Aussie Millions: Day 3 begins

by Sarne Lightman

Day 3 starts much like day 2 with the words "all in" reverberating around the poker room. You need danger money to be walking the floor at the moment. The camera crews are charging from end to end, the cameras trailing cables to garrotte you, or booms to knock you clean out.

Our champ is one of those who has stuck it all in already. Within 5 minutes of the start, he finds JJ in late position. Blinds are 1k-2k. Joe raises to around 8k and it is folded around to the big blind. The big blind says "all in" (he covered Joe) and Joe calls pushing his remaining 48k in.

The big blind flips AK.

The room goes quite while the dealer reals off the flop:

Q 9 5

The turn is slid off ... 7

The river ... 8!!!

Joe wins his first coin flip show down of the Aussie Millions and he could not have chosen a better point to get lucky. He risked it all but now has over 110,000 which is around the chip average.

With only 21 more players to go until the money it looks like Joe could be a strong contender to win his home tournament.

Brad Willis
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