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Aussie Millions begins

by Sarne Lightman

The Aussie Millions is under way at Crown Casino in the heart of beautiful
Melbourne Australia. Four hundred eighteen players have anted up the 10,500aud making a prize pool of over $4 Million.

The stars of the poker world have come out in large numbers, everyone vying for a chance to play World Champion Joe Hachem in his home town.

With a 20,000 start stack, the players have a lot of time and room to manoeuvre, but that hasn't stopped the fireworks from flying right from the start. The tournament has been running for around 4.5 hours and already 50 players have been eliminated including Poker legend Daniel Negreanu. The bad beat stories reverberate around the room.

Joe Hachem isn't having an easy run so far, with many players wanting to take on the Champ, the deck has been running cold and he is down to only 8.5k.

Joe Hachem at the 2006 Aussie Millions

If luck is a lady her name is currently Doris Humunicki. Having qualified for the event for only $13 through a PokerStars satellite 2 weeks ago, she doesn't seem to be able to do anything wrong.

With Blinds at 100-200. Doris raises to 1700 one from under the gun. It is folded around to the big blind who looks at his cards and says "all in."

Doris, obviously suspecting something calls instantly. The BB flips ppQs and Doris As9s.

The board comes 8d Js 10c

You can see from the BB's face he suspects this could be the end.

The turn brings the 10s.

Doris now has a huge number of outs and smiles believing her luck is with her.

The river brings the 7s, giving Doris the nut flush and sending another player home.

With her luck running hot and a stack of over 40k Doris could become a force to be reckoned with.

Doris Humunicki

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