EPT Baden: "My luckiest hand, ever"

Daniel Dodet, the luckiest man in Baden

PokerStars qualifier Daniel Dodet is still in shock after an astonishing outdraw, the type that you see only once in a blue moon.

I'll let Daniel, who works in the insurance industry in Belgium, take up the story. "I had A-9 suited and faced his raise of 5,000. I thought I would scare him with a big re-raise, hoping he would fold. But he called. The flop was K-K-10 and he checked. I did not think he had a K, so I put him all in, leaving me with 10,000 behind.

"I was amazed when he called and turned over 10-10 for a full house, and cross because I was going to lose all my chips. But then the turn was an A, giving me a very small chance of catching up. Would you believe the river was an A as well, giving me the bigger full house?

"I was amazed. It was certainly the luckiest hand of my life!"

Lucky? That's an understatement! Daniel is now on 110,000 and looking in very good shape.

We have just started level 12. The blinds are 1,200-2,400 with a running 300 ante. Just three hours into today's play we are down to 50 players from 83 starters.

Sadly the last of those to go was PokerStars player Vicky Coren, who won the London EPT last month. She had experienced a rollercoaster day. Starting with 14,000 chips, she tripled up with aces, then soared again to about 65,000 chips.

She couldn't hold on to them, though. She lost a big chuck with her A-4 on a K-4-2 flop when she was up against 5-5. Another bundle went soon after and then, on the last hand before the end of level 11, she lost her final 3,000 or so.

Vicky, from London, England, pushed with K-9, got called by A-Q and the board of 6-5-8-6-3 was no help.

Poker has its ups and downs. In a month, Vicky has gone from this....

London winner and £500,000

...to this...

Baden exit and nothing
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