at...more

WSOP Main Event: More than meets the eye -- Gary Jones

by Howard SwainsJust before heading to Las Vegas for the World Series, I was faced with the arduous task of moving house; sentimentally weeping my way through years of letters, photographs, dust and memories before shoving them into a box and pretending it all never happened.More happily, I also revisited...more

4 August

WSOP Main Event: In Search of the Big Story

by Wil WheatonEvery day, we on Team Blog look for what we call The Big Story. It's been Jason Strasser, The PokerStars Seven (then Five), 2005 World Series Champion Joe Hachem not only surviving to day three, but kicking ass all the way . . . and, of course, Dmitri...more

WSOP Main Event: The European march

by Howard SwainsDay three, and the final 1,168 all fancy their chances of the money. Just 873 of those actually will make it, meaning 295 won't. We're already in a pseudo-bubble phase, with the uber-bubble expected to burst a level or two into today.From a European PokerStars perspective, things are...more

WSOP Main Event: Viva Espana

by Mad HarperSitting on Table 3 today is a loveable bear of a guy called Carlos Albert Lopez Neira. He and his best friend Iago Lopez Gonzalez are both PokerStars qualifiers and the only two Spaniards left in the WSOP. They grew up six miles apart in Lugo, Galicia and...more

WSOP Main Event: Tom McEvoy -- 1983 Champion and 2006 Unsung Hero

By Dr. Pauly Tom McEvoy begins Day 3 as one of three WSOP Champions left in the field. 2005 Champion Joe Hachem and 2000 Champion Carlos Mortensen are both still in the hunt for their second championship along with Tom McEvoy, who won his championship in 1983. That was before...more

WSOP Main Event Day 3: Joe Hachem updates

**1:15am**The World Champion has survived a grueling day battling for his place in Day 4 of the main event. "To finish at $141 000 after the day I've had, I'm ecstatic."While still under average ($174 000) it's a big improvement, both emotionally and in terms of his stack. Joe headed...more

Dmitri Nobles: Who is this guy?

by C.J. HoytUpdate: 1:11amWow. What a finish.Dmitri says he was on tilt. He told his new table (after moving) that he wasn't happy. They hardly believed him considering the near 500,000 in front of him. Then he explained how he had doubled up 10 players already and was once at...more

3 August

WSOP Main Event: PokerStars Day 2 combined chip counts

WSOP SCOREBOARD (Day 2B Combined)Starting players in WSOP: 8773Players left in the WSOP: Approximately 1,159PokerStars qualifiers remaining in the WSOP field: Approximately 170Average all WSOP players: 76,008Dmitri Nobles 549,200 Jon Lane 405,400 Daniel Pelletier 334,300 Jason Strasser 319,000 Phillipe Boucher 303,300 Dario Minieri 275,900 Cheng Yu 258,200 Akshay Kumar 249,600...more

WSOP Main Event: Dmitri Nobles--Chip Leader

by C.J. HoytEnd of Day 2B Update: $549,200. It's hard to imagine someone having that many chips after two days of play, but that's exactly where Dmitri "DinoDaPro" Nobles finds himself. In fact, had his pocket Tens held up against pocket 8s, he'd still have about $600,000."I do better when...more

WSOP Main Event: Playing with a Champion Like a Champion--Philippe Boucher

by Craig CunninghamDaniel Negreanu held court today on the ESPN Feature Table, keeping the crowd entertained while accumulating chips. In the shadow of the ESPN Feature Table sits Table 9, where two PokerStars players sat on opposite sides of the dealer and at the extreme opposite end of poker experience....more

WSOP Main Event: Dmitri Nobles--Half Million Dollar Man

(UPDATED AT END)PokerStars Cash Qualifier Dmitri "Dinodapro" Nobles recently became the 2006 WSOP Main Event's first player to reach a half million in chips. Dmitri NoblesIn one recent orbit, Nobles raised four consecutive hands. On one, he showed an ace. On the next he showed 23o. On the next he...more

WSOP Main Event: The new Colosseum

by Howard SwainsIt's unlikely that Dario Minieri has spent much of his life as a bully. A quick glance at our PokerStars Supernova from Rome, Italy, reveals a wee slip of a lad - glinting gold jewellery notwithstanding, he's unlikely to have been striding out Russell Crowe-style to Gladiator-whip a...more

WSOP Main Event: Day 2B Photo Gallery

Dario MinieriTom McEvoyArnie BlennerAdam StormwindEric BlooreDan HeimillerScott ByronTim Woodcock...more

WSOP Main Event: Greg Raymer Eliminated

By Dr. PaulyTwo champions at the start of the dayI had been standing on the rail closely watching Greg Raymer's every move for most of Day 2B. If you've played in poker tournaments or sweated friends or family members from the rail, you know how boring poker can be. It's...more

WSOP Main Event: Day 2B Index

World Series of Poker Day 2B Coveage IndexPokerStars Qualifiers UpdateSelected Day 2B Chip CountsDmitri Nobles: Fast and Loose (by C.J. Hoyt)Dmitri Nobles: The Half Million Dollar Man (by Brad "Otis" Willis)Igor sits with the champ (by Craig Cunningham)A PokerStars family reunion (by Mad Harper)When all's said and Don (by Howard...more

WSOP Main Event: Fossilman Does His Best

Don't miss: Greg Raymer--Large Field Guru by Dr Pauly and Raymer Plays Like a Wil WheatonThe tournament director announced that this was the last hand before the break, just as action came to Greg, who was once again on the button.Greg looked at his cards, raised, and struck that...more

WSOP Main Event: Raymer Plays Like a Champion

Don't miss: Greg Raymer--Large Field Guru by Dr Paulyby Wil WheatonI stayed out a little too late[1] last night, so I got into the Rio excessively late today, long after Team Blog had begun its soon-to-be-award-winning work.I dropped off my backpack, grabbed my notebook, and found Pauly at the rail,...more

WSOP Main Event: Igor Sits with the Champ

by Craig CunninghamIgor Holdaiy (above) and Bill Rector spent much of the day together on Day 1, and they both made it to the end of the night in good shape. When players finish bagging their chips at the end of the day, they are given a small colored card...more

WSOP Main Event: Fast and Loose

by C.J. HoytUpdate at 6:17pm: You may want to read the rest of this post for some background, but I had to add this story...As I approached Dmitri's table, I saw a 11,000 bet in front of him. The board held 5hQdKd. The player in the 7 Seat (to Dmitri's...more

WSOP Main Event: Day 2B Chip Counts

Selected chip counts are approximate and subject to the time they were recordedUpdate as of 12:21am End of Day 2BDmitri Nobles $549,200Daniel Pelletier $350,000Phillipe Boucher $292,000Dario Minieri $260,000Kyle Bowker $250,000Chris Martin $180,000Dan Heimiller $170,000Vaughn Sandman $152,000Johan Backfjord $147,000Joe Hachem $140,000Andy Martinez $136,000Jim Scherer $118,000Stephen Jones $103,000Michael Laufer $100,000Jon Carlson $100,000Alex...more

2 August

WSOP Main Event: "Craig, I've got something to tell you: udog is your Dad"

by Mad HarperWhen Brooks Craig Rickard III was just six years old, his father, Brooks Craig Rickard II, left home. As the eldest of three, young Craig stepped into his father's shoes but his parents' break-up left a bitter legacy. For his entire life, Craig hated his Dad for 'abandoning'...more

WSOP Main Event: Joe Hachem updates

Updates on Joe Hachem in Day 2B will be published here all day longby Ali Lightman**11pm**Joe's stack is now up to $111 000.He raised from the button with QJo and and found a caller in the big blind, who had an unlit cigarette between clenched teeth and a furiously jiggling...more

WSOP Main Event: Greg Raymer--Large Field Guru

By Dr. PaulyGreg Raymer has set himself apart from his peers by becoming one of the greatest large field tournament players of all time. Over the last three year the numbers of participants in various WSOP tournaments, including the main event championship, have spiked to ridiculous numbers. The number of...more

WSOP Main Event: When all's said and Don

by Howard SwainsMuch of last year's World Series coverage on this blog focused on Anthony Donald Fagan, a PokerStars qualifier who did not fit quite as snugly into the common perception of an internet player as most. Anthony (known as Don) is a mild-mannered Irishman with a distinctly more tigerish...more

WSOP Main Event: Joe Hachem--"Here's the plan boys"

Joe Hachem forgot his ID when he turned up to play Day 2B today, but as the dealer and players and everyone watching could vouch for his identity it was no big deal.An all-in raise by the button took the first pot and that's when Joe made an announcement."Here's the...more

WSOP Main Event: Day 2A Chip Counts

WSOP SCOREBOARD Day 2AStarting players in WSOP: 8773Players left in the WSOP: 2296PokerStars qualifiers remaining in the WSOP field: Approximately 280Average all WSOP players: $77,620Note: These chip counts have been compiled to the best of our ability. We have found several instances in which names are spelled much differently on...more

WSOP Main Event: Michael Lewendon's consolation prize

Like thousands of other players, PokerStars qualifier Michael Lewendon was gutted to be knocked out of the WSOP on Day 1. But his disappointment was tempered by an extraordinary gesture by the player who busted him. As Michael, 56, from Berkshire in England, got up from the table and reluctantly...more

WSOP Main Event: Day 2A Wrap-up

Jason "strassa2" Strasser goes bigby Brad "Otis" WillisIt's a little odd. For the past 18 months, I've been sweating players for a living. I stand behind them all day long, watch their hands, track their play, and report how things are going.If today were any ordinary day, I would've been...more

WSOP Main Event: Bouncin' Around the Room as Day 2A Ends

The throng of spectators just inside the door was even thicker and tougher to navigate than usual, and I quickly discovered why: 1972 WSOP champion Amarillo Slim Preston was signing autographs for several fans; an equal number of people stood nearby and gawked.I pushed my way around them, and snuck...more

WSOP Main Event: Jason Strasser Takes Control

by Craig CunninghamHow do you know you're doing well at the Main Event of the World Series of Poker? Here are a few hints:When your chips are chest high and you have lost any system to keep track of the quantity. You've started thinking in $10k increments.When Norm Chad from...more

WSOP Main Event: Aussies and Kiwis on Day 2A

A relative novice, 22 year old New Zealander Josh Egan is building a very respectable stack on Day 2A of the Main Event.Josh, a film and finance student from Ponsonby in Auckland, is sitting on more than $80 000 after doubling up in the first Level of play.One of the...more

WSOP Main Event: Royalty dips a toe in the deep end

by Mad HarperThey were having a lot of fun on Table 44. There were four PokerStars qualifiers there, as well as Tom Parker Bowles in Seat 1. Tom is the son of Camilla Parker Bowles (aka the Duchess of Cornwall since her marriage to Prince Charles). No one at Table...more

WSOP Main Event: Max Shapiro on the bubble

by Max Shapiro Some time back, I wrote one of my routinely hilarious columns for Card Player magazine called "Don't Break the Bubble." In it, I pointed out that "I finished on the bubble" is one of poker's most lugubrious expressions, ranking with "I got my aces cracked," and "They...more

WSOP Main Event: Returning to the Scene of the Crime

by Craig CunninghamAs players bag their chips for the first time in a World Series event, an adrenaline rush surges through your body to providing new energy and excitement as players chat excitedly as they leave the Rio. Cab drivers hear all the bad beat stories prior to 3:00AM, but...more

WSOP Main Event: Day 2A Index

Players will be heading to dinner break soon. So far today, we've seen a lot of action, including a release of the payouts for the entire event. Here's a look at Team Blog's work from the afternoon.OFFICIAL 2006 WSOP PayoutsPokerStars Qualifier UpdatesHow Did You Sleep? (by C.J. Hoyt)Aussies and Kiwis...more

WSOP Main Event: Flusfeder makes Day 2

Otis' Note: Novelist David Flusfeder qualified on PokerStars for the WSOP Main Event and has agreed to tell us his story as he makes his way through the David FlusfederAs a Main Event novice, my first aim was to survive the day, the second was to double up. For...more

2006 World Series of Poker Main Event Payouts

2006 World Series of Poker Official Payouts1 - $12,000,0002 - $6,102,4993 - $4,123,3104 - $3,628,5135 - $3,216,1826 - $2,803,8517 - $2,391,5208 - $1,979,1899 - $1,566,85810-12 - $1,154,52713-15 - $907,12816-18 - $659,73019-27 - $494,79728-36 - $329,86537-45 - $247,39946-54 - $164,93255-63 - $123,69964-72 - $90,71373-81 - $65,97382-126 - $51,129127-189 - $47,006190-252 -...more

WSOP Main Event: Greenstein Out, "boilingfish" Boils Fish, Brenes Dominates

by Wil WheatonYesterday Barry Greenstein said to me, "The best time to play cash games is during the Main Event, because when people bust out they come over and tilt off all kinds of money. Last year, when I busted out of the Main Event, I blew three million in...more

1 August

WSOP Main Event: Poker Ambassadors-- Greenstein, Duthie, Thater, and Brenes

By Dr. PaulyPoker is now an international game thanks to several ambassadors of poker. Take a look at the players from Team PokerStars in Day 2A of the WSOP championship for example. Barry Greenstein, John Duthie, Katja Thater, and Humberto Brenes represent four different nations and in each of their...more

WSOP Main Event: Brenes Says PokerStars is Good Luck, Greenstein as T-Rex

There was a time in my life, many years ago, when I often found a camera in my face, usually when I wasn't at work. I was never too happy about it, but grew to just accept it as a fact of my life. When I'm in a poker tournament,...more

WSOP Main Event: Day 2A Chip Counts

Selected chip counts are approximate and subject to the time they were recordedUpdate as of 12:10pm Level 11Jon Lane $405,000Jason Strasser $319,000Cheng Yu $265,000Aaron Clark $237,000Akshay Kumar $228,000Darryl "nutboy1" Dare $210,000Matt Maroon $208,000Sean Johnson $200,000Mark Garner $190,000David Murray $163,000Gary Jones $160,000Eric "Rizen" Lynch $156,000Brian Nadell $155,000Humberto Brenes $150,000Peter Sun $132,000Igor...more

World Series of Poker: Quick trip round Europe

by Howard Swains"Where are you from?""Nottingham.""Notting Hill?""Nottingham.""Where's that?""You ever heard of Robin Hood?""I've seen the Hugh Grant movie.""That's Notting Hill.""Yeah. Where you from?""Nottingham."Etc, etc.Matt Tailby, who is from Nottingham (which is in the middle of England, and does not have a book shop run by Hugh Grant), meets his neighbour.Meanwhile,...more

WSOP Main Event: How'd You Sleep?

by C.J. HoytUpdate on Steph Klempner as of 1:04pm at the bottomIt's a good question for PokerStars qualifiers who are playing in day 2 of their very first WSOP Main Event. I'd have to guess that my night might be a little restless.Cory ButlerCory Butler, starting stack $90,250If I were,...more

Great News: Katja in terrible mood

Stand warned, Table 19. Katja Thater - Team PokerStars' latest signing - is in a very bad mood. No particular reason for it - she just woke up that way - but she's not unhappy about it. "It's odd because I slept very well but then I woke up just...more

WSOP Main Event: Day 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D Chip Counts

WSOP SCOREBOARD (Days 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D)Unofficial starting players in WSOP: 8774Players left in the WSOP: Approximately 3,700PokerStars qualifiers remaining in the WSOP field: Approximately 750Average all WSOP players: $26,172Note: These chip counts have been compiled to the best of our ability. We have found several instances in which names...more

WSOP Main Event: Day 1D Wrap-up

Joe Hachem finishes Day 1D with a champion's authorityby Brad "Otis" WillisBets come in many forms. Since Team Blog has been here, we've placed bets on the toss of a water bottle, the eating of crayons, whether a baseball batter would get a hit or an out, and how many...more

WSOP Main Event: Joe Hachem makes Day 2

by Ali LightmanWorld Champion Joe Hachem has cruised through to Day 2 of the Main Event, ending in the wee hours with a stack of $56,500 $86,500. (For more details about the monster pot that he took down after the final whistle had blown, visit Here's the Plan Boys.Despite fifteen...more

WSOP Main Event: Ice Cream Dreams and Last Chance

by Craig CunninghamTwo last ditch efforts to gain a seat in the World Series of Poker through PokerStars have been converted to solid runs in Day 1D at the Main Event.Igor Holdayi left his job as an engineer in the Ukraine to come the United States in 1996. He's worked...more

WSOP Main Event: How To Beat Cowboys

by C.J. HoytWhen you get all your money into the pot, you're hoping you have the best of it. When you push all in and get called by pocket Kings, having the best of it isn't always easy. Let's just say Bill "billybobx" Rector wasn't the least bit worried.Forty years...more

WSOP Main Event: WSOP Final Tablist Vanessa Selbst Here for More

Few people had heard of Vanessa Selbst when she final tabled Event #6 this year, taking home $101,285. I told her when we met that the only photo I could find of her on Google was her infamous sushi preparation shot from college. She had just mucked her hand, but...more

WSOP Main Event: Moneymaker's Quads

by Wil WheatonUpdate: The, uh, veracity of the following story has been called into question via Pokernews, who report that the tale of flopped aces full against flopped quads is, uh, less than accurate. We here on Team Blog would be shocked -- shocked -- if a poker player lied...more

WSOP Main Event: Donna Skolnick

One of the more interesting sideshows to this year's World Series of Poker has been taking place in the corridor beside the main entrance to the tournament room. There, Ron "MadYank" Fannelli, an American exiled in London, has just broken the endurance World Record for heads-up play; he just completed...more

WSOP Main Event: $urebet pockets satellite win

With over five million poker players signed up to PokerStars, making the Tournament Leader Board on a regular basis is no mean feat. But Ted "$urebet" Spencer, from Warwick, Rhode Island, is a consistent presence and currently ranked 71st overall this year.Fact is, Ted is on online demon - he...more

WSOP Main Event: Playing with the Pros Day 1D

by C.J. Hoyt"The cameras keep coming by," Lee "pokerlee" Pierce told me, "They seem to like the blonde over there.Pierce, two to the left of "The Blonde""The blonde" in the 5 seat just happens to be poker pro Cyndy Violette. Apparently, our PokerStars qualifiers were completely unfazed. Even Robert Hawkes...more

WSOP Main Event: Pre-Game Interview-- Adam "Cattaneo" Stormwind

By Dr. PaulyI had the chance to catch up with an old friend of mine, Adam "Cattaneo" Stormwind, from Far Rockaway, NY. Stormwind won a seat into the championship main event via a PokerStars satellite. We used to work together at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City...more

WSOP Main Event: Day 1D Photo Gallery

How about a look around the room?...more

World Series of Poker Main Event: Texas Holden

by Mad HarperClick here for updateSitting on Table 35 today is one of my all-time poker heroes, the British journalist Anthony Holden - here courtesy of winning a PokerStars media event in London. As you should definitely know (and award yourself five minus points if you don't), Anthony wrote Big...more

WSOP Main Event: Day 1D Index

PokerStars Blog Coverage from Day 1DThe Post-Modern American Dream (by Dr. Pauly)PokerStars WSOP Day 1D Photo GalleryWSOP Day 1D Wrap-upPokerStars Qualifiers UpdateCalling Table 249--from the PokerStars Biggest WSOP Satellite in history (by Mad Harper)Will the Real David Matthews Stand Up? (by Craig Cunningham)Ice Cream Dreams and Last Chances--Igor Holdayi and...more

WSOP Main Event: Day 1D Chip Count Updates

Selected chip counts are approximate and subject to the time they were recordedUpdate as of 2:14 am Level 6Todd Collins $72,000Bill Rector $70,000Ed Blount $60,000Thomas Dunwoodie $56,000Alex Todd $49,000Alex Tonne $45,000Tim Woodcock $43,000Mike Sergio $42,000Antonio Ribeiro $41,000Mark Bogen $41,000Ole Busborg Jensen $40,000Andrew Fennelwalk $38,000Wilhelm Nordfjord $35,000Bob McWilliams $34,500John Dull $34,000Yuri...more

WSOP Main Event: Sweatin' to the Aussie

by Wil WheatonPauly and I left the media room and headed out toward the tournament floor. We got separated in a huge crush of spectators, and planned to meet "over there" when we worked our way through.It was the last time I saw him for the next hour. That happens...more

WSOP Main Event: Will the Real David Matthews Please Stand Up?

by Craig CunninghamIf you've flown a good bit, chances are you've gone to your seat in 17A, only to find a lovely young lady sitting in the same seat. You check boarding passes, and yes, you both have the same seat. PokerStars qualifier David Matthews was sitting at Table 60...more

WSOP Main Event: Dotting the "i"s and crossing the "t"s

by Howard SwainsSimon Young is approaching the final chapter. Having represented PokerStars during five out of six events on season two of the European Poker Tour (EPT), he is now sporting the livery in the World Series main event. Some people do this to pay the rent, others for fun...more