EPT Baden: Andy Black-ed out

Andy Black

Ireland's Andy Black is our 15th place finisher, picking up €15,722 for his efforts.

It was a curious hand. Black, relatively short-stacked, moved all in under the gun with 10-J. He was called by both Hungary's Csaba Kuremszki with A-J and Ben Johnson of the U.S. holding A-K. The flop came K-7-7, Johnson checked but Kuremszki chose to move all in. Johnson called and took a huge pot.

It left Kuremszki wounded, but still alive. He soon expired though, when his A-3 could not improve against the A-10 of Thang Nguyen from Germany. The Hungarian also pockets €15,722.

We are now down to the last 13. Tournament organisers have announced that play will finish at the end of this level, with the remaining players coming back tomorrow to fight for the eight final table places.
Simon Young
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