2006 WCOOP: Event #9 Final Table Report

There's an American guy out there somewhere that is proud, but not too proud. That is, he just won a hundred grand, but he doesn't see that as any reason to go shouting his name and hometown from the rooftops. In fact, he sort of has more important things to worry about. The man we know only as uncforte is a full-time student in a Ph.D. program in Neurobiology. That's the sort of thing that will take up a little bit of a guy's time.

Still, he has time to play poker and has been for the past four years, just about the time he signed up to play on PokerStars.

"I think it's by far the best site out there with the best players and the best chance to improve your game," he said.

Four years and a few big wins under his belt, the improvement in his game finally paid off in the form of a World Championship of Online Poker bracelet. Saturday was just turning into Sunday on the American east coast when uncforte and eight other players reached the final table of the Event #9, Pot-Limit Hold'em, final table.

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Seat 1: derkderka (61010 in chips)
Seat 2: InSpiritu (378489 in chips)
Seat 3: Claret1 (166584 in chips)
Seat 4: myteduck (135819 in chips)
Seat 5: EC10 (240909 in chips)
Seat 6: remen (405848 in chips)
Seat 7: trollguttn (314456 in chips)
Seat 8: eirivi (179308 in chips)
Seat 9: uncforte (855077 in chips)

The whole of the final table took just a little more than an hour to finish. Short-stacked eirivi was the first to go, earning $7,938.75 for an ninth place finish after running AK into uncforte's pair of kings. The second elimination came before the rest of the players had time to click the hand history on the previous hand. Remen's AJ caught lucky against Claret1's AQ and sent Claret1 out in eighth place for $12,318.75

Despite the pot-limit variation of the game, the third elimination would come in the same was as the first two: All-in pre-flop. This time, it was myteduck's pocket tens versus InSpiritu's big slick. An ace on the flop sent myteduck out in seventh place. His efforts earned him $16,698.75.

EC10 seemed poised to double up and didn't seem deterred by the all-in pre-flop losses in the first few minutes of the table. He got AK all in against remen's AT. Again, a three-outer booted another player from the table. EC10 was gone in sixth place. He added $21,900.00 to his bankroll for less than 12 hours work.

Just one minute later, the very same match-up went the exact opposite way. Derkderka got all his chips in pre-flop with AT versus trollguttn's AK. This time, there would be no miracle card and derkderka was out in fifth place ($27,375.00).

After an abbreviated discussion about a deal, play resumed and sent trollguttn out in fourth place. His AQ couldn't outrun against uncforte's AK. Fourth place earned trollguttn $32,850.00.

Again, a deal discussion broke out and fell apart just as quickly. With no deal in place, the battle seemed to take on a greater sense of urgency. Remen's doubled up against uncforte with pocket kings to take the chip lead. Then uncforte laid a tough beat on remen. His pocket jacks spiked a two-outer against remen's pocket queens.

Seemingly crippled, Remen refused to back down and managed to double up twice. Not only that, he outlasted InSpiritu, who couldn't make A7 outrun uncforte's pair of jacks. InSpiritu won $43,854.75 for third place.

Heads-up, the players managed to come to terms on a deal. The entire game would end with two huge hands. First, both players made huge hands (a set for uncforte and a straight for Remen), on the river in a pot worth 1,310,752 chips to remen. Then, on the very next hand, with nearly even stacks, the players got all-in on a flop of Qs-4s-2c. Remen held QJ to uncforte's AQ. With that, it was all over and uncforte had his first WCOOP bracelet.

"It obviously was a pretty unbelievable experience," he said. "For me it vindicated how I feel about my poker game and making over 100,000 dollars isn't so bad either."

Still, uncforte isn't losing his mind over winning a hundred dimes. You won't find him holing up in a Las Vegas hotel shooting for a chance to play in the big game. He has other plans for his future.

"Despite any success I may have at the poker table, I have no plans to ever abandon my studies or future aspiration to run a research group at an academic institution," he said.

For a full list of money winners, visit the PokerStars WCOOP Pot-Limit Hold'em results page. Final table results can be found below.

PokerStars WCOOP Event #9 Final Table Results
Results based on two-way deal that left $10,000 for first place

1. uncforte (United States) $105,329.00
2. remen (United States) $80,000.00
3. InSpiritu (Sweden) $43,854.75
4. trollguttn (Norway) $32,850.00
5. derkderka (United States) $27,375.00
6. EC10 (United States) $21,900.00
7. myteduck (United States) $16,698.75
8. Claret1 (United Kingdom) $12,318.75
9. eirivi (Norway) $7,938.75

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