Aussie Millions: Day 2 begins

Aussie Millions Day 1 Coverage

by Sarne Lightman

The action has started again here in sunny Melbourne, and for any player who thought they could ease there way in, they were sorely mistaken.

Within two hours another 55 players have been eliminated and the words "All in" reverberate around the playing floor. The camera crews are running from table to table, hardly able to keep up with pace of the action.

It has been a mixed start for Team PokerStars. Joe Hachem started very well, his aggressive style and great reads allowing him to build his stack to nearly 60k.

After bluffing the player to his left and showing him the cards, Joe was sure he had the player steaming. When the player pushed all 30k of his chips in on a board of K K 8, Joe called in a flash with his K 9. Joe was truly shocked to see KQ when his opponent flipped his cards. The 10 on the turn and Ace saw Joe loose a monster 60k pot.

Joe still has 23k in chips, however, and is ready to earn back the rest.

Rob Galluzzo is among other PokerStars players who have had a better run today.

Rob had a very quiet day yesterday, but a good run of cards early on today has boosted his confidence, allowing him to bluff more and intimidate his table. Rob now has over 40k in chips and is right in the thick of the action.

Mike Comer is also having a great day. After being short-stacked all day yesterday, he has come out firing this morning. With some nice pots and well timed double-up he is now on around 50k.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news