EPT Baden: Matthias walks to the rail

Matthias Stieger

Matthias Stieger, a PokerStars player from Germany, has been busted in 32nd place. He pushed for his few remaining chips - about 12,000 - with J-8 and was called by Day 1A chipleader Rodion Cherednichenko's A-3.

The flop of A-J-7 was cruel, the turn, an A, was crueller still, and an 8 on the river just rubbed salt into the wounds.

Cherednichenko is chugging along nicely, though not making quite the impression he did at the end of his first day. He now has a small religious figure next to his chips to keep him company (below).

Look after my chips

Elsewhere, PokerStars qualifier Jonas Molander, from Sweden, is moving along solidly on 85,000. He sits next to fellow qualifier Daniel Dodet, who has rocketed up to 215,000. ElkY, meanwhile, has moved tables again (at least he will keep fit) and is now up to 125,000.

Jonas Molander
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