2006 WCOOP: Event #3 Results

For the second event in a row, a Swede took home a WCOOP gold bracelet. Sweden's thegiant won the Pot-Limit Omaha (rebuy) event outright, earning more than $150,000 for his efforts. Thegiant's win for Sweden marks the second time in two days a Swede has won a WCOOP event. Rambo5 won Event #2 less than 24 hours before. Full results for Event #3 can be found on the WCOOP Event #3 Results page. The final table results are below. A full final table report will be out later on Tuesday.

PokerStars WCOOP Event #3 Final Table Results

1. thegiant (Sweden) $151,260.90
2. Bebop86 (United States) $92,927.10
3. nomoballer (United States) $61,250.49
4. lara15fiona (France) $43,411.20
5. doidovarrido (Norway) $35,949.90
6. bastet2004 (Germany) $29,166.90
7. AnalAce (United States) $22,383.90
8. TillerMaN (United Kingdom) $15,940.05
9. gnsd22 (United States) $10,513.65

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