EPT Baden: Dawn breaks on Day 2

Day break in Baden

Monday morning in most towns is a chaotic affair. The streets are clogged with cars carrying folk to work; pavements are lined with commuters and kids scurrying to school.

Not here in Baden, Austria. My walk from the hotel to the Casino this morning was one of solitude. Where is everyone? Apart from one chap in a digger, there was not one vehicle, and only a slightly frail old lady and her dumpy dog shared my path.

It says a lot about this town, about 40 miles from the capital Vienna. It is peace personified, and I guess the most exciting thing to happen here is the reason for our presence - the European Poker Tour.

We are preparing for Day 2, with 83 players joining forces from Days 1A and 1B to fight for places on tomorrow's final table. We will pay down to 36th place, so there is a good deal of room for disappointment.

Top of the pile today is Russian Rodion Cherednichenko. You may remember him from Day 1A when he seemed to have some chip management problems. Rather than neat towers, he preferred to keep them (and there were 218,000 of them) in a disorganised pile in front of him. I caught this picture AFTER he had been told by the floor to tidy them up!

Rodion: it's my mess and I'm keeping it

Untidy he may be, but Rodion has a commanding lead, more than double that of his nearest challenger, Nicolai Vivet from Denmark with 107,300. Then comes Britain's Peter Gould (below) with 97,800.

Good as Gould

PokerStars is well represented out on the floor. Team PokerStars' ElkY (Bertrand Grospellier from France) is sitting pretty on 50,900, and we have a host of qualifiers still going strong.

Jonas Molander from Sweden leads their charge with 81,000, along with Britain's David Tighe on 53,400 and recycling mananger Argyris Argyrou from Cyprus (below) on 44,700. Carl Olson, our regular EPT qualifer from the U.S, mettalurgist Boris Shostack and accountant Ara Melikian, both also from the U.S, are through as well.

Argyris Argyrou, recycling other people's chips

Britain's Vicky Coren, who won the EPT in London last month, is also here with PokerStars, and has made it through to today. But she has 14,800 and will need to make a move soon.

Full list of PokerStars players today

1. Jonas Molander (SWE) 81,000
2. David Tighe (UK) 53,400
3. Bertrand Grospellier - ElkY - (FRA) 50,900
4. Argyris Argyrou (CYP) 44,700
5. Carl Olson (U.S.A) 40,200
6. Mika Paasonen (FIN) 39,700
7. Ara Melikian (U.S.A) 39,200
8. Daniel Dodet (BEL) 37,800
9. Wade Woelfel (U.S.A) 37,200.
10. Boris Shostack (U.S.A) 30,500
11. Chris Roth (U.S.A) 25,300
12. Yakov Hirsch (U.S.A) 20,200
13. Marco Liesy (GER) 18,800
14. Vicky Coren (U.K) 14,800
15. Phil Shaw (U.K) 8,000
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