Aussie Millions: Day 2, Part 2

Day 1 Coverage
Day 2 Begins

by Sarne Lightman

Another few hours have passed and the atmosphere in the room is starting to change. Although you still here the regular call of "All in," the frenzy of an hour ago has calmed down as many of the short stacks are either out or have doubled up.

Joe is recovering again nicely, with well-timed pre-flop re-raises, he is often taking down good size pots without having to run the gauntlet of the flop.

One player who gets my vote for the unluckiest player at the Aussie Millions is PokerStars qualifier Mathew Gloier. Mathew did a great job of getting his stack up to over 40k until he looked down and to find pocket kings.

He raised to around 2.5k and was called in one spot. The board come J 10 8 rainbow.

Mathew bet out but the caller moved all in for just over 20k. Mathew thought for awhile but decided he was in front and made the call. The caller flipped Q J offsuit.

The Q on the turn was a low blow and Mathew's face, jubilant from the good call five seconds earlier, turned quickly to a grimace. The river was a blank and over half Mathew's stack was gone.

Gloier watching his kings getting cracked

Four hands later Mathew found AA on the button. He raised and the big blind put him all-in. Matthew, of course, called and the big blind showed 8 8. The first card off the deck was an 8 and with no ace to be seen, Mathew found himself out of the tournament.

A tour of the floor finds a nice 58k stack in front of Australian Poker personality and PokerStars player "Mike the Hoon." A favorite with the other players and the crowd alike, Mik always puts on a good show.

The Hoon, stacking his chips

Leading the way for Team PokerStars is Mike Comer, an aggressive and feared player on the Australian Tournament circuit. He currently has over 60k in chips.

Another good stack belongs to PokerStars qualifier Bernie Martinelli. Bernie is now on 52k and looking strong.

Bernie Martinelli

One of the Cinderella stories of this years event is Rob Galluzzo. This is Rob's first ever major tournament and was completely shocked that he won his way here for $13 in PokerStars final satellite. Although very nervous on day one, Rob is playing a very strong game and with 32k in chips he is a good bet to make it through to Day 3.

Brad Willis
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