2006 WCOOP: Event #7 Results

The end of the week brought the first Limit Hold'em event of the 2006 WCOOP. Event #7 drew nearly 1,900 players who matched wits and limit hold'em skill in the fight for the WCOOP bracelet. The final table pitted people from five different countries against each other in the battle for the bracelet. When it was over, Canada's yaaaflow walked away with more than $60,000 and a WCOOP bracelet. For a complete look at the money winners, check out the PokerStars WCOOP Limit Hold'em Results page. Final table results can be found below. A full final table report will be out later on Saturday.

PokerStars WCOOP Event #7 Results
Results based on three-way deal that left $10,000 for first place

1. yaaaflow (Canada) $60,419.00
2. UH Big Tex (United States) $46,378.00
3. dalzini (United Kingdom) $30,608.00
4. MADEin (Canada) $20,030.40
5. tow75 (Denmark) $16,660.80
6. wheelz21 (Canada) $12,916.80
7. in_da_riva (United States) $9,360.00
8. Frejdig (Denmark) $7,413.12
9. MikeMcD (Sweden) $4,492.80

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