2006 WCOOP: Event #8 Results

For the first time in PokerStars WCOOP history, players were able to sit down for a mixed game. Event #8, $200 HORSE, drew almost 1,800 people and paid out more than $350,000. In an event that lasted more than 13 hours, F.Briatore walked away with a piece of history, the first-ever WCOOP HORSE bracelet. For a full list of money winners, visit the WCOOP HORSE results page. Final table results are below. A full final table report will be out later on Sunday.

PokerStars WCOOP Event #8 Final Table Results

1. F.Briatore (Germany) $79,112.00
2. fat&50 (United States) $46,748.00
3. p10ker (United Kingdom) $30,566.00
4. thumbers (United States) $22,654.80
5. thag (United Kingdom) $18,339.60
6. LakersRule (United States) $14,384.00
7. Siren (United States) $10,788.00
8. TheTownhouse (United States) $7,551.60

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