Aussie Millions: Hachem eliminated

by Sarne Lightman

It doesn't matter if you are the world champion or a new player on the scene, you can't win a tournament if luck deserts you.

Joe Hachem has fought a battle that any poker pro would be proud to claim. Against bad beats and lost races he always kept a cool head, regrouped and started work again.

After winning his first coin flip of the tournament with JJ against AQ and building his stack up to almost 160k it looked like Joe was a sure thing for at least the money. But as any player will tell you, you can't count your chickens in this game.

In one hand, Joe raises under the gun to around 10k, the short stack at the table moves all in for another 40k.

Joe thinks for a few minutes and decides to call. The all in player shows A J, Joe flips 5 5.

Joe's bad luck continues as the first card off the pack is a Jack. No 5 comes and Joe is now down to around 100k.

Joe steps up a gear winning a few pots with raises preflop and seems to be still in control. His nemesis Mark Vos raises from under the gun to 7k. Lee Nelson to Joe's right flat calls.

Joe, obviously sensing weakness, raises to 37k. Mark Vos moves all in (51k total) and Lee folds. Joe, with only 14k to call has no choice but to call.

Mark, who has been playing erratically, actually has a hand this time and flips QQ, Joe reluctantly shows his 10h2h.

The board brings no help and Joe is now down to around 60k.

Not even a round has gone by when Joe finds his big blind raised to 12k, he looks down to see AcKs and pushes all in for 56k. The other player thinks for around 5 mins and decides to call.

Joe says "AQ or KQ yes?" and the player nods flipping KhQd.

Joe is a massive favourite and looks to be doubling back into the game.

The flop comes -- 5d 2d 6c

The turn 3d.

The all in player asks the dealer if she could please find him a diamond. The river...8d!!!!!!

The player has sucked out a backdoor flush busting Joe and leaving him devastated.

The room erupts in applause for their world champion. Everyone knows he has played an almost perfect game but even he needs luck to win.

Joe finishes in 57th place 11 spots from the money.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news