$1 Million Guaranteed Results

With more than $1 million in the prize pool, there was no doubt big money would be at stake in the Sunday $1 million guaranteed event. Often in such situations, the money gets chopped up with a few players remaining. This Sunday, player never spoke of a deal. In fact, the final two players battled heads-up for a $70,000 difference in prize money. When it was over Cubbie76 emerged as the winner and won more than $150,000. Here are the final table results.

PokerStars $1 Million Guaranteed Final Table Results

1. Cubbie76 (Charlotte, NC) $156,877
2. tictac (Ermont, France) $86,359
3. plvlg420 (Brampton, ON, Canada) $51,100
4. Per-18 (Copenhagen, Denmark) $40,880
5. Keyser (Jorpeland, Norway) $31,682
6. dmmikkel (Stavanger, Norway) $25,550
7. Rob 1973 (St. John's, NF, Canada) $19,929
8. Takkformaten (Beira Mar, Norway) $14,819
9. ROXY24 (Brantford, ON, Canada) $9,198

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news