2006 WCOOP: Event #1 Results

The World Championship of Online Poker kicked off this weekend with the first-ever WCOOP Razz event. Event #1 drew more than 1,200 people who fought and battled to make the worst hand. When it was all over, Prescott, Arizona's Nabokov claimed the first WCOOP Razz bracelet and more than $58,000! A full final table report will be out later on Sunday. For now, full results can be found by clicking WCOOP Razz results. Here are the final table results.

PokerStars WCOOP Event #1: $215 Razz Final Table Results

1. Nabokov (United States) $58,365.00
2. TS Long (United States) $35,019.00
3. solody (France) $22,827.20
4. 2badd4u (United States) $16,861.00
5. FellKnight (Canada) $13,748.20
6. respekmestak (Canada) $11,154.20
7. debrisfish (Italy) $8,560.20
8. BadgerDawg (United States) $5,706.80

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