WSOP Main Event: PokerStars qualifiers raking it in


by Mad Harper

Everywhere you look in the Amazon Room today, PokerStars qualifiers are raking it in. Darry "nutboy1" Dare is up $120k since he took his seat on Day 4. Igor Trefane from Brazil doubled up and is now on $400,000. I caught him in the break with his Brazilian 'fan club', all having a great time, waving around flags and football shirts.

Spaniard Carlos Lopez, after a shaky day yesterday, doubled up early on today to $180,000 when his Kings beat 9s. Also a happy face in the break.

Young Chris Martin was ecstatic after taking out Hoyt Corkins. "I was on the button with 9s" he said. "Hoyt pushed all in with AK but never improved. I rivered a set just for good measure. It was a $140,000 pot and I'm now on $400,000." Even if Chris went out right now - which he won't - he'd still be taking home $34,6236 - easily enough for a few rounds of golf at Pebble Beach.

While I watched, Team PokerStars' Humberto Brenes bullied a player at his table into laying-down his hand and giving away a $30,000 pot. With K882A on the table, Humberto was on feet waving his arms in the air. "I know what you've got," said his opponent. "You've got K of Spades, King of Clubs." Humberto wasn't saying anything though and mucked his cards while raking in the pot.

Irishman David Murray got lucky on the river in the first hour - and doubled up to $380,000. "I had 10s and the other guy had 8s. He flopped a set and I rivered the 10. It was pretty dramatic but hopefully it won't be like that all day." According to our friend Tom from Antesup, young David is a former dealer from the Fitzwilliam Casino in Dublin. "He's only been playing about a year and a half" said Tom. "He became a dealer while he was a student to help pay the bills."

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