EPT Baden: End of play

Goodnight from Casino Baden

Play has finished for the night, with 12 players surviving to come back for tomorrow's final day. Just before the end, Germany's Thorsten Schuler became our 13th place finisher.

He had 9-9 and faced Peter Eichhardt's A-K. The flop was K-Q-5, and the turn added a flush draw for Eichhardt, meaning Schuler had the grim reality of just one out on the river. It did not arrive, and he left with €15,722.

With the average chip count now over 350,000, PokerStars is well represented at the last two tables.

I am happy to report Argyris Argyrou, the jovial Cypriot who has amused us with his table banter, is currently second with 392,000 in chips and presents a real danger. Also running well are Pokerstars players Ben Johnson, an internet cash game specialist from New York, Italy's online whizzkid Dario Minieri, Sweden's Jonas Molander and Daniel Dodet, of Belgium.

Here are the official chip counts for the end of the day:

1 Peter Eichhardt (SWE) 439,500
2 Argyris Argyrou (CYP) 392,000
3 Ben Johnson (U.S) 352,000
4 Dario Minieri (IT) 339,000
5 Thang Nguyen (GER) 308,000
6 Andrea Balla (IT) 287,000
7 Jonas Molander (SWE) 272,500
8 Sasa Biorac (GER) 228,000
9 Rodion Cherednichenko (RUSS) 218,000
10 Peter Gould (UK) 190,000
11 Daniel Dodet (BEL) 167,000
12 Marcus Golser (AUS) 125,000

To see some of those who have cashed so far, click here.

Make sure you come back tomorrow for the last day's action. It will be fast, furious and fun. Don't miss it!
Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in