2006 WCOOP: Event #14 Final Table Report

"Turning Stone casino is about two hours away. That is the closest thing I have for live poker," he said. "I play online and then try to travel to the tournaments. I'm going to the Trump Taj Majal for the USPC." --Kyle "kwob20" Bowker, the day after winning 2006 WCOOP Event #5 for more that $100,000

I hate to be redundant. I really do. The neat thing about the World Championship of Online Poker is that I get to introduce you to a new PokerStars player every time an event is over. It's fresh every day. Well, today, I just can't do that, because you already know the winner of Event #14.

Kyle "kwob20" Bowker at the 2006 WSOP

Yeah, that's Kyle "kwob20" Bowker. Just a week after winning the 2006 World Championship of Online Poker Event #5, Bowker traveled down to Atlantic City and set up shop at the Taj, ready to play in the United States Poker Championship events. While there, he fired up Event #14 in his hotel room and sat down to play. There, in the middle of a casino hotel room, Bowker made online poker history.

Though the 2006 WCOOP made history last week when spawng became the first person to ever win a second WCOOP bracelet, no one had ever won two WCOOP bracelets in the same year. Early Friday morning, Kyle Bowker changed that.

"What can I say?" Bowker mused, "I am on the rush of a lifetime."

With three tables remaining, my eyes were on Bowker and Greg "Fossilman" Raymer. Earlier in the week, Raymer had mentioned that, while he holds the 2004 WSOP Main event no-limit bracelet, he still believed stud high-low was his best game. He made good on the statement by making a run for the Event #14 final table. He finished in 19th place.

Bowker, however, continued his rush, by making the final table with eight other tough players, including Evelyn, who was sitting at his second final table of the 2006 WCOOP.

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Seat 1: PokerJ2006 (156294 in chips)
Seat 2: MOJOEX1 (157066 in chips)
Seat 3: Fooge (86980 in chips)
Seat 4: TroppoBravo (420313 in chips)
Seat 5: kwob20 (116268 in chips)
Seat 6: nutspp (199075 in chips)
Seat 7: doidovarrido (91274 in chips)
Seat 8: Evelyn (225230 in chips)

Fooge sat on the shortest stack when final table play began and needed to pick up a hand quickly to remain in action. On a deal of 5cKc/Ks, he got all his chips in against Pokerj2006, who unfortunately for Fooge, held 5hAh/As. Fooge didn't improve and finished in eighth place, earning $5,839.05.

For a half hour play continued and PokerJ2006 couldn't build his stack any more. This time, he was the one dealt kings (AdKd/Kc). He went to battle with Evelyn, who started with Ac8d/3h. Evelyn improved on fifth street when he paired his ace. PokerJ2006 didn't improve and departed in seventh place for $8,773.10.

After being forced to post the bring-in on countless hands, doidovarrido made s short run before getting crippled in a huge pot with ToppoBravo. TroppoBravo rivered the wheel for the scoop. A few minutes later, TroppoBravo knocked off doidovarrido and MOJOEX1 in the same hand. All three players had low draws, none of which got there, and TroppoBravo's rivered two pair was good for the high and the double elimination. MOJOEX1, who started with more chips, finished in fifth for $14,757.40. Doidovarrido pocketed $11,736.20 for sixth place.

Ten minutes later, Bowker started his final table assault. Nutspp started off with a good low draw that never materialized. Kwob20 attacked with a pair of sixes and a 7-6 low he made on seventh street. Nutspp took fourth place and $18,127.20.

From that moment forward, watching Bowker play was like being on the business end of a bungee cord. The up and down nature of his stack was something akin to watching the stock market on a day the Fed makes a big announcement. Finally, Bowker seemed to settle into a groove and started getting hit in the head with the deck. In a key hand against Evelyn, Bowker made queens full of sixes in five cards and got Evelyn to play hard all the way to the river. Evelyn lost most of his stack on the hand and eventually succumbed in third place when his pair of nines didn't hold up for the high against TroppoBravo. Evelyn, in his second 2006 WCOOP appearance, won $25,302.55.

Although TroppoBravo was able to win a big hand to bring his chip count even with Bowker's, he couldn't find a way to win. Bowker played as aggressively as ever, got hit in the head with the deck, and in ten minutes rolled over TroppoBravo, finally finishing off his opponent with a pair of aces against a pair of kings and a busted low draw. TroppoBravo earned $40,089.00 for his fantastic second place finish.

As for Bowker, he's riding his rush in Atlantic City.

"It's unbelievable to win two events in the last two weeks. I did plan on doing well in the WCOOP, but I could not have expected this," he said. "No limit hold'em is my game, so, to win in two other events is fulfilling also. The final table was much tougher for me than the last time. Every time I would game some momentum I would get knocked back down. I tried to hang around and bide my time. When we got three-handed, I finally got the card rush I had been patiently waiting for. Now I have to find a way to get into the $10,000 main event here [in A.C.]."

A full list of money winners can be found at the PokerStars WCOOP Event #14 Results page. Final table results are below.

PokerStars WCOOP Event #14 Final Table Results

1. kwob20 (United States) $68,267.50
2. TroppoBravo (Italy) $40,089.00
3. Evelyn (Germany) $25,302.55
4. nutspp (Spain) $18,127.20
5. MOJOEX1 (United States) $14,757.40
6. doidovarrido (Norway) $11,736.20
7. PokerJ2006 (Australia) $8,773.10
8. Fooge (United States) $5,839.05

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