EPT Baden: Olson out

Carl Olson

Carl Olson, the PokerStars player who has a habit of qualifying for these EPTs, is out after running a bluff at the wrong time. Carl, from the U.S., had A-K, and when he was re-raised before the flop he pushed in half his stack - about 20,000 chips. His opponent smooth called.

The flop came J-9-5 and Carl moved all in for his remaining chips, with nothing but ace high. He met an instant call, and J-J. Ace high against top set is never good news, and the turn and river changed nothing.

Holland's Rob Hollink, who won the EPT grand final in Monte Carlo last year, has just doubled through against Britain's Arshad Hussain. Poker can be a cruel game, and Arshad just got hit by the worst of it. All the money flew in when an ace hit the flop. Arshad had Hollink outkicked, but an eight on the river gave the Dutchman two pair. That sent Arshad down to 13,000 chips, and Hollink soaring over 40,000.

Andy Black, who has been quiet here by his standards, just doubled through against Denmark's Martin Vallo. The Irishman pushed with his J-J, was called by Vallo's A-10 suited, and held up.

Wade Woelfel

Meanwhile PokerStars qualifier Wade Woelfel, from the U.S, continues his slow progress, despite losing a pot of 10,000 when his K-Q failed to improve against an all-in A-10. He's on about 35,000 now.

Unfortunately, though, we have lost qualifier Boris Shostak, whose Q-Q bumped into K-K. Boris, a mettalurgist from the U.S who originally came from the Ukraine, had played solid poker and can count himself unlucky.

Boris Shostack: out
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