EPT Baden: No more Dutch courage

Sven Polarski

We have an emerging chip leader in the shape of Denmark's Christan Togsverd, up to more than 220,000. A chunk of that came from PokerStars qualifier Sven Polarski, from Holland.

Our man had worked his way up to 60,000 after starting the day with just 14,000. But his luck ran out when he lost two key pots, the last one being fatal against Togsverd. Sven had J-J, Togsverd A-Q and the Dane flopped a Q.

Sven used to run an internet company, but now plays full time online, mostly 100-200 limit. "I now have a much better life playing poker," he said. Not this week, unfortunately.

Also out is PokerStars qualifier Mika Paasonen from Finland. He lost two key hands, both with A-10 against a 2-2 and then a J-J.

Italy's Dario Minieri is licking his wounds after losing half his stack in a three-way battle. He had A-K, Argyris Argyrou had A-Q and Marc Goodwin from Britain had A-A. Dario is now down to 50,000, Goodwin is up to 60,000.
Simon Young
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