2006 WCOOP: Event #3 Final Table Report

"Poker is like driving and making love. Everybody thinks they are the best."
--Greg Raymer, during final table webcast of WCOOP Event #3

Giants just don't get the credit they deserve. Because they are big, most people think they are oafs, incapable of using their brain, and finding success only through the use of brute force. Most people believe that if they can outsmart a giant, they can beat him.

In the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker Event #3, Pot-Limit Omaha with rebuys, trickery and guile were the order of the day and the biggest target at the table was a Swede who played under a name befitting his chip stack: thegiant.

This is what the final table looked like as the players began the fight for the big money.

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Seat 1: nomoballer (379911 in chips)
Seat 2: AnalAce (449972 in chips)
Seat 3: bastet2004 (853964 in chips)
Seat 4: lara15fiona (576826 in chips)
Seat 5: doidovarrido (849806 in chips)
Seat 6: TillerMaN (216618 in chips)
Seat 7: thegiant (1955142 in chips)
Seat 8: gnsd22 (309166 in chips)
Seat 9: Bebop86 (311595 in chips)

If there was a man at the table that aimed to be the David to thegiant's Goliath, it was Bebop86. Though he began the final table with just more than 300,000 chips, Bebop86 made it clear, he planned to win the whole shooting match. In the first big pot at the final table, Bebop86 got involved in a pot with AnalAce. Holding 9hQd8hJs, Bebop86 loved the flop of 7cTc9d. AnalAce called Bebop86's all-in raise with Ac7h2d3c. He needed a club to win. The turn brought an eight. The river brought the club. But it was the nine of clubs, giving AnalAce the flush, but giving Bebop86 the fullhouse. The pot was worth nearly 600,000 chips and put Bebop in a position to go after the giant.

First, however, there was a matter of getting rid of the rest of the field. The thinning began when gnsd22 got all his money in before the flop with 7d4h5d6c against lara15fiona's 2cAc5hAd. The best hand held up and gnsd22 was out in ninth place for $10,513.65.

On the very next hand, TillerMaN found the rail. Sitting with fewer than 200,000 chips, TillerMaN put his stack in the middle with ThAd7sKs. It was no match for nomoballer's KcKhJcTs. TillerMan won $15,940.05 for his eighth place finish.

The first player to try to tangle with thegiant at the final table was AnalAce. On a flop of 5hQsJc, AnalAce put his chips in the middle with KdTcThAc. Thegiant held QdKs9c8s None of Ace's outs came and he was out in seventh place for a $22,383.90 payday.

Two hands later, bastet2004 made a cat-like exit. With barely enough chips to play, bastet2004 liked 8dTd6cTs well enough to go all-in. The timing was bad, as lara15fiona held JdKdJsAs which held up. Bastet2004 finished in sixth place for $29,166.90.

The thing about Omaha is that the following match-up seems to happen a lot more. Doidovarrido, holding 8cAhKcKh ran smack dab into nomoballer's Ad7hAs4c. Every one of the 1,323,058 chips went in before the flop. Neither hand improved and the aces held up. Doidovarrido, crippled by that hand, went out a couple hands later in fifth place, winning $35,949.90.

With four players remaining, Bebop86 started making a run for the bracelet. After winning a 730,000 chip pot with a rivered flush against lara15fiona's two-pair (to be fair, most of the money went in after Bebop86 made his hand), Bepop86 sat in second place. Deal negotiations began, but Bebop86, with fresh chips in his hand, refused to settle for less than he believed he deserved. After several minutes of bickering, the players resumed their game.

After losing a huge hand to nomoballer then doubling up through Bebop86, lara15fiona ran straight into thegiant. Thegiant flopped an open-ended straight draw and a flush draw to lara15fiona'a two-pair. By the river, thegiant had made his flush and lara15fiona busted in fourth place. That effort was worth $43,411.20.

Three-handed, deal negotiations resumed and, once again, fell through when Bebop86 insisted his skill edge was greater than his opponents, and as such, required more than the chip-count deal favored by thegiant. Nomoballer told Bebop86 where he could stick his edge and thegiant said play on.

The lack of a deal ended up costing nomoballer some money. He was the next to go out, after getting his chips in with a gutshot draw and a flush draw. By the river, thegiant held a full house. Nomoballer, out in third, won $61,250.49.

This time, thegiant didn't care to discuss any more deals. He had a significant chip advantage and proclaimed he was tired of the "kindergarten" negotiation tactics employed by Bebop86. Bebop86's only reply was "You're going to be so sad with $92K."

With fairly deep stacks, the two players sparred for a long while before the final hand. Holding AhTdQhKs, thegiant came in for a raise and Bebop86 called with 2cJcQdJs. The flop came down KdKc9s. Thegiant bet out and Bebop86 called. The turn brought the 9h. Both players checked. The river brought a ten. It was the best card for thegiant and the worst for Bebop86. Thegiant, holding kings full of tens, bet enough to put Bebop86 in with a straight. Bebop86 called and it was all over. Bebop86 ended up with $92,927.10 and thegiant won a whopping $151,260.90 for his first place finish.

Indeed, on this morning, there were no Davids to take on thegiant. For the second night in a row, a Swede had won a WCOOP bracelet. Thegiant entered the final table with the chip lead and refused to topple. Full results for Event #3 can be found on the WCOOP Event #3 Results page. The final table results are below.

PokerStars WCOOP Event #3 Final Table Results

1. thegiant (Sweden) $151,260.90
2. Bebop86 (United States) $92,927.10
3. nomoballer (United States) $61,250.49
4. lara15fiona (France) $43,411.20
5. doidovarrido (Norway) $35,949.90
6. bastet2004 (Germany) $29,166.90
7. AnalAce (United States) $22,383.90
8. TillerMaN (United Kingdom) $15,940.05
9. gnsd22 (United States) $10,513.65

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