Dario Minieri gets a new ride

Less than a year after PokerStars introduced its one-of-a-kind VIP Club, a well-known Supernova player has used his Frequent Player Points to go from zero to 60 in 5.1 seconds.

Dario Minieri, the young and tough Supernova from Rome, just cashed in his FPPs for a brand new Porsche Cayman S. He's the first PokerStars player to buy a car (and a really, really nice one) with nothing more than FPPs.

Dario Minieri at the 2006 WSOP

Minieri accumulated more than three million FPPs in the last ten months, enough to have a shiny new Porsche delivered to his Rome doorstep and still have some points left over to browse the VIP FPP Store.

The Porsche dealership in Rome is currently getting Minieri's car ready. Here in a couple of weeks, if you happen to be walking the streets of Rome, you might want to keep an eye out for the guy going 100mph and playing PokerStars at the same time.

That'll be Dario.

Brad Willis
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