EPT Baden: Argyris out

Dario is mobbed by friends after knocking out Argyris Argyrou

To the collective sigh of many females in the room, we have lost jolly Cypriot Argyris Argyrou. As had been his style in the last two days, he was playing a lot of pots, and this was one too many.

Under the gun, and five-handed, he moved all in with A-7 of diamonds. It was folded around to Dario Minieri in the big blind with A-J, who called. The flop was Q-9-7 - joy for Argyris, but all three cards were hearts and Dario's ace was a heart. The turn was 10 of hearts, giving Dario the nut flush. The river, a ten, did not mean a thing.

Dario's rail supporters leapt with joy. He's now up to over 500,000.

So Argyris leaves us in tenth place, and takes €18,867 back to Cyprus, where he starts back at work at his recycling plant tomorrow afternoon.

"I have had a good deal of fun here," he said. "But today was a cold day. I ran three times into monsters, but that's poker. I was hoping to win, but would not have played any hands differently."

Farewell, then, Argyris. You've been fun to have around.

Argyris Argyrou: heading home

We are now down to a single table of nine players. When one more is knocked out, we will start the final table proper.
Simon Young
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