EPT Baden: Level up

We have moved into the next level, with blinds now up to 8,000-16,000 with a 1,500 running ante. PokerStars player Ben Johnson, who had been pushed around in the early squabbles, has just taken a huge pot of Peter Eichhardt.

They pushed chips into the middle before the flop, and Johnson moved all in when it came 3-J-6. Eichhardt thought long and hard before calling and turning over A-10. Ben was in the lead with K-J and a 9 on the turn and 4 on the river kept him going. The New Yorker is now up to 450,000.

Meanwhile, spotted in the crowd at the last two tables, just who do you think would where a jacket like this?....

Clue... maybe Italian?

... and wearing shoes like this...

Clue... style-conscious?

Of course, it's....

Italian Team PokerStars member Luca Pagano

Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in